has anyone ever found relief from horrible fatigue??

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  1. AquariusGirl

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    I have had this problem for a year and a half now. Going to the FFC in PA for 3 months--had the 20 vials of blood
    analysis done. Came up with 2 strains of yeast,mycoplasma,
    hormone imbalances,elevated EPB titers(but not active).

    Just been doing the hormones and no relief yet.

    Also do colonics,NAET allergy resolution and no relief
    there either.

    I am so FRUSTRATED. I just feel that there has to be hope and it is not impossible to believe some of the fatigue can be relieved.

    I also think I might have Leaky Gut and or Parasites but no test has ever shown this.

    Thansk--guess I just need some cheering up.

  2. kbak

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    Hi Kelli,
    How are you sleeping? Until you can get some decent rest, you'll never be able to feel less fatigued. I went to FCC also for a while.

    It took me a while to find the right combo of drugs to help me sleep well. Then you have to have a really good diet. Eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible.

    Get lots of Omega 3 fatty acids. "The shake" (which you can find the formula for by putting that into the search engine). It's high in omega's.

    I also take supplements to boost my adrenal's and thyroid. I didn't conquer fatigue overnite but have really done better as time goes on.

    You can also type fatigue into the search and I think you find lots of good suggestions to help. This group is so full of good info.

    Good Luck,
  3. UnicornK

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    I take CoQ10 (it's expensive, but it helps. Even my doc recommends it.), chromium picolinate, magnesium, coconut oil softgels, and malic acid...plus lots of multivitamins. I also take provigil, a medication for people with narcolepsy. It works for some people but not for others. Luckily it helps me. I also take Total Control and Lift Off from Herbalife.

    Keep in mind that not everything works for everybody. You have to find what works for you.

    Good luck, and God Bless.
  4. laf5307

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    Hi there, just went thru a bad bout of fatigue. I am an RN as well as an FFC patient. Had my thyroid tested and guess what? I have been taking sustained release T3 from the FFC and I was hyperthyroid. I have too much T3 which causes fatigue. The doc. at the FFC had not ordered my thyroid to be rechecked since last fall. I would have your thyroid levels checked. I stopped my T3 and feel 60% better. Don't know if I will restart it. Getting dissolutioned with FFC. Too much money and results are disappointing.
  5. dorrene

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    I have severe CFS and Fibro. These have really brought me back to life. Can do everything but weight training and heavy work now.
    L-Tryptophan (for sleep)really works takes a few weeks
    Hawthorn ticture ( strenth )
    Eleuthero Root (adrenal support)
    Astragalus (energy)
    Maca ticture (endocrine booster)
    Host Defense ( mushroom mixture for immune help)
    Bupleurum ( helps stress)
    Lots of vitamins: B12, all the B's, D, C, E, Cal/mg
    Fresh vegie and fruit juices
    Healthy diet
    I take thyroid too, levothyoxine and T3. I have had no problems with them but you do need a endocrine doc or a friendly doc to watch you closely at first ( regular lab tests). Thyroid has decreased my pain whenever I stop or reduce the pain comes back.
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  6. caroleye

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    I did everything out there for my fatigue........many things helped, but then I'd move on to the next "new" thing.

    Discovering being hypothyroid was a huge help; even though the tests didn't indicate it, my Dr. dx me by my symptoms.

    My latest helper is neurofeedback. It's helping w/depression & fatigue, so I'm now decreasing my thyroid, based on my symptoms of being "hyper".

    I can no longer take stimulating "anything" so I'm needing more brain balancing. But I'm still not normal by any means; just better.

  7. mbofov

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    Your adrenals might be wiped out which can cause severe fatigue. My weak adrenals were diagnosed by my chiropractor who does muscle testing and he gave me Drenatrophin PMG (an adrenal glandular product) which helped a lot. I think the adrenals are one of the first things, as well as thyroid, that should be checked in CFIDS and FM patients. Blood work may show something and also saliva testing.

    Other things that have helped with fatigue:
    Magnesium & malic acid, or magnesium malate
    Calcium pyruvate
    l-carnitine or acetyl-l-carnitine (3,000 mg. a day)