Has anyone ever had these weird sympoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    Hi, I am Pam (crispangel66) Ever since about Monday I have been feeling really sick. I am so dizzy that when I walk it looks as though I am drunk.
    I can't eat without getting sick,I stay nauseated and have been on Phengrn.
    I have to use my wheelchair just to get around in the house.
    We're renting the house we're in and the floor isn't even then there is another spot where the carpet goes from being thick then thin then thick again well I was trying to go through that area and got stuck so my hubby had to push me through that area.
    It hurts to use the restroom and when I am just resting. I have been getting really bad pains in my side, the right side. Well guess I should go now I m so tired and have only been on the internet a few minutes. Pam (crispangel)
  2. eggie

    eggie New Member

    hi im denise i know how you feel,i am sick most of the time
    i get dizzy alot and my body achs all over sometimes i cant stand to be touched it hurts so bad,what do you take for it? im take alot of ibuprofen and im on effexor xr and it dosent help much would love to here from you my email is
    [email address removed as per rules] look forward to hereing from you...

  3. tjsmom

    tjsmom New Member

    Hey Pam - sorry you are suffering so - just worried that because of "regular" pain/symptoms, you may overlook something like appendicitis, and you sure don't want to do that! Also - My "healthy" child (no CFIDS) had to have a CT scan done last week for the same type of symptoms - turns out that the lymph nodes in/on her intestines are all inflamed - there is a name for this condition - used to be commonly mistaken for appendicitis before technology came along to let docs see for sure.
    In any case - I hope these symptoms soon resolve.
  4. jlanciloti

    jlanciloti New Member

    Hi Pam I was just sick for 4 weeks, very nausish, dizzy, couldn't eat and most telling pee pain, not the usual burning but actual pain. After several attempts at antibiotics [lite blood in urine] went to Urologist, turns out I had a stone, not inside anything but near the Uretero, had it removed 2 weeks ago. I never knew something like that could make me feel as sick as it did. Hope this helps...Good luck...don't stop going to docs until you get answers. Do we all know about having to go back and back again until they get it right? J
  5. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Boy this sounds just like appendicitis. I had it when I was in the 2nd grade and still remember the symptoms very well. You get very sick and nauseous with abdominal pain in the front. Then the pain literally travels around to your right side where your appendix are.

    If you wait too long and it is appendicitis, your appendix can rupture. Then you can develop peritonitis which can be lethal.

    Please go to the ER if you don't improve.


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