Has anyone ever been for VEGA test? It is very interesting

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  1. phoebe1

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    I went for this yesterday at my homeopath, it is a machine that was developed in Germany and is approved by the south african medical council, I don't know about other countries.
    I was a bit sceptical but it proved to be very interesting, the machine works on accupuncture points, apparantly these points have a different charge to them than other points on the body. These points are linked to our meridians and works on a energy level and measures if there is something wrong in the body.

    The machine picked up that I have EBV, which was confirmed by a blood test, that I struggle alot with my sinuses, something wrong with my pancreas and small intestine, fatigue, and she got a very weird reading in my head area, she said that she has never seen this and will have to phone around and do some more research before she can tell me what it means.

    I am going to start taking digestive enzymes (I have a shortage of all of them) and a stronger probiotic and wait to hear what else she can find out.
    Has anyone else ever had this done?

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    This sounds very interesting but I know nothing about it, bumping for more replies -

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    But sounds intersting to me and I want to look into it. Try to let us know what she finds out abut the head thing?

    Thanks for the info Phoebe!

    Take care of you, Codey
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    I am excited to hear that someone else on the board has been tested by the Vega system. My homeopath uses the same testing equipment. He swears by it. I tested positive for everything that I had already tested positive for in my blood tests.

    My doctor is using homeopathic remedies on me. Did your doctor suggest them for you to get rid of you EBV?

    Please post about what your doctor says about your head, I am very intrigued that she had never seen anything like it before.

    Will you continue to see this doctor on a long term basis and has she plotted out a plan to help you get better? Did she test on your overall toxicity and give you the number so you can chart your improvement? I have dropped a few points since beginning my treatment, but I am still awaiting any sustainable improvement, although I have a long way to go since I tested positive for many things.

    Look forward to hearing about your follow up.

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    But I would love to know more about it. Sounds like it works.

    How do you find a homeopath in your area??

    I live in Central Illinois.

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    Some environmental doctors use it as their mode of allergy testing. I didn't know you could get tested for the things you mentioned w/ it.

    It got me started when i first got really sick and chemically sensitive. And it pinpointed all my masked food allergies very well too. I didn't think I had them, but it was quite accurate. the allergy serums that go w/ it aren't as fine tuned and as good as the ones I take now though.

    I did the long way trial allergy testing through another env. doc, where they inject you or give you sublingual allergens. It's lengthy, painful and exhausting, and very expensive for the serums I'm on now, but more personalized.

    The great thing about VEGA though, that beats my present method is it's economical, quick, and non-invasive. No needles, pain or feeling like crap to pinpoint the allergens. I have and do highly recommend it as a starting point.

  7. phoebe1

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    I'm quite anxious for her to get back to me about the weird head readings as well, I will keep you updated as soon as I hear anything.
    About 7 years ago I had a vascular tumor on my brain, I hope it doesn't have anything to do with that!

    She also said I have problems with my circulation and that my immune system is not doing very well, which all ties in with this DD.
    She didn't measure my overall toxicity, I'll ask her about that. I'll definitely continue to see her long-term, I've actually been with her for more than a year now and she has been truly trying to help me and taking a real interest.
    I'd like to hear from more people who've had this done.