Has anyone experienced this with massage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KJ2003, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. KJ2003

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    The last two massages I received, one from my husband and one from a therapist had me shedding buckets of tears. I don't know what triggered it or what it is about but I shed tears like I was releasing toxins from my body.

    I have an electric massager but I don't cry when I give myself a massage. I think there is something about the human touch...just to be touched in a healing manner really moves me.


  2. KJ2003

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    When hubby massaged me recently, he massaged a part of my back and I felt it all the way down my leg. It hurt! What's this about? He wasn't rough, it just caused a trigger.

  3. tlc8858

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    I have never had a massage yet, but am thinking about getting one. I am reading a very good book called Fibromyalgia for Dummies, and it goes in to detail about massages and what to watch out for. It is necessary to get a therapist that does only light body massage and not a deep muscle tissue massage, as that only aggrevates the fibro and could leave you in severe pain for days.
    Hope I helped some, I am definitely not very knowledgeable in the massage area. Have a great day.
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    In fact, the only kind of massage I can get that doesn't make me more tired than before I went in, is massage that includes "emotional release" like you've described. It seems that if I don't cry during a massage, "stuff" (?) builds up inside me and exhausts me. Luckily I found a very sensitive, psychologically aware massage therapist who is experienced in facilitating emotional release in her clients.
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    I always felt if I could get atleast 2 good massages a day I would function better.

    When you get them only once in awhile or if someone doe`s not understand fm, they can make things worse.

    If it is done right at first you will have pain and feel ill from toxic release. You need to drink lots of water. I mean alot to flush out toxins released.

    I wish I could have taken my one therapist with me when I moved. Started with heat packs on neck and back for 20 min. Very hot, they were just the right weight also. Then I just totally relaxed. Did mild hand cervical traction. Stopped when I said to. Then massaged. Ended with reflexology. I can not tell you how much it helped. In the beginnign more toxins wer released so it took few days to regroup. After that it was so helpful. I was moving and without him I do not think I would have made it.

    Had to filter through 5 before him. 1 day he was sick and they gave me someone else. She was horrid and it took wks. for him to undo her damage. I kept telling her and she totally ignored me, Said she was a pro. Yeah pro in making 1 worse.

    He even helped with disc bulges. They got better.

    When I get trigger point inject. If they hit the right spot I get sick for couple days. I do drink alot of water to keep me flushed. Just like a car when it has to be flushed out from all the gunk that builds up..

    Try to let him know where you need to be rubbed, you`ll know when he hits the right spot. Then gently rub it out.

    My friend just gave me deep massage. Had not had for awhile. So I really felt terrible. It hurt like heck but I think he broke up some TP`s which I wanted just was alittle to much without the right prep.