Has anyone ever experienced this?

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    I am wondering if anyone else has a similar problem to mine. I have osteoarthritis of the spine and water causes extreme pain in my neck, arms and middle back area after exposure. Today I was also diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. By exposure I mean things such as taking a shower, swimming in a pool or being outside when it is raining. From a half hour to a few hours after being exposed to the water my neck, arms and middle back area start to get extremely stiff and the pain is not barable. The longer I am exposed to the water the worse I feel afterwards. I have asked several of my doctors what could cause this and the doctors have no clue. Most doctors look at me strange if I mention this problem. I have done research on this online and in the hospital library here but I have not been able to find anything at all on this. Has anyone else ever exprienced anything like this? I just find it strange that I would be the only person with this type of problem.
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    And have prolonged exposure to soaking clothes, especially if I get cold, I will have a similar reaction. I do not get this from swimming, bathing or showering. You may be super sensitive to this. Many of us have very severe issues with sensitivites.

    The Guai treatment for FMS has unbelieveably helped my osteoarthritis as it has for the nurse and co-author of Dr. St. Amand's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About FIBROMYALGIA." It's a long-term treatment and you have to be patient for results, but it may well be worth a shot. It's helped me go from taking Morphine for pain to usually taking nothing for pain at all.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just find it wierd though that hardly anyone has experienced anything like this. I wonder if this is because of my Osteoarthritis or Fribromyalgia. The worst part is that the doctors just don't understand this at all. I am suppose to have faith that they will make me better when they can't even understand the problem. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to have a job where you don't even need to understand everything that you are dealing with? I was a computer technician before the pain disabled me from working and what gets me the most is that I would have to research problems for months if it took that long to figure out a problem but yet doctors just ignore what they can't figure out. Or they tell you it is all in your head. I guess my brain just likes to be mean to me for some reason.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone else had any symptoms that the doctor just would not believe? It is just too bad that there is no way to force doctors to be accoutable.
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    I have posted this message on many different boards and only Mikie seems to be experiencing anything similar to what I am. The hardest part about it for me is that I am afraid to take a shower. I usually end up just using a washcloth with soap and washing specific areas of my body. This seems to not bother me quite as much. As long as I wipe the water away quickly. The area that bothers me the most to have exposed in water is my neck. I hope that someday the doctors can figure this problem out but with me probably being one of the few people with this there is probably not much of a chance of that happening. It is hard for people to not think I am a hypocondriact when I have this problem.
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    Have you ever tried using a hot tub set at about 93-97? I can't stand the pain of using a swimming pool due to the temperature. I also go thru periods where I cant stand to shower cause the slight pressure of the running water hurts me so bad. Also rain puts me in a flareup from my fibro. I suspect your muscles are tightening up even more when water lower that the mid 90's hit or touch you. Thats a symptom of fibro for some people. Also be careful of too high a temperature that causes me to feel like my muscles are melting. Just for your info I am one of the people who tell the doctors that my skin hurts.
    Good luck.
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