has anyone gone from being bed bound to getting back on their feet?

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    If so how did u manage it? I just lie on bed all day with going to the bathroom, for a bath every few days, going to the kitchen for water then back to bed I try to do stretches but some days just don't have the will or energy I try to get dressed, make the bed but then am tired,, I try to play keyboard as well sometimes, I want to get out and up in the house but can't seem to sit in the lounge I get dizzy my heart races I feel off balance sometimes feel like I need to lie back on bed, how can I push past this and get out of bed? I used to get taken out in the wheel chair and sometimes walked for 10 minutes or so but haven't been out in months I would appreciate any advice, is it mind power? Or exercise?
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    Hi, I went from bed ridden to walking again twice now. But each relapse was worse, took longer to get out of, and stabilized at a lower level than before (the relapse). For me. best therapy was sustained rest. I had alternate good and bad days. I used only 50% of my energy on good days (shower, write checks, warm up prepared food etc.). On bad days, complete rest because some days, I was too weak to even talk. Basically avoid any physical/mental stress. I stopped using computer/TV etc. for six months to rest my eyes/brain.
    Yes, I had dizziness, balance problem, breathing problem, weak muscles, blurred vision, chills/shaking, panic attacks, chest pain etc.
    I spent my time listening (not watching) to TV (PBS worked for me because there was no commercials and it took my mind off my symptoms) or bookTV on weekends.
    Took me 6 months after first relapse to recover, and almost 2 years second time which is now. I plan to do everything to avoid next relapse...i.e. lot of rest and pacing when doing something. Having a supporting friends/family helps a lot.
    I hope it helps.
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    I use to be in bed 80-90% of the time. Now I rarely even take naps. I'm nowhere near 100%, but I am doing a lot better than I was.

    I have done a lot of things to get better but if I had to do it all over again I would start by treating adrenal fatigue.

    I was reading a statement last night made by someone who has been treating cfs/m.e. for over 40 years. He said if you are new to a cfs/fm forum. You are going to get so many suggestions that it can be overwhelming.

    So he said to find one suggestion that rings true for you or stands out and try that and see how it works. If that helps great, maybe that will give you information on what to do next.

    If it doesn't help after an honest effort, find one other thing that rings true for you and try that. I wish you very much good luck in your challenge! Jim