has anyone found celexa to be sedating and help with sleep

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  1. redtex

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    my doctor says it will help with my sleep. anyone experience this. also which ssri drugs are sedating and which are stimulating? do they help with pain? thanks.
  2. redtex

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    bumping and old post to see if anyone can comment.
  3. maverick76

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    I find Celexa to be sedating and helps with sleep. I also find this to be the same for all SSRI's. However, some people are energized by these drugs, especially Prozac.

    For me, they help with sleep. It really calms down your nervous system. I kind of feel like a zombie. Less highs and lows.

    I'd give it a shot, but don't give up on it in a couple of days. It really takes about four weeks before your body adjusts to the medication.
  4. lyzzy

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    I take the generic version of Celexa, 40 mgs one time a day and take it in the morning. I have been taking it for about 8 months and at first it made me sleepy, but as I got used to it it doesn't bother me. I think it the reason it helps with sleep is because it is a serotonin booster, which is a hormone needed along with meatonin for good sleep. Give it time.
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    I started celexa in mid to late March and since then I sleep more than I am awake. I also started taking it at night w/in a week to see if that would help but it didn't. My PCP/Rheumy suggested asking my psych doc to add prozac or wellbutrin and I did when I saw him yesterday. He's changing me strictly to prozac. I'll have to see how that goes. I would love to have a little energy.

    My PCP & the psych doc both tell me I absolutely have to get out and walk, exercise of any kind. I can't stay awake to barely walk the dogs a couple of times a day.

    Why don't ANY of them address why my weight went from a size 6 to 14 in a six month period of time last year when my thyroid dose was changed. I hadn't changed my eating habits as they had been fine prior to the change. I've continued to gain weight. I dieted like crazy when I saw my actual weight @ the docs and only lost one pound in a month!!! Why don't they focus on making my body work correctly & then the exercise. They have no clue what this is like.

    The Rheumy's are even stupid. It's aggravating.
  6. jbc66

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    Celexa caused me to be massively fatigued and increased my appitite. I gained over 50 pounds on it which ultimatley exacerbated my Fibro symptoms. I also read somewhere that Citalopram (Celexa) showed no help in releiving fibro symptoms in a recent controlled study.

    I will not go back on SSRIs because I think my long term use of them created changes in my body chemistry that triggered the fibromyalgia. For anxiety, I now practice regular deep breathing throughout the day and it helps. I started taking SSRIs back in 1994 for anxiety attacks. I wish I'd known at the time what I know now.