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  1. I've started seeing "floaters" in my field of vision. It started over a week ago and is quite un-nerving! I know that eye problems and visual disturbances can be common in ME/CFS, but can anyone explain this or share their experience with this? Is there any cause for alarm? Can anything be done about this? It is driving me crazy! It's more troublesome in bright light, and makes me feel dizzy (or should I say dizzier, since dizziness frequently is a problem with this DD)... THANK YOU for any insight or help you can give!

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    It sounds like this is a new symptom for you, so it is advisable to see your eye Dr asap.

    Often floaters are benign, but a sudden increase in floaters is a reason to see your eye Dr.

    I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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  4. Thanks so much for your input...

    Jam, I do take the grapeseed extract and when the floaters become very apparent (usually only when I'm in bright light) I do blink as a reflex, hoping that will help. But the floaters continue, unfortunately....

    Nanie46, I guess you're right... to be on the safe side, I should let my eye doc take a look... just hard for me to make it to appts these days...

    Ian, I had done some research online about floaters but wanted to know if anyone here had any experience with this... wondering if it is just part of ME/CFS and something else I have to learn to live with. The site I visited said that it could be benign but could also indicate a tear in the retina... just can't imagine that happening without some trauma to the head, which hasn't been the case for me...But I will check out that site you mentioned as well...

    Thanks again, everyone!


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    I have had several floaters for years. Mostly they are off to the side, but occasionally they move in front of line of sight. They will eventually move away. I know many people that have these, think they have more to do with age than this disease. But since they are a new thing for you it would probably be a good idea to have them looked at.
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    Just today I went to my Opthamologist because for the last week I've had floaters all over my right eye, plus bright, white teardrop lights shooting in my eye. You must have it checked because it could be a tear in the Retina. Rather be safe than sorry. I also have extreme dry eyes and had cataracts removed 18 months ago. After surgery, my left eye had the same thing happen to it....I still have just a few lights every now & then.

    What kills me is, the Dr does not see a thing in my eyes and believe me, he did every test there was.... then and this morning!
    I do believe this is another wonderful thing that happens to Fibromites! The Dr did ask if I got migraines, which I did years ago, but not recently. Migraines can present themselves
    with flashes of bright light and not be painful.

    The only thing I'm to do is use artificial tears with no preservatives, 4x a day the rest of my life.

    Hang in there, it's very annoying but it does get better.

    Hope I've helped.

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  7. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me... just so sorry you're having to deal with this too! Not only annoying, but makes me dizzy and feel like I just want to keep my eyes closed when they become apparent...

    But I will def get to the eye doctor about this. My opthamologist office told me I should go to the Optometrist first then if they need to refer me to the Opthamologist, they will.... hopefully there's nothing serious going on...

    Thanks again for sharing everyone!

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  8. I've been taking 300mg a day of the grapeseed extract for a while now (100 mg 3X day).... so I will try upping it some... just need to find some that are 200mg capsules because I'm already having difficulty getting all these pills down my throat daily... esp because of scar tissue from my thyroid surgery years ago... have had difficulty swallowing ever since...

    I remember reading about the eye drops and being VERY interested... but remind me what NAC stands for... I need to look it up online and see about ordering...

    I will still get to eye doctor, just to rule out a tear in my retina... but I always like info on natural remedies... Thanks again, Jam!

    Hope you're doing well these days! :)


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