Has anyone filed a harassment claim against an employer and then sued?

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    I recently quit a job and while the environment improved a lot it was still a little hostile. I filed a harassment claim like a year or two ago and not sure how much it really helped. I would really like to sue my former workplace I had to deal with a lot of rude, ignorant people (some of them supervisors) and I feel like it has contributed a lot to my health issues as well as years of counseling as well. I cannot drive anywhere due to recent car troubles either so I can't make any meetings or check out a lawyer either. A local one I had contacted said to call and set up appointment but am unable to make it :( Anyone have any experience with workplaces or former workplaces and harassment/discrimination?
  2. I cannot say that I have had personal experience with that, but I can tell you that one of my friends did. He was being harassed almost daily and the worst thing is that he felt his supervisor was not taking the situation seriously. I think they ultimately ended up settling out of court, but he did keep a very detailed journey and copies of emails etc.