Has anyone else developed strange allergies

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    Before I was diagnosed with FM, CF and Myofacial Pain syndrome and I mean years before I started getting horrible rashes on my arms. I went to the doctor and they said try staying away from dairy, if that didn't work try corn then wheat. So I did with no relief until I decided to try avoiding red meat and pork and within a week my rashes were disappearing. It has been about 6 yrs now that I have been off of red meat and the other day I had something with just a tiny bit of bacon in it and rashes started again on my arms. I often wonder if the tinkering and additives to meat may have caused my fibro. Must be something with it if I react so quickly even with a small amount. I can have milk and stuff with no problem, just the meat...strange.

    I also developed allergies to chemicals like in spray cleaners and such, they burn my skin. Also detergent with bleach alternative gave me such a reaction I ended up in the dr's office, I looked like I had a reverse sun burn from my clothes! I can have poultry so I eat that alot and try to keep fish in my diet. In a search for pain relief I have given up sugars and I am cutting out most carbs except the whole grains. That recent change has let me loose some weight that I gained from my meds.

    Even scent of chemicals react with me, giving me an upset stomach and dizzyness.

    It seems that allergies are poping up every month. It is hard to go out too because perfume even bother's me so that means stratigic entries into department stores to avoid the perfume counter. (Rarely do I go out but when I do I would like a somewhat pleasent time)

    Oh well, guess it is another wonderful side of FM.

    Hope you all are having a good new year,
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    It sounds like you need some allergy testing done. My rheumy wants me to have a test for specific food/inhaled allergies. Not sure what all is included, but I do know wheat is one thing. As for the meat, it may actually be the hormones/preservatives that are in the meat that are causing you problems. And there are so many chemicals/additives in everything now, nothing would surprise me at this point.

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    I just started seeing a local allergist who specializes in FM/CFS treatment. I have lived all over the country in various climates all my life & have taken allergy shots for inhalant allergies several times---each time I moved to a significantly different climate, the old nasal allergies cropped up again eventually, even if it took a couple of years, and I was right back doing the desensitizing shots. However, during all this time, I was never tested for food allergies, and would've sworn--SWORN--I had no food allergies. Why? No hives, like you have, no real irritable bowel symptoms, never ate a particular food & noticed I was feeling sick....so I just made the assumption I had no food allergies. I have been sick with FM for a little over 3 1/2 years, never finding a really good doctor or treatment for either my symptoms, or the underlying causes. After recently moving to the Kansas City area, I found out about this new allergy doc, who tested me for yeast overgrowth (which I thought might be my problem), food allergies, thyroid, metal toxicity, etc---he was very thorough. I found out that I had no yeast overgrowth, but pretty serious allergies to milk, yeast, soy, nuts, etc. My milk allergy was very high. And I never suspected! How does this play into my FM symptoms? Well, I've just started eliminating these things from my diet, doing probiotics for good "gut health", enzymes---it will probably be a while before I see results (my doc said it can take from a few months to a year to see results, it isn't a quick fix). But it is worth finding an allergist who has very comprehensive, thorough testing----I have seen many allergists over the years who were not FM-sensitive & did not do anywhere near the total job this guy does. So call around & ask questions before choosing a doctor. I found out about mine through a local FM support group.

    Good luck, Kristen, you may find at least some of your symptoms are influenced by allergies. Hope you find some answers and get to feeling better.


    *By the way, my husband refers to the department store perfume counters as "Smellyland"---we always try to avoid them, too......
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    ME TOO! Not to worry, from all I have read, it is the norm... Not that it is good.. so many symtoms so varied in
    severity. Have had this DD for 28 yrs... Am fighting the dyslexia right now. Making it hard to keep on track .

    It makes posting a bit hard, but so is everything else, Huh

    Have been on alergy, asthma meds for over 10 yrs, They got better in time. Now I just tak a couple of Benedryl (OTC)
    Am also highly sensitive to meds. Penc., Bactrim, Delauded,
    and a few others.

    Now I go slowly when doing anything new. I may not help, but I do impathize!!! 1maqt
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    Hi Kristen,
    I think you need to read up on Leaky Gut Syndrome!
    That's what I have! If you type in Leaky Gut Syndrome
    in your search engine, I think you'll learn a lot. Also A book that I bought "I was Poisoned by my Body" by Gloria Gilbere . Available on the net. It sure helped me to understand what was happening to my body. Let me know if this helps. Shirley
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    I have had food allergy testing done and the testing showed that I was allergic to everything (beef, dairy, wheat even rice) At first I avoided everything but I became so run down that I decided I had to eat to be healthy. Plus my pain was the same even when I stopped eating everything I was allergic to you. I hope you have better luck than I did.
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    Dear queqay: Your post brings up a very interesting points and a dilmena i'm having i need some advise from anyone please... lst of all with cfs and fms Dr. Cheney my cfs dr. says in many of us allergic responses as everything is exascerbated. I was recently re tested for the delayted type food allergies called the ALLCAT test, they do a 4 day rotation diet menu. They rate severe moderate and mild and negative.

    The dilmena is i've found a herbal tonic that over about 45 days has had some benefit. I'm afriad to take more or it might have more benefit at least it helps the energy a little for a few hrs. and body pain, not much on the immune disregluation problmes ie the dilemna

    It comes in l oz. doses and i'm only taking in divided doses about l/2 to 3/4 oz. cause of the following concerns:

    It has a comination of about 6 minerals and l8 herbs, so the makders say can't be much of the ones i'm concerned about in the dose size.

    chammolie, which food allergy plan says avoid was a moderate reactive and the literature says to avoid these for months; hops, mild reactive for 3 weeks
    even celery which is celery seed was mild this time

    some of the others i wasn't even tested for as not included in the test.

    If i follow the insturctions religiously i shouldn't eat or take anything
    that wasn't tested for however they do say if you want to try something, and
    dosn't seem to react in 2-48 hrs. it may be ok,

    in Eat Right for Blood type "i'm type O Peter D Adamo ND says avoid alfafa and gentian both in the tonic
    and he's not a big fan of food allergy testing so yet anohter opinion in the mix

    for type O's he says Hops is highly beneficial, and chammolie is neurtral, he's
    he says if you know you are allergic to a food simply avoid it he goes on to say many of th reactions his patients described are food
    intolerances not allergies which are swift and harsh as U know from shaun

    in past Dr. cheney has said i see ALLCAt test in black and white, and he himself said it was subject to false negs. and false pos. yet they say it's 83 % accurate

    The rotation diet literatirure has Q and A's one is "I don't hardly ever eat this food why is it a reactive food they say, the body has it's own wisdom
    and your ancestors may have overindulged in the very same foods you dislike" i don't know about this answer they give.

    Queqay keep in mind that many CFIDS sufferes have the TH2 overativated immune system and that can cause the worsened allergies, i've had 3 ALLCATS and the results are differnt every single time.

    So who but the lord really knows why these quirks happen in our bodies now.

    ANy imput appreciated.

    I hope i've helped you some, with cfs and fms you will experience the exascerbated responses.

    paul mark
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    I just ran across this old post and thought I would add something. I just went to an immunologist that tested me for allergies & I have NONE, however, I have the same problems everyone is explaining . . . I can't go in a dry cleaner, the cleaner aisle at the grocery store . . . I'm reacting to electrical things too like cell phones & microwaves . . . perfumes make me sick, any new appliance that burns off some type of chemical when it is first plugged in (this has been one of the worst), paints, stains, household cleaners, laundry detergent . . . can't stay at a hotel because of this . . . it just keeps escalating and escalating . . . had to throw all scented soap, laundry detergent, potpourri, candles, etc. out of the house as well as cleaners. I feel like a time bomb around anything these days. The only thing that ever helped was Elavil & I've now had a reaction to that.

    The immunologist says that this is the immune system cranking up to fight something, not actually dysfunction and is called the "hypersensitivity state" . . . also sensitive to medicines, supplements & even foods but do not have an allergy to any of them . . . had it checked. I am going to try to get on another med that modulates the immune system so it may be tolerable. Oh, I have CFS, not FM. I actually get some strange histamine reaction where I get constant chills of it releasing & my extremities all get numb, can't think, headache, nausea . . . completely disoriented.