Has anyone ever had temporary partial loss of vision from fm?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsjethro, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church I was putting in my contact lenses. I put a fresh one in my left eye, no problem. Then I put a fresh one in my right eye and I couldn't see. It was pretty much like I had no lens in at all. My vision is pretty bad and my lenses are what most people would consider to be really strong. I first thought that maybe something was wrong with that lens, so I opened another fresh lens and tried that one - same thing.

    I just temporarily lost the vision in the right eye only for about 30 to 45 minutes and then gradually it came back. I haven't had any more problems with it since Sunday.

    I was just curious if anyone else had ever had anything like this happen. I know that a lot of times when I'm tired that I can't seem to focus my eyes and if I'm trying to read or something that everything looks double. I think that's just a combination of the fm and a touch of astigmatism maybe on that account.

    Has this ever happened to you or do you have any idea what may have caused this?
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  3. DorothyVivian

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    Yes,I've experienced temporary blurriness or a blank spot in the upper left quadrant of my right eye. A brief exam by an excellent optometrist indicated that there is nothing to be found physically to explain this. This has been going on intermittently for about six months and each incident lasts only for about 15 minutes to half an hour. At first, I thought this might be the result of a large 'floater', or many 'floaters', but the optometrist didn't think this was the case. I've yet to go to an opthamologist, partly because I have so many doctor appts. already..but I know that I need to schedule an appointment soon. But also, with fibro being at the bottom of many odd symptoms, I doubt I'll learn anything more about the sporadic blurriness. Thanks, Mrs. Jethro, for writing about your experience with the vision problems you have had..sounds a whole lot like mine. Even though your visual problems may be based upon something different than mine, somehow it is comforting to hear about similar experiences, isn't it?!! <smile>
    With love, Dorothy
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    but don't know if it is from FM or not. I too have problems with blurry vision sometimes and have to wear glasses and sometimes I can see fine.

    I think mine are like the person who mentioned silent migraines. I get white spots in my vision and have to keep moving my head to see "around" them.

    First time it ever happened to me, it scared the mess out of me, but then it went away and I had a mild headache that lasted 3 days that no pain reliever would touch.

    The other times I have had it I did not get a headache.

  5. mlrarr

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    need to see the eye doctor.
    About three years ago I started having problems seeing in my right eye. I ended up driving myself to the er on christmas day because I just could not see out of that eye. Any way I turned out I was having damage done to my eye that the eye doctor could not explain. He only wished I had got there sooner.
    He asked me all sorts of questions. Did I have Lupus, EBV, He also asked me if I had ever been scratched by a cat.. I know have a scar right in the middle of my right retna (sp). I cant see straight only have me side vision. It has been a mystery to the doctors.
    Keep check on it....
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    it could be a medication side effect...only if it is a new drug.

    My prayers are with you. Please see the dr.

  7. victoria

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    biting my tongue, but it can be other infections... trying hard not to see lyme and other stealth pathogens everywhere, but --

    My daughters BF experienced blurring of his vision off and on before we knew him a few years ago, went to doctor, who tried abx on him... it cleared up and never returned... His astute MD thought it was probably Lyme as a couple of months prior he had been out at a state park and remembered feeling fluish a week or so later...

    Whatever, different people experience different symptoms depending on where they are genetically weakest (my son has a raging case of Lyme but no blurring of vision)...

    And of course ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES that everyone else mentioned is also possible.

    All the best,

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