Has anyone dealt with MetLife Disbability Insurance?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patriciatm, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. patriciatm

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    I am a 53 yr. old woman with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Major Depression, IBS. I have been dealing with the Fibro/CFS for about 7 yrs. I worked for a corporation for 19 yrs. I got sick with major depression due to work load and a bos who could have cared less. I also have a 19 yr. old daughter with Down Syndrome. I haven't worked in over two years and am on SSD. MetLife Disability Insurance has paid my short term and then long term disability which I paid into all the years I worked. Recently MetLife dropped my case. I am in the process of appealing. I was told I could try and apply for the Fibro/CFS. MetLife has a different set of standards when determining disability. So I am at my whits end right now, stressed out and don't know what to do.
  2. suzetal

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    Same thing they dropped me also.I am in a civil suit now.I'm sorry to say they are all the same .They take your money all those years and tell you now your no longer covered cause your sick.Get a lawyer now have them finish the appeal for you.I should have done it I would have my money now.

    Good luck. PS just saw your profile same age.
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    patriciatm New Member

    Thanks for responding! Nice bio and I like the picture you posted. I updated mine a little bit today.
    What a shame these insurance companies promise you will be covered if you get sick. They are making money off of our money we pay into working all these years. The MetLife brochure I received at my annual health care enrollment is false advertisement as far as I'm concerned. I think I have to talk to an attorney. I went from making a decent living and now having a hard time surviving. nice to hear you have such a supportive and caring husband.
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    Dear Patriciatm:

    Hi. Welcome to this board. You will get lots of good info here.

    I am 5 months into my STD through my employer. At 6 months, my LTD Company UNUM Provident is supposed to take over paying me 70% of my salary. I find UNUM to be terrible. No matter what I do (call, write, fax) they still just cannot seem to get it correct. I have seen some commercial ads on TV for people who have been denied disability payments from private companies. I cannot remember the law firm that was handling the class action suits, but I am guessing that there are many.

    I do know that most disability companies only pay for 2 years for "mental" conditions. I would think that it would be tough for you to go back and file a new claim and say that it has been FMS all along. Do you remember if the doctors who treated you for the depression (or are still treating you) mentioned anything about the FMS?

    I would think that now that you are getting SSDI, that it would be much easier for them to approve you. Did you get the SSDI based soley on your depression? Just curious. Oh, do you get SSDI for your daughter as well? I know that my LTD company says that ANY money that I get (SSDI for me, SSDI for my 7 year old) would be counted to get me to the 70% level, and then they would only be liable for the remaining amount.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

  5. patriciatm

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    Hi Ingrid,
    MetLife was paying me originally for the mental health. The psychiatrist said that the depression comes from the chronic pain, fibro, etc., that I am dealing with. MetLife said since they dropped me after almost 2 yrs. now I can apply for the physical. I was terminated from my employer after being off 1 year of work. The company I worked for, their attorney told me now I can apply for the physical things I have wrong seeing I had them prior to being terminated from employment.
    Yes, I receive SSI for my daughter. She was getting SSI and when I started to receive SSD most of her SSI was converted to SSD. But now that she is 19 they dropped her from my SSD and they are reviewing her case. SO no income for her or myself for two months now. My husband has lost his job after working for a company for 32 yrs. He started a new job in May so we are having a rough time right now.

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