Has anyone ever heard of getting Lyme from a brown recluse spider bite?

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    I've been sick since May 2003 and my original diagnosis was fibromyalgia because I had been bitten by, what all the doctors believed to be, a brown recluse spider. After years of research, I DO believe it was a brown recluse spider bite but, in Dec. 2006, I got a positive Lyme test result from IGeneX in CA. I finally made an appointment to see Dr. J in PA next month (June 2012) and, from what I've read about this doctor, he believes it's possible to get Lyme Disease from other "bugs" besides ticks. I'm very curious to see what he says because I haven't found any other doctors who believe I could have gotten Lyme from a spider bite. I know it's "possible" I had dormant Lyme and the spider bite just set it off but I really don't think that's true because I had multiple surgeries and a lot of stress that, most likely, would've set it off before that spider bite. I joined this site a long time ago but I don't know if I ever posted before and I'm not even sure if I had the positive Lyme test when I joined. I just happened to be going through some of my log in id's and found this site again so I decided to check it out. I'm very interested in knowing if anyone has ever heard of getting Lyme from a brown recluse spider bite. I will try to remember to post an update after I see Dr. J in June. In the meantime, I'm always looking for new information and I'm always hoping I'll get some proper treatment for this miserable disease. My primary care doctor tried 6 months or oral doxycycline when I got the positive Lyme test in 2006 but it didn't help at all! Since then, I've just continued to take pain medications that are slowly killing me and making me weaker every day. I have two beautiful grandsons that live about 6-7 hours away and I'd love to have the strength to drive and visit them more than once a year. Before I got sick, I could drive almost 10 hours straight, stopping only to fill up the gas tank. Now, I wake up in pain every day and I can't function until my pain meds kick in. Then, I'm doing good if I get anything accomplished before the day is over and I'm starting this pain cycle all over again. The pain medications don't work as well as they used to and I'm worried I'll eventually build up so much of a tolerance to them that I won't get any relief whatsoever. Please contact me if you, or anyone you know, got Lyme Disease from a spider bite. Thanks for reading my "sob story" :) Dianne
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    Some people do think that lyme can be transmitted by other vectors such as biting flies, mosquitoes, spiders, etc.

    I can't say if you got lyme from a spider bite, but more importantly, you are now going to go see a LLMD.

    He can give you a full evaluation. Many people with lyme also have other coinfections like babesia, bartonella, ehrlichia, mycoplasma, etc that must be addressed in order to get better.

    Have you read this important paper?


    I hope you have a good visit with Dr J and get on the road to recovery!
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    I just wanted to say thanks for the reply and thanks for "editing" my post. I guess I'll have to blame those mistakes on "brain fog" because I know better than that!

    I'll let you know what I find out next month.