Has anyone ever had an earache and have been told

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    it was a muscle spasm? My ear has been hurting so very badly and I went to an ENT, who told me there was "nothing wrong with my ear" and it was a muscle spasm! EVERY day, all day long? I am supposed to do jaw exercises, because he said my jaw hardly moves when I talk (that's not what my husband says!). He said to "put ice on it" but how, exactly, does one shove an ice pack in their ear? He also recommended a hearing test because I can't hear out of that ear. Another "muscle spasm"? I really DO miss the days (not that I was alive then, mind you) of the horse drawn, "tonic" salesman! How far have we progressed since then? Oh, yeah, pharmaceutical companies - silly me!

    Soft hugs,
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    So is he telling you the earache is jaw spasm? If he is telling you the movement of your jaw is limited. Because there is a difference between the two pains but jaw spasm can be mistaken for ear pain because the jaw joint sits right under the ear. If it is your jaw, the heat will ease it along with massage infront of the ear and behind it and down the neck. If it hurts in them areas its your jaw.

    If it doesnt improve then its your ears, earache is felt like right inside the ear and you can loose you hearing that said you can when your jaws in spasm. (rolls eyes), crikey im sounding as helpful as your specialist ;-) lol. If he'd given you a short dose of diazepam maybe that would have distinguished it because that drug relaxes the jaw.

    Jaw spasm isnt to be underestimated one of my worse pains is that. Usually you are affected one side more than other mines my left. If it is your jaw and heat and exercises do not work, they may send to to maxillo facial specialist to look at your jaw joint on that side to check the wear and tear and that there are no framents of bone that need flushing out.

    Have you tried moving your jaw side to side and jutting it forward and back, does it cause you pain? Is the movement limited when you compare it to your husband? Feel inside your mouth with your finger and press up in the small space where your back teeth finish at the top of your mouth, does that hurt?

    If you feel you had this condition long enough to tell the difference then ask to see your doctor. Earpain is usually caused by infection and problems with the ear usually affect balance.
    You know yourself best.
    Other than stacey i dont know what else to suggest.

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    Your jaw, ears, eyes, nose is affected greatly by the sternocledomastoid muscle which runs behind the ear down to the collar bone. Do the muscles around your neck hurt? Are they tight?

    I get headaches almost daily. I alternate between a heated rice sock velcroed around my neck or a gel pack (4 x 7) dropped into a knee high on which I've sewed velcroe. This I can also velcroe around my head for the headaches. That way I continue doing something around the house instead of having to sit....which I hate.
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    Ive just googled earache for jaw pain and it does say the ear is affected


    i also googled teeth, and yep a bad tooth can cause earache/pain

    ....and striiiiiikke three, the sternocleidomastoid muscle as sunflower says the rope like muscle running at an angle up sides of neck can also cause ear pain and deafness. So ive learnt a couple of new things today thank you ladies.
    ..But finally as we all know earache can also cause earache.

    Sunflower your post absolutely amazed me and gave me a delightful chuckle. You should, in all honesty start your own clothing line for people suffering muscle pain, we could wear our rice socks anywhere we needed and no one would notice because it would be disguised as fashion. What an inventful individual you are, i mean we all have to adapt and find new ways of doing things but reading your post of "alternating head and neck warmers, knee high socks snd velcro" what a Creationista.

    Many thanks !


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    During the cold times when I've gone for a walk I've wrapped a scarf around my "neck warmer or ice pack" and no one can notice. Especially since I use a black knee hi and then a black printed scarf.

    By the way, I've found that dropping my rice sock into one of those soft chenille socks makes a moist type heat. [This Message was Edited on 04/11/2013]
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    It could just be an earache, I get these occasionally. The doctors check and say there is nothing there. You can put a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide in them. Or mix olive oil or coconut oil with 2 drops of oregano oil, then put 1-2 drops of that in your ear. Then I lay with my ear on a heating pad. Feels really good and usually gets rid of the pain
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    I'm a big fan of it and use it daily, one drop on my toothbrush after flossing. BUT, I just don't think I would put it in my ear because it would BURN. I also take 4 drops in about 2 tsp. apple juice concentrate and swallow it. I'm used to the awful taste and it does help kill germs.

    I did a search on oregano oil and earaches.

    Here is how this essential oil can be used to alleviate the pain caused by earache.

    • Mix two tablespoons of oregano oil with two tablespoons of extra virgin oil and put them in a dropper.
    • Get a cotton ball and apply 3 drops of this mixture.
    • Rub this cotton ball on your outer ear. Also, wipe it underneath the crevices of the ear as well as the crevice behind your ear. Throw the used cotton ball away.
    • Get another cotton ball and put another 3 drops of the oil mixture on it, making sure that the cotton ball is not overly saturated with the oil. To avoid oil wastage, drop the oil at the center of the cotton ball and not on its edges. It will be better at this stage to use smaller cotton balls so that they will be just right for the size for your ear opening.
    • Place the cotton ball with the oil mixture at the entrance of your ear. Don’t let it go inside your ear canal but just at the opening. Let it stay there for the next three hours.
    • Remove the cotton ball after three hours and apply another 3 drops of the oil mixture to it and rub your outer ear with it.
    • Get another cotton ball of the same size and put 3 drops of the oil mixture and put it at the entrance of your ear.
    • Continue repeating this process until your earache is gone.
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    As i understand a doctor can see if you have an ear infection by looking into the ear canal and seeing if there is fluid behind the ear drum. The fluid means infection.

    Did he say if there was any wax in your ears or did he say your ears are clear and its muscle spasm in your jaw.

    If you feel unhappy with your ENT is it not possible for your regular doctor to just take a look? Even if its to assure you your ears are clear? See for me i know that jaw pain can immitate earache.

    However, my mother went to the doctors and she was told her she had no infection she had a little ear wax and to put a couple of drops of olive oil in her ear, which she did, even though shes always been against putting anything in your ears. The pain didnt go away and so she went to the nurse to have them surringed. But the nurse was unsure, she thought my mums ears were infected

    so she called the doctor. He didnt bother to look in her ears and just told the nurse to prescribe ear drops for wax. My mum got the drops and they burnt her ears but she didnt know if they were meant to. By thr third week i visited her, she lay upstairs in bed her face swollen on one side beyond recognition, really ill. My brother and father downstairs watching footbalk (soccer). I telephoned the hospital got her dressed and took her up there. She was trandferred to another hospitals ENT unit with severe ear infection. They couldnt even see down her ear canal it was so swollen, she gripped my hand in agony when they tried to get a canular into her ear to put antibiotics in. They put her on intravenous antibiotics and tramadol and she was an inpatient for 3 days. They said if it had been left any longer it would have infected her brain.

    So for me, if your ear canal was clear, but you are doubting i would go and see my doctor, or try some of the other methods, but id worry about putting things in ears when things are not known. But it is your choice, and if you've had good results from alternative ear drop remedies in the past that might be the option for you and it may well work.

    I hope things get sorted out

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    I have FM and Sjogrens Syndrome. I get stuffiness in my ears, mostly in my left, and also severe pain at times. My Otolaryngologist has told me that is an effect of my eustacheon tube swelling as a result of the lack of moisture in my gland. Due to the Sjögren's, I also have ear loss due to autoimmune nerve damage. I find that heat and massage, directly below the ear, often helps with the ear pain.
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    I have dealt with TMJ issues most of my life; so I too have learned a lot over the years. First of all do you take Tramadol--also known as Ultram--many take it to help with Fibro pain. My dose is suppose to be 2 50 mg pills 3 times a day. I can not take 2 together or else it really causes my jaw become very tight. However I can take 1 pill and then in about an hour take another one and that way is ok.

    When my jaw is hurting & tight I take a dish towel, get it wet, wring it out and then place it in the microwave on high for a minute or so, and then wrap it around the outside part of my jaw from ear to ear. Hold it there until it cool s off and repeat. This helps to loosen up the jaw muscles.

    Sometimes my pain is deep down into the ear canal and for that I use ear drops that are Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfates and Hydrocortisone Otic Solution. This is a prespcription that I get from my reg dr --PCP. I have my husband put 2 drops in the affected ear as needed and I sleep on the affected ear with a heating pad for a couple of hours to give the solution a chance to filter down to what ever was causing the problem. Within a couple of hours I am generally feeling ok.

    I hope my ideas help you too.
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    Hi Stacey,

    I have had my ENT to tell me this and I do not question it because I know the Temporomandibular muscles can spasm and cause tremendous pain. I am very sorry that you are in pain. Several months ago I was told that I had severe hearing loss, I knew I had some hearing loss but didn't realize it was that bad...

    Ice on the jaw directly below the ear, not in the ear, will hopefully help... I also massage my jaw.

    Sometimes it's difficult to see if a person is actually moving their jaw when they speak... I thought it was BS too...lol

    A few weeks after seeing my ENT I thought I would just find out for myself...I put my finger tips along side my jaw while I was speaking and I couldn't believe it... my jaws barely moved!

    Give the ENT a chance sounds like he/she is on the right track.

    Best of luck,

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    Aessig, Can you tell me how Sjogrens Symdrome was diagnosed? My dentist told me I have dry mouth but I also have other symptoms. Thanks. GB66