Has anyone gotten pregnant with FMS and or myofacial pain syndrom

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tanyat, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. tanyat

    tanyat New Member

    Hello out there!!

    Just curious if some of you have gotten pregnant while dealing with our pain and suffering? And if anyone was on any meds throughout the pregnancy to get through it?

    I got pregnant on my wedding night in Punta Cana. I lost my baby a little after 3 months, my baby died inside of me at that time so I had to get a DNC without even going under. I could feel and hear everything. It was extremely horrifying!

    3 months later I got into a serious car accident last July/2005. Everything has gone pretty much down hill. I have myofacial injuries(muscle injuries) through my neck, shoulders, and back that have turned into scare tissue which drs say will never heal, and some nerve injuries in my left shoulder, can't feel anything in left arm or hand.

    Unfortunately at 29 yrs of age I just got diagnosed with FMS and CFS and still pain is getting worse, believe me I am doing all the right things to try to feel better!! My maternal clock is ticking!! I have a 7 1/2 yr old step son which I have been raising since he was three with my husband. I just don't know what to do because time goes so fast. Everyone is telling me I am still young, but the older you get the less energy you have. Plus my husband is very supportive and I think he is even more maternal than I am LOL!!

    Has anyone been in this type of situation? What did you do? and how did things work out for you?

    Thanks for listening and God Bless
  2. code34me

    code34me New Member

    I really want to reply to this but wiil have to get more into it tomarrow because it is late and I have to get my son to bed (and me too.) I am 39 almost 40 and had my son at the age of 36. I have a 13 year old daughter also. I have FM and CFS tooooooo and did before I got pregnant with my son. Dont want to keep you waiting but want to reply like I said but to tired by the time I saw your post! ZZZZZZZZZZZ LOL

    Take care of you! Codey
  3. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I am 28 and have been thinking the same thing. I am still young, but clock is ticking. I think I cheat myself sometimes. I honestly do not know if I can handle having kids? I feel sooooooooooo bad all the time. I was in a bad car accident in 2000 and have gone down hill since. I think sometimes, especially when I'm dead tired how in the world would I handle a child. Sometimes I get caught up in the thought that it would not be fair to a child, if I can't take care of them and give them the proper attention and time that they so desperately need. I am so sorry to hear of you miscarriage. That's terrible that you had to go through that.

    Love Kriket
  4. skyeone

    skyeone New Member

    I have been pregnant 5 times and carried 3 to term. All while having med probs and even though i was diagnosed after my 4th pregnancy, the doc did say that i've had this since I was a kid.

    It's not good, but it's not bad either. To be honest with you for some reason or another, the pain seemed to go away to a point while I was pregnant. No I wasn't on meds then, but I was on pain meds and sleeping pills before and after my pregnancies.

    A small word of encouragement for you here, there is clinical proof taht children born to parents that are in there 30's are smarter and achieve more in life than children born to younger parents! Just thought I'd mention that for you, so you can sort of try to slow down your clock a bit, and not worry too much about not having a child of your own just yet! (I don't know where you can find that study, it was shown on a local news station here in Canada)

    Hugs, and all the luck in the world,
  5. tanyat

    tanyat New Member

    Anybody else can give me some anwers on my post??
  6. code34me

    code34me New Member

    Tanyat I was dx with FM a couple of years befor my son was born. My first husband passed away when my daughter was only 15 momths old.

    My husband now had never had children, my daugter was really wanting a sibling and I never wanted to just have one child. It was a scary decsision to have a child at 35 with FM and CFS too.

    It did not happen as soon as I wanted to to so I told my doctor "This has to happen now!" He gave me some Clomid I think it was called and boy it happend right after that and I was 36 when I dilivered him.

    The pregnancy for me was good as others have posted I felt sooo much better while I was prenant (except the nausea.) I got a bad staff infection though and it almost killed me! I was in hospital for a long time after dilivery. It was sad the docs could not figure out what or where the infection was and I think truley that God healed me after my pastor came and prayed for me!

    I am wiped out now. I have just applied for disability and put my date of disabliity 8-16-2002 the date my son was born becuse I have gone down hill since. I have got sick a couple of times since then with a bacterial infection and had a colapsed lung. I have a hard time not getting any rest with my son. He has Sensory Intregration Dysfunction and gets upset alot with dirty things, food textures etc.... He does not sleep well either from this.

    It is crazy because I am so wiped out but... on the other hand I cant slow down, it is not an option for me. He keeps me going and it is important to keep going with this FM/CFS. He is my light he loves me so much and tells me 20 times a day at least. He is very smart (to smart for his age)

    I would not change having my kids for anything but I have told my husband if I had a glimps into the future before I had or new my son I would probaly not have had him at my age or with this illness. It is very challenging for me.

    So there are many things to think about. I could not imagine life with no children because they are my light in this world. But like I said I do struggle and I do feel guilty for the way I feel everyday with this pain and fatigue.

    Take care of you! Codey/Carol
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  7. tanyat

    tanyat New Member


    I totally know what you are going through, I am having the same type of problems that you are going through. I even have private investigators watching me to see if I am faking it. It is so frustrating!

    I don't understand those people who would even go through something like this if they are faking it to get some type of compensation or sue for money. I find what I am going through with my lawyer,insurance company,dr's,occupational therapists,phycologist,socialworker,phisiotherapist,specialists,swimming class, "ALL THE PAPER WORK YOU HAVE TO DO!!!!" You really have to prove yourself to them that you are injured. It makes me sick and I wasn't even thinking about the money at first, I just wanted to get better because I "HAD" a very successful business before all this happened. Now my social life isn't social anymore. You really learn who your friends are going through something like this! I can't even leave the house because I feel so bad most the time. All the appts I have with everyone that I listed are rediculous but I have to go. It's like having a full time job.

    I have an appt with someone everyday, and I tell them how much effort it takes me to go to the appts, and half the time I call them and can't go because I have to listen to my body.

    My dr thinks I'm a pain in the ass. I have learned from this experience so far that you have to be very assertive and tell them exactly how you feel and now I don't care if I sound like I'm nagging because all of this has turned my life a 180.

    Now "I DO" care about the money because the insurance company cut my payments off after 16 weeks. They were only paying me $550 every 2 weeks and I was making 3 to $4000 a month with my own business. I am going through a mediation with my laywer and INS company to get all the back pay up til now because my husband and I have gone into debt over all this. Plus suffering emotionally,physically and can't do any of the things I use to do, my pain is still an 8 out of 10 even on the meds I take. It is also very hard to have a positve attitude through all this. The specialist said I have a LONG road ahead of me and basically said in nice words I'll have this for the rest of my life so you better get used to it! The OT is trying to brain wash me, same with my social worker. It's so hard when you have all these goals and dreams and now I have to think minute by minute. I am going to apply for disability today until my mediation is over so we can pay some bills. My husbands on stress leave because I need him right now and also he has some things in his life right now with his health, but half the time I can't even drive. He's been really supportive but I know deep down inside of him he's taking on alot of my stress.

    We live in London,Ontario,Canada and my husband and I are Christians so we try to give alot of this to God and it helps us, but everyone deals with things in their own ways. I do know Amy how frustrating it is, I find this to be an extreme roller coaster ride, but we really have to stay strong through this and it's so hard!!! It's so hard in so many different ways but it is also very hard to trust anyone through this, so be careful on what you say. My OT comes over every week and tries to push me to do things and I have to be very assertive with her and I tell her I will try but half the time I can't do the things she wants me to do. She tries to be my best friend and she is really nice but I got some info from my social worker that every thing I say or do, even the way I get up or move she goes back and tells everything to my INS company.

    Amy, we don't know if we are going to get better, we can try are best but we just don't know right now! So we have to stand up for ourselves and tell people the way it is and don't back down. I am a very nice person by heart and I like to get along with everyone, but what we are going through is going to be a fight, and I am not going to give up no matter what people say about me because I know how I feel,no one else does! Hopefully you have some support from your husband if your married or family but just stay strong and don't give up because we deserve it!! We don't know where these injuries or syndromes are going to take us. Hopefully we do get better but we don't know that at all because we cannot read the future! If your having a hard day we can talk to each other because it sounds like we are going through the same type of thing. Hopefully I helped a bit and I do talk alot, and if you have any advice for me that would be great!

    Thanks to the other girls for the advice. It really made me think alot about what I should do! and I'll pray for all of you!

    ((((HUGS)))) to everyone and God Bless!!
  8. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    i hate when i do that...type a big response,then hit some button and poof! gone!

    i have 2girls and 2 boys...girls were premature, the boys adopted...i got sick when the boys were little...

    i love my kids dearly....i have stayed at home with them for 19 years! we wanted 6 kids but had trouble staying preggers...my point is knowing how awful i feel with fm and cfs and mps, i would not have children even though i wanted to have them...i hate how guilty i feel when i can't do what the others moms do with their kids, and i hate how my kids miss out on outings to the park, the library, the zoo,anywhere...i miss things at their school, i an't volumteer for stuff at their school or at church...i can't bring them to sports practices and i can't sit at their games...i am not like the other moms!

    when i read posts from people who don't have children, i am envious of the peacefulness in their lives...there is alot of work taking care of kids and everything they need ...i love my kids and would die if anything ever happened to them...BUT now that i am sick, i wouldn't have any more kids...and i recommend not havimng them to someone with the same sickness as i have...it is so hard! and i think my kids miss out because i am ill...i can't even imagine trying to take care of an infant or toddler feeling the way i feel....i was lucky that my boys were almost out of toddlerhood when i got really sick...so much of the grief i suffer is related to my struggle to parent my kids!!! why bring that into your life? i really hate the fact that i can't do what i want to for my kids! i wish i could take them places everyday and i wish i could bake stuff with them like i used to! and ride bikes and go bowling and take walks! and take them out of town for shopping or the big zoo!!! and volunteer in their class! and nver miss a program at school! you want to talk about being depressed about this illness, the worst part for me is not being the mom i want to be!
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    She is 38 and had a son almost 10 months ago. Prior to that, she miscarried. Her pregnancy was difficult as was her delivery. She has always been very active and health minded and she takes good care of herself. It is very tiring for her to care for her son and she has to take short naps. Even though she had a tubal, she is taking birth control pills because her hormones did not return to normal. She also takes thyroid.

    Some here have posted that they felt better during pregnancy but worse after delivery. Hormones may play a big part in how we feel with these illnesses.

    My heart goes out to all who are sick and caring for children. I know I've had this all my life but it wasn't triggered full blown until my kids were grown.

    Love, Mikie
  10. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member


    I have FM and 3 kiddos. My initial symptoms came on after a car accident when my oldest child (now 15) was about three. It took 5 pregnancies to get my youngest (2 boys). I have 3 great kids now. I had problems with my blood clotting too much and they suspected that the placenta was not getting a good blood supply which caused miscarriages (3) from 9-23 weeks of pregnancy. I found my FM pain was gone during ALL of my pregnancies...(lucky benefit)!

    I won't kid you ...it was a hard road. I took baby asprin to help the blood issues and for me it worked ( I also took other meds OB suggested). It took a team of special doctors to get me my children. At the time my symptoms seemed bad, but they were much milder than todays pain levels. If I knew then what I know now...I would still do it.

    I do NOT believe I have cheated my children.I am a very involved mom despite my pain. I do have to sit while they play games, but I can play too most days. I sit in the yard while they ride bikes and play. I find games to involve myself in their activity. We cuddle a LOT, read books together, etc. I may not be as phyically involved as some parents could be.. but I make DA** sure I am emotionally involved with they lives, decisions, and choices.

    I HIGHLY VALUE a good day. I spend it with my kids going to the park and doing things they like. We take it slow and we "SMELL THE ROSES" so to speak. Our lives are not 100 miles per hour like some, and I'm glad for that. My children plant flowers for me and each day we water the roses and the yard. It is something I can still do and I will continue spending every moment with them I can.

    I am able to do this because I have a very involved husband who is amazingly supportive. I don't have to tell him it's a bad day...he can see it for himself. I would not have had more children if I did not have this man. I put a lot on him, but it was a decision we consiuosly made together. My children and I are very lucky despite this DD we have a good life (with some bad days). Sometimes the days go on for months at a time, those times are hard, but I still have my spitit...I REFUSE TO LET THIS DD TAKE THAT FROM ME!!!!

  11. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    my oldest child was 15 weeks premature and spent her first 3 months of life in the nicu 80 miles from the town we live in.....i held her for the first time when she was one month old....she has severe cerbral palsy and needs total assistance for everything she does...she uses a wheelchair....my second child was born 4 weeks early after 4 months of bedrest and numerous hospital stays.....she only had to stay in the hospital for 5 days...she is 16 now and in perfect health!

    we wanted more children but were afraid that we would have the same problems again...so, we adopted...an infant boy...2 years later, we adopted another newborn boy....they are partners in crime and were a couple of busy, busy boys!

    anyways, sometimes things don't go as planned and we have a lifelong committment...our daughter won't grow up to become independant....we will always be involved in making decisions for her...

    right now, i have my son home from school ..he just finushed throwing up in my bed...he was up most of the night crying because of his second ear infection in a month...(that is the month after the ENT removed his ear tubes- brilliant move!) while my daughter is in the recliner in the living room watching tv...her electicity is out? in her room today,..something is wrong with the breaker....so i have to keep going in there to get her whatever she needs...a drink, a different channel, volume up or down,scratch her nose!....dh is out of town for the day....i am in a flare...

    so, i won't sugarcoat anything for you...it is difficult to handle it all when you are sick...i love my babies....and i know that if i didn't have them i would dream of having children...i just want to paint a realistic picture for you....
  12. julieisfree05

    julieisfree05 New Member

    I had a VERY carefully planned pregnancy in 1998, and my child is the joy of my life!

    I went off all meds except for 25mg of Pameor (nortryptiline?) for sleep. There was a long term study right before I conceived that showed much higher doses of TCA's did not cause ANY type of damage in chldren born to mothers who took them during pregnancy. I was going to go through it "med free", but my doctors and I agreed that lack of sleep could do more harm to the baby than the Pamelor - especially after reading the study.

    I took a few Codiene tablets during the pregnancy for migraines, (Codiene is safer than asprin for pregnant women, as long as it's not abused)!

    All of my doctors agreed that this was a responsible, effective plan.

    The pregnancy was difficult, but the gift I received was worth every minute of it!

    julie (is free!)

    Why does it always have to come down
    to you leaving
    before I say I love you..

    - Jason Aldean
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  13. taniazcatz

    taniazcatz New Member

    Hi tanyat,

    I'm 34 and Ive had FMS and LUPUS for 6 years. I am the proud mother of a beautiful, healthy 11 month old baby boy. The docs had told us years ago that because of my diagnosis I wouldn't be able to have a baby. Well, they were so wrong. My pregnancy was really uneventful, the only trouble I experienced was due to the changing hormones I threw up way too much and I almost ended up in the hospital for dehyration but that was it. I went into labor 3 weeks early, and when my son was born like I said, he was healthy no problems at all. They kept in the nicu for 2 days just to make sure no problems came up and thank god there were none. If we're blessed to have another baby then I'd do it in a heartbeat. Good luck. I'll say a prayer for you.


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