Has anyone ever tries this for fatigue? It's working

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  1. shannonrn

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    O.K. I have posted the last several days about the problems with fatigue and how I am having trouble taking care of my 9 month old. I went to the local herb store and he gave me a sample of a powder that you mix with any liquid that you drink. It's called Daily Energy Enfusion Enzymatic Therapy. Dr. Teitelbaum helped make it. Today I am able to take my son outside and play with him. I'm alert and even when I lay him down for a nap I tried falling asleep like I usually do but I couldn't fall asleep I was so alert. I think I got my muscle aches straightened out by increasing my zanaflex at night. I still need help on finding something to minimize the skin sensitivity (like a rug burn feeling) besides Neurotin. I would much rather take a supplement than medicine. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever tried this powdered drink and had luck? Please Please help me with this skin sensitivity? If all goes well I want to get back to at least the way I felt before I got pregnant. Thanks a bunch!!
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    energy infusion is wonderful! Be sure that you take your b vitamins as this supplement does not have it in the powder. I purchase energy infusion products from iherb. it is on the web. I love energy infusions B vitamins too. My hubby also drinks this product but he gets very bad gas from it. I do not. It also has the malic acid and mag which we need. glad you found this product. It is awesome.
  3. Shirl

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    Thanks for the information, first time I heard of it. Glad to hear that you have found something that is working for you.

    If I could get the fatigue under control I would be home free!

    I have the sleep down pat with the ZMA.

    My pain is almost none existant with the Pro Energy and ZMA.

    My sinus is doing great with drinking water..........Sooooo all I need is something that will chase away the fatigue.

    Does it interfere with your sleep at night? That is the only thing that would worry me.

    As for that skin problem you have, mine has not bother me since I have been taking the ZMA and the Pro Energy, both have magnesium in them. So I would say that the magnesium has taken care of that too.

    Thanks again.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. I found it! It sounds great, there is nothing in the formula that I am allergic too! Also they do have the one with the B-vitamins, its called; 'Energy B complex, Enzymatic Therapy', also by Dr. Teitelbaum. Both sound good, will order them by phone tomorrow. Thanks again.
  4. shannonrn

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    To be honest this is the first day I have taken it so I'll let you know tomorrow if it interfered with my sleep. I do take 150 mg of trazodone at night though to help me. Does the ZMA make you sleepy? I thought about ordering it. Please let me know. See ya!
  5. shannonrn

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    I must of had a blonde moment. I see in your reply that you take it for sleep so I will be ordering it since you do not have to take it during the day.
  6. Shirl

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    I call that a 'senior moment'! I am a redhead!

    Yes, it is wonderful for sleep! I take 0.25 milligrams of Xanax at 6pm, then the ZMA at 10pm, and a Melatonin right before I want to go to sleep. Works like a charm, and its been working for a year now since I added the ZMA.
    (You can order the ZMA right here from Pro Health, just call: 1-800-366-6056, say you a trip, and their price is better than the health food store, and its the right brand, by SNAC.

    Thanks for the help, that was a quick reaction you got from supplement. They said to give it 30 days to work!


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  7. sofy

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    How long did you take it before you felt better?
    Did you ever feel like you got restorative sleep before you started this product? I sleep 7 hrs but dont feel like its restorative sleep.
    I'm going to give it a try as soon as I get the dollar.
  8. idiotsinc

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    Be careful with any "natural" medicines that give you energy. Many contain ephedrine (sp?) which has been linked to several deaths amoungst atheletes. My son-in-law is studying to be a pharmacist and received a sample of a natural Viagra. Their miniature schnauzer got ahold of it and it didn't do much for his constitution. I said if they really loved the dog they would have found him a "date".

  9. shannonrn

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    because I take trazodone. I sleep 9 1/2 hours straight through the night. When I take the energy enfusion drink in the morning along with the B complex I get usually a full days energy and I am able to sleep that night also. It contains no ephedra supllements either. Dr. Teitelbaum who is an expert helped concoct this drink. It has malic acid and magnesium in it so it's good for you muscles as well. Hope this helps.
  10. Kay2

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    Can you get it there?
  11. IndigoSC

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    What are the ingredients in this powder energy drink? I also try to avoid Ephedra, as I've heard many adverse reactions to it. Also, where can I get it?
  12. debbiem31

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    I was just looking up this daily energy enfusion here and came across this post. To help you all with a list of ingredients: go to google and type in enzymatic therapy. It is the first hit. They are a very good company. If you go to the product list and go to "f" in the alphabetical listing, you'll find all three products in the "fatigued to fantastic" regimen. It is recommended that you take all three together. You'll find the list of ingredients for all of them.

    As far as ordering, the cheapest place I've found online is vitaminshoppe. I haven't checked iherb, though.

    As soon as I can come up with the money, I will be ordering all three supplements. One is the daily drink mix, there's a B-complex, and a revitalizing sleep formula.

    I have to do something, though, because this fatigue is killing me!!!
  13. sofy

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    Can see no improvement yet but will give it the full 3 months. I found the cheapest place to be Web Vitamins. 30 days of the b vit and energy enfusion was 37 and 4.95 shipping for a total of 41.95. When I checked vitamin shopp they were quite a bit more. I had never ordered from web vitamins before but they were good at sending and easy web site to use. I will say this stuff has about 250% too much stevia in it. Its like trying to gag down sickening super sweet syrup. I could tolerate no sweetener rather than the super sweet. I add a heaping spoonfull of baking cocoa to help cut it and its still too sweet. Its sweeter than the stuff you drink for a glucose test.
  14. pam_d

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    I have not heard of, or tried, this Daily Energy Enfusion stuff, but was intrigued after reading all these responses!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that can't tolerate things that are sickeningly sweet, though! I love Stevia & use it in my tea daily---but one or two drops, max. One time I put in 4 drops by mistake (squeezed too hard!) and I had to throw the whole cup out. Stevia's a lot like aspartame that way, & I don't mean their composition, obviously, one's very chemical, one's very natural, but BOTH are sweeter than they need to be! Aspartame always said "500 times sweeter than sugar" or some such thing (Stevia has been said to be about 300 times sweeter)-----even for those who like sweetener, who needs something THAT sweet???

    Stevia's a good value for me though, my tiny bottle will last me about 5 years!

    And I hope this Energy Enfusion is the real deal for Shannon, Shirl & others----something that addresses the overwhelming fatigue without side effects would be a godsend to a lot of folks!!

    Good luck with it,