Has anyone experienced back pain from using a cane?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie41, Aug 7, 2003.

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    About a year ago I started using a cane for support because my legs get very tired and feel like they want to give out. Shortly after getting the cane,I noticed more back pain, especially in the morning and late in the day, which are the times my legs feel the weakest. When I switched to two canes and then to two forearm crutches, the back pain became much less. Being semi-brilliant, I came to the conclusion that with one cane, my back must have been out of balance by putting more weight to one side. On good days when my legs seem less tired, I'll sometimes go out on one crutch, and, wouldn't you know, my back starts hurting again. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I even crazier than I thought?
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    I'm just passing on what someone mentioned in another post--getting the crutches with the braces or whatever that go around your forearm.

    I'd guess that maybe you are putting strain on your back with just one cane/crutch, but I'm not an expert by any means. Maybe someone else will reply.
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    Using the forearm crutches doesn't require any more coordination than walking. You just have to do it right. The trick is not to put all your wieght on them and swing through like you would if you broke a leg. You just walk normally with your legs and as the left leg goes forward, the right crutch comes forward at the same time and vice versa. It's very natural since this is how we normally walk, i.e. the right arm swings forward when the left leg steps forward, etc. It's a very natural gait and takes about 2 minutes to master. I can put as much or as little weight on the crutches as I need, I can walk fairly fast if my legs aren't too tired, and there's no balancing act on the crutches. It's easy on the arms, stairs are easy and it gives me a tremendous sense of security when I'm out and about. Hope this helps.

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    I started using a cane because of back pain and poor balance. For almost six years, one cane was enough. It relieved my back pain and let me walk farther.

    More recently, I have been using two canes or forearm crutches. On very bad days it is a wheelchair. The canes or crutches certainly give me a feeling of security. The down side of bilateral crutches and canes is I don't have a free hand. My M.D. prescribed a wonderful rolling walker with a basket and seat. I used it for the first time yesterday. I feel a little self conscious using it but it certainly helps my walking and lets me carry things and I always have a seat with me!!!
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    I agree it would be nice to have a free hand but one cane or crutch doesn't support both legs and I can't walk as well. At least you can let go of thr forearm crutches and they stay on your arms. A big purse takes care of the rest for me. I've used the rolling walker and it works well but is awkward on steps and small spaces. I think it's good to have a variety of walking aids to use depending on the situation.
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    does stress the spine and alignment of it. In turn you could get sublaxations and that will cause more pain. Why dont you try to use a walker instead, this would be a more even alignment for your body. Love and blessings, Iggy
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    when my cane was too short, I was more humped over walking with it and my back hurt.

    I have the adjustable type cane (as far as the height goes).

    My biggest problem walking with a cane is that when I put a lot of pressure on it, my arm and shoulder really hurt.