Has Anyone Had a Muscle Biopsy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by darvick, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. darvick

    darvick New Member

    I was just wondering, there are some studies that show virus rna in the muscles tissue. I have knots in my back neck that nothing will take out not even pressure. Considering asking my doc to do one not that it will show anything.

    Thanks Dar
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Yes, I've had one. It was done by Dr. Neil Lava, Head of the Muscular Dystrophy Association's Clinic at Albany Medical Center Hospital. He had put it off for years telling me it was soooo painful and that I would feel like I was kicked by a horse for weeks. Well, I didn't even need or take a Tylenol much less the Script for pain relief he gave me.

    This was about 10 years ago, so can't remember the exact wording of my results, but was something about "Ragged fibers" that were too long or too short. The same day this was done I had an Ischemic Exercise test done. They had me squeeze a hand grip a KAJILLION times to fatigue the arm muscle and periodically took blood sample to measure something in the blood, can't remember what it was though.

    So, my Muscle Biopsy showed nothing significant, or at least not diagnostic.
  3. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi dar, i had one also, and all it showed were "minor nonspecific abnormalities, clinnical correlation required" and so all dis. co and docs read it as "normal" and PROOF that i am just "faking" to get the little pittance of cash dis. has to offer. (not that i wouldn't KILL for it right now!)<P> as far as pain, it wasn't bad, every so often for a week or so i would get a sudden sharp pain from the op. site if i stretched it (my upper arm/shoulder, in my case) but as hard as it is to believe, I actually have a really high pain tolerance, and surgical pain is like a holiday to me compared to the never ending hell that we live each day! If i stretched my arm and it hurt, all i had to do was stop stretching my arm, problem solved! <P> I had only a local anesthetic done, worst part was digging in there with the needle to numb up all the spots, but from what we live each day, it was nothing that couldn't be handled for a few minutes. <P> I am very interested in the exercise test (ischemic exercise? that someone else posted about, did it show anything? that is what is so hard to explain, i can do anything ONCE but not for any sustained amount of time (minutes, not hours do me in!)<P> Good luck with your test if you have it done, just make sure it is done so the specimen can be handled correctly and anylyzed properly. Good luck--L
  4. springflower

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    I also had a muscle biopsy done in March 2005. There are different types they can do. Mine involved surgery where they removed 3 inch pieces of muscle from various areas of my thigh. The results came back with a diagnosis of Myositis. (At the time of the biopsy my legs were so weak I could barely make it up the stairs when I would get home from work at night). Though I hate the diagnosis, it at least confirmed that I was not totally nuts and just added one more item to the growing list of diagnoses.

    The type of biopsy I had done is considered major surgery so if you consider it, do not let the surgeon tell you (like mine did) that you can be up and walking in 3 days. You need to be off your feet (assuming your leg is the target they choose) for about 10 days. I listened to the surgeon and despite excruciating pain, went back to work. By the 2nd day of crying all day I saw my Primary and she told me I was absolutely crazy being on my leg. She put me out of work immediately (as I cried again in relief). Use your own common sense. My leg is still not right and now they tell me they think I have a meniscus tear in my left knee adding to all the other fun!!

    I guess it really depends on what they are looking for. Mine was extremely helpful.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
  5. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Is this a useful test? What are they trying to find? Are there ways of comming to a diagnosis about these conditions without actually damaging the host's (i.e. MY ) body?

    I would prefer to have a less invasive test performed for whatever it is they are looking for, if there is such a test. I sure wouldn't let somebody take a knife to me if there wasn't something really great to gain from it.

    Is there a website where I can learn more about this?
    ((xxx)) Shannon
  6. springflower

    springflower New Member

    Here's a website you can try:


    It discusses why muscle biopsies are done & how along with other info.

    For anyone considering a biopsy....have you had an EMG test first? Sometimes they can get the information they are looking for that way, if you can tolerate the test.

    Another website with tons of info about biopsies, though somewhat technical is; www.neuro.wustl.edu/neuromuscular/

    And of course you can always Google.....

    Best of luck!!

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