Has anyone gone organic?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mlrarr, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. mlrarr

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    I have been looking into going organic. Eating alot of socalled superfoods without all the bad pesticides and stuff. Eating more raw veggies and fruits. Has anyone out there had any luck with this? I know it cant hurt uh?Please let me know...
  2. Pianowoman

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    I try to eat organic as much as I can or as much as I can afford! I don't think it's the whole answer by any means but any way that you can minimize toxins going in to your system is helpful.

    There are some fruits and veggies that have more pesticides than others. Educating yourself is helpful so you can choose organic for those that are highest.

    The Environmental Working Group has a Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce on their web site. I find it very helpful. It is at www.ewg.org.

  3. Catseye

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    Since I'm in the Dominican Republic now, I don't really have this issue. They don't have GM scary food down here yet and people can't afford chemicals. The GM food scared me the most, though. Monsanto, the largest producer of GM food and hormones and all the really bad stuff is responsible for testing their own products. And they have been . . . on us!!

    I thought at first that GM food was just to make strawberries larger or stuff prettier or things like that. No!! They have plants implanted with animal genes and the plants can make their own pesticides!! They call it "pest resistance", I believe. HA!!

    The FDA is bought and paid for. It's too long to tell but look at the history of aspartame. Donald Rumsfeld, yes the same one that just resigned (got fired), was behind it. Google "donald rumsfeld aspartame fda", you won't believe it!!

  4. mollystwin

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    I buy organic when I can. I also try to buy meat that doesn't have antibiotics or hormones like Laura's lean beef. I think we are better off without the chemicals and hormones. Our livers and other body parts are already dealing with so many toxins due to our illness that it can only help to eat foods without junk in them. I'm sure it's part of why I feel a bit better, but it doesnt; happen overnight.

    Even if you wash the food, the chemical fertilizers are systemic, so you can't wash them off.

    I planted my first organic garden last summer. Used only organic fertilizer. Next year I'm going to plant even more.

    Even if I can't get an organic product I avoid overly processed foods and eat as simply as I can. Whole foods etc. It's hard because I have to cook from scratch more, but I make extra to freeze. Just made a big pot of chili with Laura's ground beef and organic veggies including chili peppers. I froze some to have for later.
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    I am just getting interested in nutrition. Can you tell me which "super foods" or supplements you are using - and how they are working.

  6. bmadan

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    I have become very interested in going organic but am so overwhelmed with everything. I don't really know where to start. So anything anyone cane help me learn about it, would be very much appreciated.

    Someone (sorry, forgot the user name) mentioned they no longer use white four, what do you use instead???

    Thanks for all the help and I wish good luck to everyone that has decided to be more watchful of what we put into our bodies.

    Barbara :)
  7. Catseye

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    It wasn't me that mentioned I didn't use white flour but I don't either. I use other grain or nut flour like millet, quinoa, rice and even almond. Go to the health food store and look at the gluten free stuff. There are subsitutes for all your baking needs! karen
  8. mlrarr

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    I read the natural cures book and just loved it. I also saw Dr Qz on the Oprah show. I took both of what they say and combined it into one way of eating. So I went down to our health food store, we have two, cones and Lassens and went shopping. I thought if I cant eat it I will not put it on my skin. So that ment even my shampoo. My husband uses head n shoulders so he was alittle uneasy about it but had no choice when I bought this new shampoo. He just loves it. Its made with everything that will not hurt you. I bought a Jack Lalaine juicer, so I have read all the past post about juicing to try what you all have did. I did a total colon, liver and lymph cleanse.
    I think the most inportaint thing is I went threw my kitchen and threw away everything with partically hydronganted oil, high frutiouce (sp) corn syrup, and anything with enriched flour. That stuff was in everything!!! Of course I am now forced to cook everything. Which I love to do anyway- unless Im in a flareup.
    My husband now says he can tell the difference in all of us. I still have pain and on some days i am real tired but I have more energy now than ever. I now walk everyday for a MILE!!! I started that about three weeks ago and have lost a pant size.
    I dont think its a cure but I do feel better. Im trying to find a naturopath dr here in Bakersfield but cant seem to find one. Anyway if any of you out there have any pointers PLEASE tell me so I can keep this up OK
    Have a really great day everyone!!!