Has anyone experienced the supernatural power of God

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    I have had that experience and was wondering if anyone else has? I have always believed in God and that experience didn't make him seem any more real to me just that I saw another aspect of his character. Someone tried to kill me and after that experience I am fearful of nothing at least that could happen to me. He is truly our King. P
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    Check out my post "Walk to Emmaus Experience" that will tell you just how much I have experienced the power of God recently. What an awesome God we serve!

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    I am sorry but I can't find your post. Was it a long time ago? P
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    But one stands out as more miraculous for me than other times, I was on a long road trip home rushing back to see a nephew who was critically ill in hospital at the time, I had been travelling over 6 hours & was very tired, the last stretch of my journey was over rugged twisty mountain roads, I came to a corner too fast & knew I was going to crash over the side as couldn't turn into the bend, I closed my eyes & screamed to God to help me, next instant I opened my eyes & I was on a straight stretch of road past the bend!! I have no recollection of even having my hand on the steering wheel!
    I was on a real high when I got home!!
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    I could write a book on my encounters with God and experiencing His supernatural power. Absolutely no doubt about it. These were experiences that could not be explained away.
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    Actually, I changed the title of it. I just posted it today. It's titled "My retreat Experience" Sorry for the confusion.
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    Two experiences that come to mind.
    1. Back in 1985 I tore the main ligament in my knee. I was unable to work and was put in a knee brace and told to go easy on the knee and they would replace it in 10 years. In 1995 I saw the surgeon who told me to take it easy abain and they would replace it in 10 yrs. 3 weeks later God supernaturally healed. I went back to work and have gone on 2 missions trips and haven't had any problems with it since then. My doctor was shocked. God touched it once before that incident and the doc. wrote in the chart received a healing touch from God.
    2. 2 years I just about died. They told me they were putting me on a ventilator for 7-10 days and I would be fine. There were all kinds of complications and I was told that they kept thinking I was going to die. One day my girlfriend went in and asked the nurse when I was coming off the ventilator and the nurse told her not any time soon. She went in and prayed and read some of the Psalms over me. That night my son called her and said that I was off the ventilator and I never went back on it and steadily improved from there.

    Hope that encourages you some.
  8. caffey

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    Right on. We always believe that God will supernaturally heal us and until that happens we do what we have to do. Never give up hope. Surround yourself with people who believe in the supernatural power of God. Sometimes in the dark times we need other people with their faith to help us through it. You will be ok.
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    and it just makes me wonder if non-christians ever have supernatural experiences and what they credit it too. I know God has spared me many times when I was too little to remember but my mother says it happened. I have seen alot of things happen to where I knew it was Gods intervention and didn't really think of it as supernatural. I have been in church since I was three, going to three services a week until I was seventeen. I guess I didn't think in those terms of it being supernatural because the Lord has always been in my life just like my parents so it is second nature for me to experience what He is in my life. I think that is wonderful for me but sometimes have a hard time trying to realize how new believers think because our backgrounds are so different.

    When what I experienced as God's supernatural power, it was so big to me and so different then anything else I had experienced that I guess I just put it in another category when all along all of it has been his supernatural power. Sometimes it is just crazy funny when a lighbulb goes off in your head. Here is what happened:

    I was dating a very controlling person back in the early to mid 90's. He got to be more controlling as time went by and I would see him get into fit's of rage. He never hurt me or my kids but you could feel his violence sometimes in the air and knew to walk on eggshelves. One day he was over and my oldest son was at a friends house and my youngest was at home with me. He was about six then. He was in a pretty good mood and I was on the phone talking to a friend who was dating his brother. I got off of the phone and handed it to my boyfriend so he could talk to his brother. As soon as he hung up, he snapped. Just lost his mind. He grabbed me by my waistlength hair and dragged me down the hall and locked us into my bedroom. I was living in a three story apartment at the time and we were in the middle. He beat me and strangled me and then he threw me on the bed and hand my hands tied down with his. Up to this point in my life I had never seen anybody in that type of a rage before. I almost couldn't recognize him. He started grunting loudly and head butting me on the bed. I was terrified beyond all comprehension. I kept thinking, he is going to kill me and then kill my son but still I couldn't move.

    It was at that point when Gods voice came out of me saying in a quiet soft voice "do you know who I AM"? my boyfriend stopped head butting me and looked at me funny with a confused frightened look on his face (he was a huge guy) and again God said "do you know who I AM? Again the same confused, frightened look and this time my boyfriend said "no, who"? and at this point I realized what God meant. I said "I am a child of God" and God took him by the back of the shirt and flung him clear across the bedroom and into the wall where he crumbled crying and begging for God to forgive him. It was at this time the police came thru the bedroom door and arrested him. My neighbor above me was a security guard and worked nights and slept in the day. His bedroom was right above mine and he heard everything and called the police. When they came, my son let them in.

    That is why I am no longer fearful of anything. He really is the "I AM".