Has anyone ever hear of Ketek as a treatment for Lyme Disease

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ImDigNiT, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    My regular dr. called this morning and wants me to take an antibiotic Ketek for the Lyme disease. I have never heard of this, but I also have chamydia pnumonia which is s bscteria.

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

  2. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi Marcia,

    I think's it's a pretty new abx. My husband took it for a sinus infection. He had to take it for about a month, but did fine on it. His stomach is very sensitive to antibiotics and to vitamins.

    Sorry, I have no idea about it's effectiveness on Lyme or chlamydia. I'm taking a low dose of doxycycline for mycoplasma.

  3. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member


    You can learn a wealth of information on antibiotics or any subject relative to lyme on LymeNet.org. I spend most of my time over there since I was diagnosed from the FFC with lyme plus Claumydia Pneumonia, Epstein-Barr and CMV.

    And after all those years of thinking I had CFS/FM.

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    My son has chronic lyme, the LLMD I took him to gave him a combination of 2 abx that changed each month for first 3 months to see how he reacted to each as there are over 100 strains of Bb, the spirochete that causes lyme... & he reacted a bit different to each combination...

    ANYWAY Ketek was one of the abx that he used, really caused a major herx reaction for him... obviously was killing off a LOT of those nasty bugs!

    So it an abx that is used, if that's what you wanted to know?

    All the best,
  5. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    I sent a post to you awhile back. I live in Georgia and was wondering who your son's LLMD is? If you see this, could you let me know?


  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Hi, I'm sorry if I missed your prior post to me...

    My son goes to the Jemsek Clinic in Huntersville, just north of Charlotte NC...

    the BAD news is that they are so swamped that they have stopped taking new pts at this time,

    but the GOOD news is that they will consult with any doctor who calls them up.

    I'll also post this in a separate post to you...

    Where in NE Georgia do you live?

    All the best,
  7. ImDigNiT

    ImDigNiT New Member

    Very informative!

    Thanks very much.

  8. redsox10

    redsox10 New Member

    My daughter has been on Ketek since July for lyme. She is on Ceftin and moniocycline too. Just last month we are beginning to see some real improvements. SHe sees Dr. J. in New Haven, CT.

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