has anyone had a positive saliva test for adrenal fatigue and healed?

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    My saliva test came back (the one where you take a reading 4 times during the morning to bedtime test) and my cortisol is high in a.m. goes down, shoots back up around late morning, goes down, shoots back up around 6 PM and down by bedtime. The doctor gave me something to heal adrenals.

    After looking thru my book from Dr. Wilson I see where STRESS is a great cause for this, which also includes lack of sleep. And what I've read is it takes at least 6 months to heal if it's just a slight case but could be a couple years if it's bad.
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    What did your doctor give you to heal your adrenals?

    My adrenals were very weak many years ago and my chiropractor gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process, an adrenal glandular product, which worked very well to help my adrenals. I had to take it for several months, starting with quite a high dose and gradually cutting back. I continue to take it (or a similar product) off and on as needed - I think my adrenals are my Achilles heel and may always need some sort of support.

    I also had the adrenal saliva test, which showed high cortisol at night, whch caused severe insomnia, and I took Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) for that, and that worked extremely well also.

    You're right about stress - it's very hard on the adrenals. Caffeine, sugar and alcohol are also all very hard on the adrenals.

    You should be taking a good B complex and extra pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is on the of the B vitamins and is crucial for adrenal health. It gets depleted under severe stress. I take 500 mg. a day.

    My adrenals right now are in pretty good shape. They did get very stressed during the Boston bombing, as my DIL was there, she ran the marathon (she's okay) but that whole week was extremely stressful and I could feel the fatigue settling in and knew my adrenals had taken a hit. I upped my dose of Drenamin (adrenal glandular) and confirmed it with my chiropractor who does muscle testing (where I get the drenamin).

    Meditation is also very very good for dealing with stress and thus the adrenals. In general, my stress level is way down from what it used to be.

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  3. IanH

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    How do you know what your adrenals are doing?
    You refer to adrenal fatigue and "weak" adrenals. How do you know these things.
    I understand you can test (sort-of) you cortisol levels but that is no test of adrenal function and can;t tell you that you have adrenal insufficiency.

    I am intrigued because there are a number of people stating things like "adrenal fatigue" There is no such thing!

    For adrenal insufficiency the main test is the ACTH stimulation test followed by cortisol measurement several times.

    I don't think that one can say that they have adrenal insufficiency without that test being done.

    It concerns me because such talk seems to be leading people to take cortisol and its derivatives which can be unsafe.
  4. sunflowergirl

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    I wanted to ask WHAT is the difference between CFS and adrenal fatigue? This adrenal fatigue diagnosis seems to be debatable.....even endocrinologists don't agree on it.

    I've got Dr. Wilson's book on AF and it seems that it's mainly STRESS that does a # on us. My integrative doctor has put me on a product called AdrenoMend. I looked up all the ingredients to see what I was swallowing. She also started me back on the biodentical hormones. She's given me DHEA also but I'm going to wait on that for about a month to see how I do on the other stuff.

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    I know that mainstream medicine says there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue. Scientists used to believe the earth was flat too.

    In the early 1990's I had been sick for about 7 years, going to doctors and getting no help at all. They didn't have a clue as to what was going on with me. I stumbled across a chiropractor who did muscle testing. I know mainstream medicine will say there is no validity to muscle testing, but that makes me want to say there is no validity to mainstream medicine as they are so clueless and close-minded and helpless when it comes to CFS.

    Anyways, I had nothing to lose but $50 so went to see the chiropractor, after years of being sick as I said, and he immediately picked up on a couple of digestive issues, which were making me feel sick, not digesting properly. He gave me a couple of supplements by Standard Process and within a couple of days I was starting to feel much better.

    I'm telling you all this so you may give some credence to what follows. A few years later I was weak as a kitten, had very little energy. Again, I got no help from the regular doctor. I went to see my chiro who within minutes said my adrenals were testing very weak. He gave me an adrenal glandular product by Standard Process and again, within a couple of days, my energy started to come back. It felt like a miracle. I had to take it for several months, although the dose decreased. When our house flooded a few years later, that same bone deep fatigue returned and I finally realized my adrenals had taken a hit, confirmed by the chiro, and Drenatrophin PMG again helped me get back on my feet.

    So I know this won't convince anyone, but I have experienced weak adrenals. It is a very real, very debilitating condition. The chiro explained to me that taking an adrenal glandular product gave the adrenals a rest, so they could heal, whereas if a doctor were to give me some form of cortisol, it would just push the adrenals to work harder, eventually causing even more exhaustion.

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    I reduced my hydrocortisone dose to 5mg after having the overdose symptoms at 20mg per day, and it is now working well. I am awake every morning at 7-7:30 and in bed by 10pm. If I have a hard time sleeping, I'll take a couple of Seriphos. This seems to have gotten me out of my reversed sleeping patterns and back up during the day.

    Only down side is there are a lot more daylight hours to kill and I am finding it hard to have enough stuff to do to kill those hours. But not complaining.

    I did not get anything from the adrenal extract supplements, but this could be because of being in menopause and having even more fatigue than I normally would had I not been. So I am good for now and will post if anything changes.
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    The main disease associated with AI is Addison's disease. This is Primary AI. There also exists secondary AI, the cause of which can be many things but usually unknown. The adrenal corticosteroids are controlled by the pituitary gland in the brain which releases ACTH. If there is a chronic low release of ACTH the adrenal glands (adrenal cortex) can shrink causing a chronic problem with the corticosteroids in the body. Symptoms of which are fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite and many other symptoms similar to ME/CFS, such as diarrhea, verigo etc.

    So, yes it is easy to confuse the two in symptoms but the test I pointed out will differentiate the two quite clearly. That is why the test is so important.

    It appears that some people with ME/CFS have problems with their corticosteroids and even their mineralocorticoids (released from the adrenal medulla) but these problems appear in certain people only and are not consistent in those people, ie it appears the problems vary over time. This is consistent with the theory that ME/CFS involves raised levels of virus or viral "epitopes". The question is then whether such a person should be taking steroids because of this varying deficiency in corticosteroids. Most researchers would say No! but at the same as Mary points out some symptoms can be alleviated by taking them.

    The fact that these symptoms exist and can be alleviated by taking steroids or "adrenal extracts" does not tell us that ME/CFS is an adrenal or hormone problem. It isn't but for some the symptoms do exist.
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    I don't equate adrenal glandulars with steroids, and never said that symptoms could be alleviated by taking steroids. I do think steroids tend to be dangerous and should be avoided if at all possible.

    I've found that my varying needs for adrenal glandulars directly correlate with levels of stress. e.g.., when my house was flooded, I experienced a bone-deep weariness which was alleviated by an adrenal glandular. When the Boston marathon bombing occurred, I had severe stress - my DIL was back there, she had run the marathon, and even though she was okay, it just hit so close to home and I felt myself getting weak again. I don't link this recurring adrenal fatigue with a virus - it occurs in response to severe stress. When I first was diagnosed with weak adrenals by my chiro, I had been under severe stress for many years. I've since made a lot of changes in my life, including meditation, and on the whole deal much better with stress and have much less stress in general, and rarely need the adrenal glandulars.

  9. IanH

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    If stressful events are affecting adrenal function it can only be via the HP-A axis.

    It is interesting that the "adrenal glandulars" help. At least you have something to help.

    By the way I wasn't suggesting that you were using or promoting the use of steroids for ME/CFS.
  10. kchase77

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    as I stated above and the adrenal cortex extract did nothing.

    So don't count steroids out...they work for me and I've seen they work for a lot of others on different forums.
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  11. IanH

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    I don't doubt that they will be doing wonders for you.
    Steroids are "wonder drugs" They are used for all manner of problems.

    However just because steroids help, does not necessarily mean there is an adrenal gland dysfunction.

    Also steroids are very damaging if taken long term. They make SLE worse. I don't know about the long term effects on ME/CFS or FM but I suspect that the long term effects are not good. For that reason I do count steroids out.
  12. kchase77

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    Ian, and I did a lot of research before deciding to take steroids.

    There is now a doctor who is treating CFS and fibromyalgia with hydrocortisone and I posted all the info on my original thread called Question about timing of cortisol doses. Read it and see the site and the doctor.

    Also, see the book by Dr. William Jeffries called Safe Uses of Cortisol. Less than 20mg per day is not unsafe nor is using it long term in small doses unsafe.


    This whole topic is how I found this board to begin with and there is another member here named Wayne using it for exactly the same purposes. His post and my research are exactly why I began using HC.

    I had to do this without a doctor's help because I do not have cash to see a doctor nor to pay Medicare deductibles, etc., but for those that do have the money to see a doctor then saliva testing is a good assessment of adrenal function and the adrenal cortex extract and HC are valid treatments.

    Mainstream medicine does not know all or want to know all...just whatever is profitable.