Has anyone contacted the Mycoplasm...

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    The person who wrote the report posted on the board? Has anyone ever considered a huge class action case against the parties responsible for this
    infecting of so many people? If not, I
    would wonder why not. If this information is true it actually just a
    blatant form of Genecide sp?..fog is
    thick tonight..rare anymore but sometimes it kicks up. I wonder if the
    United Nations has ever been put in the
    position of looking into this research or...??? It's almost too much to comprehend..almost? no, it is. As the FM
    cases have skyrocketed to some estimate
    10,000,000 why wouldn't this be on every
    talk show and news outlet in the country? Sorry, I'm just livid at the
    thought that this may be (and probably is) factual!
    Hugs, Bambi