Has anyone ever just went off pain meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cbella, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. cbella

    cbella New Member

    I know that I can only get anything done if I stay on pain meds. I have taken them everyday for about 2 and one half years now and I'm so tired of it. (Isn't everyone?) I'm going to try and not take any this weekend but I'm also afraid I'll barely be able to walk. Does anyone have experience with doing this? Would like to hear what happened when you did. Thank, cbella
  2. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    for one, its kinda dangerous to just go off if you have been on them so long,
    and also,
    yep, there has been a time when i ran out over the week end and not only was i freaking out,
    but i was in horrible pain to where i was ready to kick the bucket and really thought i was.
    even right now i am already too low
    but dont see the dr till later this month.
    already getting nervous!
    i- like many here, cannot get off pain meds without mind boggling pain,
    not to mention the ebbie jeebies and crawlies... yuck!
  3. deLadyBex

    deLadyBex New Member

    I have stopped using pain meds for a few years now I only used them for a short time anyway as I knew of the damage they do in the long run. I do use Shark Cartiledge and samE , and fish oil pillsand extra vitamin C for pain and do find it helps me through very rough times I can also use Tylenol which was not working for a long time for me. I think that time and care and proper rest and excercise helped me to get to where I am today. I do have the winter days I have to stay in bed most of the day but they are fewer then when i first got ill. I use massage, heat and hotwarm baths for my pain, ice poacks if there is swelling and have used the rubs for pain with condriton in them. I do reflexology on my feet and it helps and also on my hands as well. I look for the knots and make them relax under the massaging pressure. some folks cnat' tklae the prseeusre at first so they have to build up to it so it cna work on their bodies.Heat packs seem to work in the colder and damp weather very well for and so does wearing things like long johns, and warm beddding to keep my muscles warm once the weather get colder where I live on the east coast.I look up a lot of about pain and find I tend to take pills as a very last resort. But when I was taking them I used the time my body was at peace from pain to find a way to get this peace without the meds. Damp cold weather does me in and makes me fell very ill, so I know when to be extra careful now.
    I talked to my doctor frarkly about what I knew about the pain meds and my liver and kidneys getting all messed up over this and I wanted to take less and less meds till I got off of them and we did that way. Today I have no medication for pain at all and resort to all I have mentioned above. I hope this helps. But use the pain meds to know how it feel to be pain free and relearn how to think and be pain free . Your body will respond to this in time as it heals. de Lady Bex
  4. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I've done that several times where I try not to take anything. I've discovered that I simply cannot fundtion without pain meds. I just explained this to my doc last week. I am not addicted and always wait for pain before I take anything. The truth was the pain was there no matter what I did or didn't do. I do not have the option of lying in bed all day, and when I do my legs get very achy.
  5. NO1NOS

    NO1NOS New Member

    hi yes we are all tired of meds!. But take them for what ever reason prescribed.

    im on at least 12, pain 3, muscle 2, fm 3, sleep 2, pain anxty 2,, i think thats it

    like others ive ran out of pain, or muscle, or anx, meds and omg,,i thought i was dying,,, it very icky,, abd pain, hot cold sweats, nausea vomitting, ache all over cant sleep see, shakes, hallucination, hearing intensety,cant eat, drink, talk walk drive think see the movie 28 days withdrawal symtoms NOT GOOD NOT HEALTHY SHOULD NEVER DO BODY HAS 2 WORK HARD TO MANAGE WITHOUT MEDS VERY DANGEROUS.

    ive been on meds not all these but many for 4 years (4 hern discs surg in may finally) so ya think meds would decrease after surg,, but theyve increased i dont think surgery helped or if it made fm worse???

    i panic when i may have a month where i can run out of meds theres 4 that if i dont have im bed ridden with pain and think i wont make it through the pm.. iv ran out of like 1 pain, or 1-2 muscle ones b4 8-12 days b4 dr appt,
    feel stupid i forget what ive took the day or i get up at 1-4am so meds start earlier therefor dont last 30 days supply

    ill call dr and try to get in earlier or sooner refill sometimes i do and dont..

    there was 1 x that i went 8 days with out pain, muscle sleep anx, meds i thought i crazy,,, i could not function at all drive eat walk talk nothing i felt at any time it be seizure coma death lern in emt medic school... went to er dr said to,, for break through pain cause all thise send fibro very wacky uncontrolable+neck pain, they admin, pain meds takes alot though to get pain 10+ to 8-9.. pain tolerance so high from on so long i hate it its th dr ins. fault they presc, they know how long been on what do they think will happen you do., take something for years it becomes habit besides NEEDED 4 PAIN FOR FM CFS INJURY ETC,, body gets tolerance, the dopamine no longer fights pain off like the norm...

    i hate it i want off all of them i want my life back i dont no why i had to get injured or get fm cfs but my life is and me diff, than b4 so sad and lonely, im small so people look @ me and cant undersatnd how i could take such high doses that 1-2 of meds would nock a med sz man out!! and it still not relieve pain and eeby jeebys of fm..

    i so scared im gonna have a firo crach flare up where bed ridden no food liquid and may end up in hosp,.
    i just started a med log daily names, quant, mg, etc and i mark what ive took works great but doesnt help if i run out except i note on days if up early, took more, why, pain sleep stressors etc, so can take to dr and explain daily life n med usage, who can remember all that each 30 day appt for refill or comp ck up appt/

    i suggest after all my rambling sorry!!! not to just stop ur meds dangerous dont know how ur body will react how handle pain, etc,, n especially not alone... only u know if you can do this just worried ull have a bad reaction and dont want u to feel icky... please call ur dr first ur not suppose to stop taken meds supp to taper off if want to get off them im sure you know all this just my point of view and bad experiences i feel like addiction i hate the word the thought the feeling in my heart n soul i pray to not be on meds or pain and for all of u here the same but its my life now and i do the best i can and just pray and hope i day ill get my life back just lil diff than b4 injury fm cfs etc.... and just b happy were all here to think enough to write to each other and still feel compasion and true heart felt wishes for all so GOD is with us and knows whats going on obviously he thinks were strong enough to handle all this or we wouldnt be like this **my opinion***..

    best wishes to u all hope each day u smile and have a lil pain free time. to enjoy the lil things that mean so much to us others take for granted

    be careful with meds call dr plz. first just worried bout ya;) ALL OF YOU HERE

    my best wishes to all
    no1nos ;)
  6. cbella

    cbella New Member

    It's 12:30 in the afternoon on Saturday. Haven't had any pain meds in 24 hours except my cymbalta. After reading all your notes right now, I think I will take something right now, just cut down the amt. I'm barely able to walk around the house today and my husband wants me to go somewhere this afternoon. Especially, being a nurse, I know the good and bad of drugs, but I wanted to give my system a break. And on a side line, I slipped down the stairs last night about 5 stairs on my rear and back and my back has a "new pain". Thanks for all your encouragement and I also feel God is with me through this all, but I too, wish it was different. hugs to all---cbella
  7. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi Cbella,

    I was on Tramacet for 3 months took 2 every day but no more, I was worried they might damage me long term. Everytime I ask the doctor about any drug he says no they wont and I'll be on them for life but I know this can't be true.

    I went to see a homeopathic doctor who is also a general practitioner and she asked me to stop taking them whilst she tries treating me with her remedies otherwise I wont be able to see if they help and they wont work as well so I stopped taking the tramacet about 4 days ago. I can tell you the first day was hell and I wished I'd rather be dead and cried all day, was in bed all day and the next, but after that I am slowly gettting back on my feet and at least giving my body a break.

    My doc did try me on cymbalta but that gave me a crazy headache that freaked me out so I didnt take anymore. Dont know what meds ur on but I know I just wanted to try to get better rather than make my body worse with drugs. I'm also avoiding alcohol, caffeine, sugar, wheat, msg and aspartame which is v difficult but I have to try something coz I can't handle being like this forever. I'm also having all my amalgam fillings replaced because of mercury poisoning.

    Hope this helps, but can only speak for myself really x
  8. cbella

    cbella New Member

    Like I said, I didn't take my tramadol or Lortab for twenty-four hours. Saturday, I tried hot epsom salt bath, but I finally gave in and took one Lortab because it works faster than the tramadol. I could hardly walk on Saturday and then when I finally took the Lortab, which I only take when the pain is so bad that the tramadol's not working, I was too far gone and it wouldn't relieve it except a little bit. We didn't go on the ride we had planned and I was basically a vegetable--felt awful and didn't get anything done on my weekend. But the worse part of trying to go off was my night, on Saturday. I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned all night. Had RLS which I haven't had for 2 years and even my hair bothered me. I don't know what happened but I definitely do Not want to go through another night like that! I took my cymbalta that night instead of the morning like I usually do and I don't know if it was that, but I tend to think it was my body reacting to the pain and withdrawal. This morning, I took double the am't of tramadol (long acting) and a lortab a little later and and by tonight I finally feel human again. I guess if I want to be "normal" I better stay on the meds. Thanks for all your imput. It's back to work tomorrow and no more trying to treat myself! ((())))hugs to all, mary
  9. charlie21

    charlie21 New Member

    Wouldn't advise just coming off them altogether, at least reduce them gradually, but I would ask your doc first. I have tried it, and I was climbing the walls. Felt very anxious, and kept pacing around the house, unable to concentrate on anything. Would pick things up to do, and put them down straight away and start on something else. It is a horrible feeling, not knowing what you want to do, and where you want to be. Depending on your dosage, yes it can be dangerous to just come straight off. I know what you mean about being fed up with them, I have a big drawer full of boxes of tablets, and sometimes you have to take more tablets to counteract the side effects of another tablet. Are your meds doing their job? I have just gone onto Mirapex, good for pain relief and muscle spasms, please read my posts if you are interested. Fibrohugs Charlie

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