Has anyone gotten better under Dr. Natelson's care??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jprr99, Apr 23, 2008.

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    I had an appointment with Dr. Benjamin Natelson yesterday. He seems to want to help me deal with the symptoms of CFS and not go to the root of CFS. Has anyone else on this board seen Dr. Natelson? Has anyone felt better under his care? I want to get better. I don't want to train my mind to think about my CFS less (which seems to be what Dr. Natelson was trying to get me to do through medication and other treatments). I would welcome any feedback--
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    I definitely agree that he doesn't treat the root cause but rather symptoms (although he didn't tell me not to think about it).

    His route with me was heavy duty stimulants. They helped very briefly (each less than a week), but I crashed really hard when they wore off. After a week or so, they were useless.

    I didn't get better. Still, excluding the few in the HHV-6 subset from the 1st Stanford study, I don't that than any physician really has a reputation for getting people better.

    The fact is that no one knows what causes this illness. That's why more research (like the GTown study) is needed.
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    Your experience sounds very similar to mine. I researched and found Dr. Natelson 2 yrs ago. I spent the $$ and saw him twice. He totally dismissed the idea of having mycoplasma or being treated with antibiotics or antivirals for such things. I went along with his thinking for a few months, and changed my meds to Cymbalta; lyrica, you name it, for pain relief. Needless to say I got all mixed up medication wise as I had been on elavil & lexapro for migraines/depression/fibro pain. He sent me to a cognitive behavioral therapist for counseling which I tried for a few months, but I just did not want to accept the fact that this was it. That I had to accept this disease/problem and could only "manage" the pain/symptoms. I never went back to him or the counselor because I found another doctor who mixes traditional with alternative methods. Dr. Garabedian in Philidelphi @ the Fibro & Fatigue Center. I drive 2 1/2 hrs. to see him, but he's done every test under the sun, put me on hormones, antivirals, antibiotics, and lots of natural supplements. With this doctor I feel I'm getting at the root causes for my physical problems, and I've been getting better. I'm much farther along than when I was with Natelson.
    My suggestion is to find another doctor who you don't have to convince. I'd be happy to give you contact info if you like.
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    The fact that so many of us diagnosed with CFS come to the disease in different ways is underscored by Natelson's newest research with veterans.

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Male Gulf War Veterans and Civilians - A Further Test of the Single Syndrome Hypothesis

    Donald S. Ciccone, Lois Weissman, & Benjamin H. Natelson
    - UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School


    Different modes of fatigue onset in male Gulf War veterans versus male civilians raise the possibility that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may not be a single disease entity. We addressed this issue by comparing 45 male veterans
    with CFS to 84 male civilians who satisfied identical case criteria. All were evaluated for fibromyalgia (FM), multiple chemical sensitivity and psychiatric comorbidity. CFS was more likely to present in a sudden flu-like manner in civilians than veterans (p<.01) and comorbid FM was more prevalent in civilians (p<.01). These findings question the assumption that all patients with CFS suffer from the same underlying disorder.

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    It's simple but not simple.... study the illness in sub group A versus B on Dr. Lerner's Herpes, CFS and Valtrex paper. FORCE your doctor to runt he tests to see if you fit into group A or B. Then follow what Dr. Lerner says. My independent doctor said to me... DO YOU WANT TO GET BETTER? of course I do. THEN STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE PRICE OF VALTREX and just get a prescription written. Start it and see what happens. This is because Kaiser Permanents would not diagnosis or pay for the drug.&lt;BR&gt;
    For me it was a miracle! Four weeks after starting the drug I couldn't believe how great I felt! I then forced Kaiser to approve of this drug which they denied and after months of fighting, they approved it. Even if I had to keep paying $300 per month, i would do it. 2000 mg per day. I am off of all antidepressants and every thing else except an allergy pill at night. Good Luck!!!!&lt;BR&gt;
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    We don't know what causes CFS/FM at this time. All we have is treatments for symptoms.&lt;BR&gt;
    If you have herpes, lyme, hypothyroidism, you do not have CFS. Fortunately there are treatments for these conditions.&lt;BR&gt;
    Hoping for someday to find the cause. I think it will be shown that there are many causes for CFS and some of these subgroups will no longer be called CFS.&lt;BR&gt;
    Take care.&lt;BR&gt;

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