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    I have been on SSDI for about 1-1/2 years and I know they are going to be reviewing my case at the 3 year mark.

    If anyone has gone through this review, can you let me know what they do? I hope its' not the same garbage they put you through when you first apply for SSDI!

    Thanks for any input.

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    Yeah, you're right - we are dealing with the Govt. so of course the process is going to be a pain. Glad your review is over - they did continue your SSDI, right?
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    Yes. In fact, I just went through my 2nd, which was exactly like the first!

    No big deal! Only a few questions.

    I have a copy of my "Disability Update Report" in front of me -- this is what it is called.

    These are the six questions asked:

    1. Since October 2003, have you worked for someone or been self-employed? If you answered yes, state when the work began and ended, and the monthly earnings.

    2. Have you attended any school or work training programs since October 2003?

    3. Since October 2003 to the present, (check one):
    (a) my doctor and I have not discussed whether I can work.
    (b) my doctor told me I cannot work.
    (c) my doctor told me I can work.

    4. Place an "X" in ONLY one box which best describes your health now as compared to October 2003:
    (a) better
    (b) same
    (c) worse

    5.a. Have you gone to a doctor or clinic for treatment (including evaluations, checkups, counseling, prescriptions, or medicine) since October 2003? Check YES or NO.

    5.b. If you answered YES to 5.a., please list your most recent 3 visits, reason for visit, and the month/year of each visit.

    6.a. Have you been hospitalized or had surgery since October 2003? Check YES or NO.

    6.b. If you answered YES to 6.a., please list the 3 most recent hospitalizations, reson for hospitalization or surgery, and the month/year of each.

    NOTE: The date of October 2003 was used because that was the date of the most recent SSDI review that I had had.

    **** the end of the review ****

    See, that's it. No big deal! I completed it and kept a copy for my records. In about six weeks after my first review, I received a letter from Social Security stating that they did not feel the need to do any further evaluation at this time, or any need to contact any of my doctors, and that I would be reviewed again in two years--which was this review that I just had in October 2005.

    I think it will be the same this time. For the first and second reviews, I had been in the hospital 3 times for major events (like congestive heart failure, surgery for a pacemaker installation, etc.).

    Hope this info helps.

  6. sunshine8957

    sunshine8957 New Member

    Thanks for the input! Janet I really appreciate you listing the questions for me. MCD - I am glad you were approved for continuation of benefits!

    Hugs to you both!

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