Has anyone else noticed a strange body odour?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by leokat, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. leokat

    leokat New Member

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia just over 18 months ago (though I had noticed that 'something was wrong' for sometime before that). For a couple of years now I have noticed a strange (and unpleasant :-() body odour, which I associate with my condition. It seems worse just after I go through a bad bout. I eat a 'normal' diet and drink plenty of water. I don't smoke or take alcohol and am on codine and paracetamol tablets for my pain.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Can anyone throw any light on it?
  2. samjenkin

    samjenkin New Member

    I have noticed that I sweat more, particularly my feet, head and under arms. Deodorant does very little for me - I sweat right over it and it smells like I haven't washed (embarrassing) when I am scrupulous about being clean.

    Hope this helps



  3. leokat

    leokat New Member

    I can relate to the sweating thing and it doesn't seem connected to my body temperature (i.e. it is as bad in winter as in summer). Also to the not washed smell - though I too am very fastidious about such things.

    Gee being social is hard enough with fibro - this DOES NOT HELP any. :-(
  4. kmelodyg

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    That's strange. I thought that I was going crazy. I bathe everyday, and I feel like I stink. I smell to me! I use scented lotions, different scented body washes. Everybody else says taht I don;'t but it has gotten so bad to me lately. I get sick of the smell of my deorderant so I have to buy new scents lately. Especially when I first wake up in the morning. And the bed smells to me to. I hate it. If I can't be tortured enough with the rest of my body problems! It makes me want to just hop out of my skin!!

  5. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    and am too embarrased to ask dr. about it. I don't think I sweat too much but it's the odor of the sweat. I think I have a weird smell and it's noticable to me so I wonder if other people smell it. I, of course, bathe, use deoderant and use a lot of body sprays but I can't tolerate perfumes so I can only use the light body sprays. The only meds I take are Trazedone at night.
  6. Dara

    Dara New Member

    noticed a "sour" smell. Does that sound familar to anyone?

  7. leokat

    leokat New Member

    I'll give the stuff you suggest a try. :-}

    What you say about the toxins sounds right. I was also going to add a message about the urine/faeces etc.

    Oh I am so releived to know that others seem to be experiencing the same thing.(Err well maybe not relieved that you also experience it exactly - more relieved that I'm not the only one).

  8. leokat

    leokat New Member

    Lordy people on this message board aren't going to want to speak with me - this is hardly an auspicious entrance onto the board is it?

    But yes I do have the sour smell thing. It seems worse on certain parts of my body.
  9. isee

    isee New Member

    Last summer I kept smelling something like trash burning. At first, I thought someone in my neigborhood was burning leaves or that there was a incinerator nearby. However, I noticed that this odor followed ME wherever I went. This lasted for a good month, before I realized I was having a relapse of CFS. Prior to the smell, I'd had increasing difficulty retaining what I read. And, I was experiencing a lot of sinus infections.

    The relapse - my fourth in 20 years - is now in its eighth month. I've had relapses every 6 yrs.

    The initial trash-burning smell lasted a couple months,but disappeared as other symptoms, like brain fog, early morning insomnia, and muscular aches appeared.

    But, 2 wks. ago, I started Amoxycyclin and Nystatin to treat a bacterial infection in my gum, and, suddenly, I was smelling the "burning trash" again.

    The smell last for a few days, but went away.


    Thanks for the post.



    I mean, I really thought that because I washed my clothes together with my husband's, that his "manly smell" sorry guys no offense, was rubbing off on my clothes. Even after the Clorox, Detergent and Fabric Softner and the sheets, I could still smell this awful smell. I mean for about 2 months now, like I said in my last responses to your postings about us all having similar symptoms, I have smelled like a sweaty guy! Even after I shower and spray body spray, perfume, talcom powder the whole nine yards, I can smell that manly smell on me. :)

    What is wrong with us. Its funny but I read this post last night and I wanted to reply but I was just to tired. But today, I just had to respond. I even had a dream/nightmare last night that there was one person that had a remote control and when they pushed a certain button, we would all suffer the same pain in the same body part and so on. It was really scary because I actually saw this person push the button and tell me that we were all going to feel pain and this and that was going to happen. Thank goodness that I have problems sleeping and was able to wake myself up at the right time.

    Could it have been an anxiety attack in my dream/nightmare? Or is it that my soul cannot comprehend how it is possible for us to have the EXACT same symptoms practically at the same time without even realizing it?

    Scary thought.

  11. kellbear

    kellbear New Member

    I never thought that this could be related to CFIDS / FM but I have this to and have ever since I was 15. I started with excess sweating of the underarms. Doc thought it was just hormone changes and then it didnt stop. In the last 4 years, since I got married, my feet sweat and smell and I sometimes have that sour smell. It has gone away somewhat during the past 4 months or so but it was really bad when this flare started. Interesting
  12. marta

    marta New Member

    Yes! I'm so glad I read this because I was beginning to think I was rotting! I'm fastidious about myself, my clothes and my bedding but in spite of all that seem to often smell something "off" around me. Hmmmmmm. What is the common denominator here? Me! And I don't know about the "burning trash" smell but I always think I smell cigarette smoke - and I don't smoke.

    If you need me, I'll be in the shower.


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  13. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    Do you guys have FM, CFS or both?? I have not noticed this and I have CFS and not Fibro. My friend's daughter is having terrible IBS problems, flushing, etc. and I had suggested recently that she try enzymes and that she may have the leaky gut problem. They mentioned to me that she is having this odor problem and can't get rid of it . . . I bet it is related to the toxins (and our sensitive noses may also come into play with noticing it) . . . I had seen an advertisement awhile ago and thought of my friend's daughter . . . it was for a product called "Body Mint" . . . I have never tried it, don't know if it would help with this in people who are sick and I don't know what is in the product . . . it might be something to look into if it is really bothersome . . . I just remembered it. I will look it up to and see what I can find on it . . . Hugs, Terri
  14. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    I found the website for bodymint . . . it is what you would expect it to be on the world wide web . . . here is what is says on the front page . . . again, I don't know what the ingredient is, if it is safe for us, if it works, etc. But wanted to throw it out there . . . :) Terri


    BODY MINT is the new way to smell your best! Made from a special derivative of chlorophyll and taken like a daily vitamin, Body Mint reduces breath, underarm and foot odors.

    The first 100% natural total-body deodorant, Body Mint was originally created for the people of Hawaii to suit their outdoor/active lifestyles,
    "barefoot" culture and the year round tropical heat. Body Mint is now popular world-wide with trendsetters and people of all ages!
  15. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    I take the mineral zinc 22 mg every morning after breakfast and that helps with body odor. I also use Arm and Hammer baking soda under my arms. I smell pretty good from the zinc and the baking soda.

    My urine used to smell like ammonia for years and I never understood why. Since I started using Nature's Benefit Coral Calcium I noticed that my urine is no longer smelly and my acidosis has gone away.

    Love, Jasmine
  16. leokat

    leokat New Member

    Thanks everyone for sharing such personal stuff. I wonder if anyone has done research into this - it would be so interesting to know.

    I think I might just have plucked up enough courage to talk with my doctor about this - my face will be like a furnace.

  17. kellbear

    kellbear New Member

    I was discussing this with my husband and he said that he DOES notice the Burning Trash thing with me about once a month for a few days. Seems to go right along with my time of the month and I think I detox more during that time for some reason. I also notice the sour smell and I sweat more. I have not had it in a few months but I have been watching my diet. I didnt know weather to hit him or thank him. Thank god he is understanding but that is embarrassing.
  18. gritman

    gritman New Member

    evidently used to cause a different smell on me. My ex-wife could always tell when I had an injection. I was using compounded B-12 at 5 times the normal strength. That stuff really helped me. My PCP put the halt to that B-12 and told me I only required it 1X /mo. What a bunch of rubbish. I was using every other day or especially before intercourse. Also used to pack it with me deer or elk hunting. Since, if I hiked a long ways in , I could count on the B-12 to get me back home safely in the dark of winter. Used to be my ole' reliable just like my '03 Spingfield in bringing down the critters.
  19. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    This is just unbelievable, I thought I was , once again,loosing my mind.

    I have never been one to ever sweat. Even in the heat of the summer whne I was working horses all morning I wouldn't sweat. Now, all of a sudden I sweat for no reason, like all of you have said. I am so sick of everyone telling me it's a menopasal thing but I had a hysterectomy in '93' and have been on hormone therapy ever since.. Din't sweat like this before why now? aND, LIKE MOST OF YOU, i CAN'T PIN POINT WHAT SETS IT OFF and I can't tell if I am hot or cold when it happens either, just feel really crummy.

    And, the most embarrassing of all is about 3 months ago I noticed my urine having a very strange odor. I haven't told anyone that one, thought maybe it was a medication thing or something.

    OK, so why do you all suppose this is happening? Has anyone had a doctor to explain this? Just curious.

    Once again, thanks for covering a topic that has been bothering me for a while.
  20. Harper

    Harper New Member

    I suddenly started sweating more than I have in the past. It's like my thermostat is broken. I take a bath every single morning, but wake up - let us say - not smelling so great in the morning. Fibro effects all of your neurological systems. I read somewhere that it does make you sensitive to cold and heat. Also, sensitive to smells and loud noises.

    Well, I guess the best thing we can say about this conversation is that at least we're not in the same room with each other! XXOO