Has anyone done the dinners 4 a month in 1 1/2 hrs?

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    Hi. I'm curious if anyone has done the Dinners by Design, or any of the other dinners for a month vendors. This is where you prepare the dinners for a month in 1 1/2 hours at Studio Kitchen. They change the selections monthly. You choose what you want and make reservations ahead of time. Then, you go in and prepare the meals. They give you the containers. THEY supply all of the food, you just have to assemble it.

    My sister tried this with her friend, but she doesn't have arthritis. So I'm wondering if anyone with arthritis or FM/CFS has tried this. My sister, who lives in a different state than me, told me that she thinks they will assemble the items for you at an additional charge. I don't want to spend a bunch of time looking into this if other people have tried it and weren't capable of doing it----
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    I just attempted to find some stuff in your area. I already try to cook large quantites so I can freeze part of it. There are days that my arthritis limits my mobility. There are other days that I'm out shopping, and by the time I get home---I'm pooped.

    I found the following vendors and the cities they are located for Minnesota from easymealprep association:
    Apple Valley. Lets Dish!.
    Blaine. ChefSpace.
    Canhassen. Meal Time.
    Champlin. Supper Thyme USA.
    Cloud Spring. My Dinner Connection.
    Coon Rapids. Get Cookin.
    Duluth. Meal Time.
    Duluth. Super Suppers.
    Eagan. Sociale Gourmet.
    Eden Prarie. Lets Dish!.
    Eden Prarie. Super Suppers.
    Edina. Lets Dish!.
    Edina. Sociale Gourmet.
    Elk River. My Dinner Party.
    Lakeville. Super Suppers.
    Mankato. Carolines Kitchens.
    Mankato. Lets Dish!.
    Mankato. The Kitchen Make and Take.
    Maple Grove. Lets Dish!.
    Medina. Supper Thyme USA.
    Minneapolis (Downtown). Sociale Gourmet.
    Minneapolis (Southwest). Sociale Gourmet.
    Minnetonka. Supper Thyme USA.
    New Hope. Simply to the Table.
    Oakdale. Cruet and Whisk.
    Owatonna. HomeMade To Go.
    Plymouth. My Girlfriends Kitchen.
    Rochester. Dish it Up Rochester.
    Rochester. Presto Cuisine.
    Saint Cloud. Lets Dish!.
    Stillwater. Cruet and Whisk.
    White Bear Township. Mix it Up.
    Woodbury. Lets Dish!.
    Woodbury. Super Suppers.
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    You can also split the order with a friend. You are both allowed to go and prepare the meals. There is a listing of all available locations for each state at easymealprep.com

    When I looked for my area in Texas, I have 4 choices that are in my area. Wow.

    I wonder how much freezer space I would need? They probably have a faq located somewhere on each site.

    One of my main concerns is that there is no black or white pepper in the prepared sauces. I take huge quantities of arthritis medications and cannot tolerate pepper in my digestive tract.
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