Has Anyone ever been in this predicament?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by todayisagift, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. todayisagift

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    Where your rheumy wants to do one thing and then other doctors want to do another? My psych doctors have insisted that I never take Klonopin again despite the fact that it helped my anxiety and calmed me down and I slept well on it, makes no sense to me. I was taking a low dose too. Then my rheumy wants me to take it just for those purposes I just mentioned especially for the sleep. I have been off of it for about 4 months now and he just prescribed it to me yesterday and told me they probably will give me problems about it but my mom said I'm not to tell them anything about it cause she is sick of them interfering especially with that drug because it is helping me and he knows best especially about treating me for FM and they don't. He wants them to taper me off Paxil CR because he said it is the DEVIL for people who have FM because it disturbs their sleep, I wish he had told me this before!, so he needs them to take me off of that and get me on a new SSRI, one besides Zoloft because I already tried that. But anyway has anyone been in a situation like that? I always seem to find myself in these situations with FM cause I feel like the other doctors treat symptoms and he treats the real thing. I know if I tell them I'm on it they will be pissed and raise holy hell so I'm kinda at a loss of what to do :/
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    DID it really help you? IF it did, go on it. I believe that the rheummy is more qualified to make FM decisions than others that do not specialize in the field. Go w/your heart!!!!!!!! Love Iggy
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    Go with the doctor who understands your condition best.

    I had a gynecologist who thoroughly disagreed with the treatment my Internist was giving me. But I stuck with the Internist's suggestions because he had taken the time to become thoroughly cognizant with CFS/FMS even though it hadn't been his field.

    The gynecologist was always prescribing more tests "to find out what was really wrong" and finally he said OK I'll take care of this end of things and he can take care of the other end.

    I don't think he meant to be funny, but it made me laugh.



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    My psychiatric nurse never really fought with my rheum. But she didn't really understand enough about the FM, she was always trying to treat her specialty while ignoring the FM, and it would make the rheum pissed off. While I'm in the middle. That's why my mom thinks it's best to leave the klonopin out of the whole situation and just have him prescribe it to me. It was horrible when I tapered off the Paxil CR last time, I had the most horrible withdrawl symptoms in the world and normally a person would be given benzodiazepines but they were just worried about getting me off of them. The woman is the nicest lady but I think that is the center's policy, that you only use them for 4-8 weeks or whatever it is suggested for them. My insurance is just annoying with finding providers especially for mental health you call an access number and get certified and you are very limited in choices, I have already been to a few where the people weren't too swift if you know what I mean hehe, and these people were good grrr
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    Go to our library and do a search on Dr. Cheney. Read his article on Klonopin and then read his article on SSRI's and Stimulants. Your rheumy and Mom are right.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Mikie :) that should be very helpful to me. The rheum said its not a good idea to not tell her I'm taking it though but my mom said I shouldn't cause then it will create problems. I agree but I feel bad, I shouldn't though I'm weird. It won't interact with anything though cause I'm on a million things right now and I'm tolerant of pretty much everything. The only thing she would prescribe me is an SSRI, I just wish I could be honest with her. I havent really had any psych doctors that are willing to prescribe klonopin despite its helpfulness :(
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    I had to fight with my old doc regarding thyroid issues. Took me months of taking him info (which I don't think he read ... maybe scanned). Notice I say my EX-doc.

    Finding a good doctor is a very difficult thing. My Mom just recently "found out" what her psychiatrist *really* thought of FMS and she was shocked. She'd been pouring out her heart to this woman and thought she really understood. Turns out that wasn't exactly the case.

    You've got to try and educate yourself as best you can. Also, no real professional should ever "raise holy hell" on a patient. That's just plain wrong, IMO.

    Last thing I'll say is I like Klonopin. If it helps you ... that is what really counts. I also have found great relief with Neurontin and you might want to ask your rheumy about that in the future. :) Hugs,
  8. elaine_p

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    In this case, your rheumy. If the psychs want to fight with his treatment plan, suggest that they talk to him (and apologize to the rheumy). There's no reason for them to stick you in the middle of it--the stress can't be helping you whether they believe you have fibro or not. Remind them to FIRST DO NO HARM.

    Psyhcs do NOT understand these illnesses and often don't believe in them anyway (sorry to those out there who do). And unless they really want to educate themselves and treat your fibro they should keep quiet.
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    You need to have doctors who can work with each other not fight over you like you are the cash prize. It sounds like you like your rheumy and are fighting with the psych. Ask you rheumy for a psych dr recommendation so you dont have this problem. Do you need the psych at all? Especially one who is so opposed to listening to you and your rheumy.
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    Oh yes, been there, done that. My main doc was sending me to so many speclsts to figure out what was wrong, that I was taking all sorts of lovely meds. This all started last year in May and I wasn't dx'd with fibro until January of this year. Decided to try to stay with my main doc even though she doesn't really like the fibro dx. Unfortunately I live in a small town and have limited medical resources. My advice would be to use your gut instinct and what works best for you. If the Klonopin works for you and helps you function, take it. I'm just starting it this week and can't give you input yet on it. I also take Prozac now. I took other anti-depressants before, but I've gained so much weight I switched to Prozac. It's working pretty well for me. Remember that YOU are in charge of you and try not to let them roll over you. I know this is hard; I tend to cry alot and thus lose my control of the situation. Make a list of all your symptoms ahead of time (copy for you and copy for doc) so you won't forget anything to ask. Tell them right away that you need to go over everything slowly so you can understand what they're telling you. Make them put a copy of this "symptom list" in your file for records. Good luck and remember that you should make the final decisions on what works best for you. Best wishes!