Has anyone expereinced this type of Bladder Problem

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    Hi Guys, Its me again, (Reg) for Regina, I am a female, i haven't posted in a while. And while trying to answer some of your original posts, and accidently hit the delete button instead of edit. Anyways my post asked for advice on this problem i seem to have sometimes when i try to urinate, it takes a while, especially in my waking hours at night. Its like i have to go, but it takes a while to come down, as i said before i have even pressed on my stomach, which oooch that hurts. I think i have an ear infection, i can hear and feel the fluid and the other day my throat did a swelling for a day. Maybe i need to schedule an appt with pcp just to check thing out. But it seems every time i go, the answer is we al know """"FIBRO""""" Well thanks again for your input. (((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))Reg (Regina)
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    I was just told June 5th I had FMS and for about 4 weeks now I feel pain in the middle of my stomach and have to void alot and it hurts. I went to a walk in clinic and he said UTI. Took meds for it for a week but still have it. I wonder why we get this. I wonder if its the muscles around the bladder that effect the bladder causing the pain. My doc phoned me immediately once he was sent a form from the lab (from the walk-in-clinic) about the UTI. He said if the pain keeps up and taking the meds go see him right away. He wouldn't say to much when he called me at home. But he seems very concerned. I am going to try and reasearch this.

    Soft hugs
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    ....do you take any opioid painkillers? That is definitely a side effect for many people! The few times I've taken Vicodin, I always notice that effect when I urinate---and I especially notice it in the night for some reason.

    Just a thought....

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    a few times but, I still get the sharp stabing pain sometimes and it always takes me a bit to relax and go but then sometimes it's like nothing but, I still feel like I have to go. I have developed blood in my urine now at all times and have cytology testing every 6 mos.

    Yep, I'd see the doc if I were you. Maybe you should just have a urologist take a look at you to. If your doc does nada. I get spasums in my ears and pain I use a lidocan script from the doc used mainly for children.

    Good luck. Kim
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    I've had this off/on for a while - I have what they call bladder irritation which can feel almost as bad as an infection but isn't. The hesitation can be side-effect of meds but if you have pain I'd get it checked by a urologist. Two years ago my GP referred me to one because I had small blood in my urine and he found early stage cancerous tumor which was removed and so far has not come back. So it's always better to be careful than sorry.

    BTW: I hear there's a natural product you can get for bladder irritation which I'm thinking of trying.

    Good luck!
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    of elavil also. I have it and I do not like it one bit!
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    Hi all, i really thank you all for your imput regarding my problem. Ive decided that everyone has a great reply , and i will also go to my PCP just to be safe. Thanks again, what a great group of friends to have. (((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))) Regina
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    We agree the people her and you are included are great, Take good care and keep us posted on what they say, Kim and Gary

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    I had frequency of urination and would go very little when I did, but there was always this pressure to go. I went to a urinologist and he said that sometimes when we get older or from childbirth we can get a kink or stricture of the urethra which is the small tube and opening from which we pee.

    What the Doctor needs to do is take a small rod and stretch the opening which will help to empty the bladder when you go. Otherwise it doesnt empty completely and there is always an urge to urinate or hesitation to go. This may need to be done more then once. (It only stings for a little while and it is just as embarrassing to have done as a pap, ughhhh). What we have to go through!

    This may not be your problem, but could be a possibility. I hope you feel better soon........Suzanne
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    I'm the same age as you and have the same problem. Do you feel like you have to urinate all the time, sometimes urgent and sometimes not? Do you have to bear down to get your bladder to completely empty out?

    I thought it was just one of those things we get when we get "older" (you notice I didn't say "old" ???). Can't our uterus drop, organs shift? Gravity can be a strong influence!

    I saw a specialist about it recently and he wanted to do a cystoscopy. Well, I have no pain and no blood, and felt that was too invasive and unnecessary. I'm going to do more research on my own.

    If you learn anything new, please let us know and I'll do the same.

    Take care