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    Thanks for the info.

    And.... I'll have to try some Preparation H on the yeast problem under the breasts. I wonder why this works?!?!?!?!!!! Strange!
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    Yes ,my husband found the answer. He used to have the same problem.
    He just put Nivea cream on before going to bed ,leaves it on all night.Then he washes it out with anti dandruff shampoo.
    After 2 nights his head is almost clean of this horrible stuff.
    I hope it will work for you too.
    Good luck.
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    Bartell Drug store sells the shampoo and conditioner. I paid around $5.95 each. Just started using the tea tree shampoo and conditioner. I am hopeful. I have flaky itchy scalp.
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    We all have sensitive skin in my house. My husband and son have both suffered from an ailment like you describe. My husband uses a scent and dye free body wash from Whole foods on his head and body. He says this helps him more than the tea tree shampoo I got him. My son and I both use a hypoallergenic, fragrance free shampoo by Naturelle that I get at Sally's Beauty supply. My son had a severe case of what I call 'cradle crap' and it has been gone for 5 months now and he isn't scratching his head anymore. It was so severe his scalp would bleed after the slightest brushing. I also have very coarse thick curly hair, so I have to use a deep conditioner twice a week. I use Say Yes to Carrots scalp and hair conditioner balm and really like it. It does not irritate my skin like other products. I cannot use most commercial products because the dyes/perfumes and other additives make my scalp and all skin it touches break out.

    Good Luck. I know how frustrating it is.
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    First of all ..... I don't know how this 2005 post got here, but I am glad people are still replying to it -- I need all the help and suggestions that I can get for this problem! I asked for help in 2005 and again just a few days ago in 2010, hoping new members might read it and have more suggestions for me since my problems have gotten worse! (I don't know where that post is!!)

    Thanks for all the replies.

    My scalp has gotten worse and I am SO TIRED of dealing with it!! When the crust on the scalp is softened up, after washing my hair in warm-to-hot water, I scrap it off my scalp. But this sometimes also takes the hide of my scalp (and hair) with it, and leaves a raw red scalp.

    So, maybe the medicated shampoos are irritating the scalp! I think I will try the suggestion of using all natural--fragrance free and dye free--shampoo and see if that helps.

    My hair is really fine and thin, but is long--like half-way down my back. I keep it long just so I can twist it up and clip it on top of my head so I don't have to fool with it. I used to keep it short and permed. But since getting this problem, I can't get a perm, so having it short is out of the question because it is just so flat and limp and looks like it's plastered to my scalp.

    But, by it being so long, it's hard to put a cream or lotion all over my scalp before bed because it creates such a mess. And ... it's hard for me to wash it in the bathroom sink the next morning because I can't stand up long nor bend over very long because of my back problems. Washing my hair is always such a painful process that I really dread but have to do often.

    Any more suggestions would be appreciated.


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    My son is almost 11 and he has cradle cap since he was born. Trying taking a comb when your shamping it will lossen with out scraping your scalp. Or use some oil like pink lady for your hair. You can find it in the aisle with the hair grease. put a small amout in your palm and rub it in to your scalp. Then take a comb and and gently lossen the crud. Just be sure to wash your hair afterwards. You are scraping to hard. Even a soft brisle brush would do better to lossen then comb out with a fine tooth comb, I use the lice combs to brush out after it been losened.
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    Olive Oil..
  8. Adult cradle cap is Seborrhoeic dermatitis. I have it. I hate it. I'll get flare ups every couple of years or when I'm stressed. You can lose hair with it. I do. Then I run to my dr for prescription shampoos and an ointment. I'll get thin areas on the sides and crown of my head. At my nap it will become baby butt smooth. Eventually I'll have less hair coming out each day and will see hair coming back in. It's a process yet it can make me cry and be upset. Some think there's a connection with it and a buildup of yeast in your body that can trigger it. Good luck.
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    thanks for the info
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    I started getting painful outbreaks of this when I was on biodentical hormones. Went to the skin doctor and she said it was from the hormones, which I stopped. I bought a psoriasis shampoo that contains salicylic acid in it, rather than the RX from doctor. You wash your head with it, leave it on for about 3 min. then wash off. It really helped clear this up. I occasionally still get this so out comes the shampoo.
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    It is possible to get fungus infections in the skin, and if this is true an Athletes Foot medication such as Tinactin will help until you can get to the dermatologist.

    If your mouth is full of white pasty stuff in the morning and your tongue is covered with it, you may have Candida overgrowth. In this case, taking both caprylic acid and Threelac probiotic will help. I got both items at Amazon and felt better in 2 days, although you have to keep it up for months or even years to keep the candida from growing back. Everybody has some Candida yeast, but after repeated courses of antibiotics it can take over and cause some very bad things to happen. Warning-----as Candida yeast dies, it releases toxins which can get you very sick temporarily with diarrhea and other efforts to get rid of it. This is a hassle but worth it to get rid of itchy spots, itching inside the ears, feeling groggy and punchy all the time, sudden roaring cravings for carbohydrates, and all the other things it can cause. Some doctors are informed about candida yeast overgrowth and others are not.