Has anyone had allergic reaction to B12 injection?

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  1. Sindy-Uk

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    I had B12 (Hydroxocoblamin 10000mg) daily for 12 days last September. I had no adverse reactions, but they did not help much with my fatigue. I had a few again in February.

    Last Friday, I decided to start again, so I would finish the ones I already had. I had the injection at 7.30pm. At 8pm I started having severe itching in my hands. My skin started feeling very hot. I looked at the b12 injections and realised they had expired 1 month before. By 8.20pm I got my self to Casualty. By this time all my face, neck, arms,hands feet were all swollen and bright red. All my body was shaking and my blood pressure had dropped considerably. I did not have problem with my breathing. They gave me the medications intravenously and the swelling started going down. I was back home 3 hours later. My hands are still a little swollen.
    The doctor there said that the fact the medicine had expired should not have been the cause of the reaction. He thinks I have just become allergic to the B12.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Has any one experienced this? I have been under a lot of stress though.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. pam_d

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    Wow, I'm glad you got through this! What an experience. I agree that the expiration date probably is not a factor; I think meds & supps actually last much longer than their expiration dates. I have never taken B-12 in shot form, but I wonder if it's the B-12 or the solution it's in??? I found out this year I have severe food allergies, and have had inhalant allergies my whole life; I know you can start at any time with a new allergy when you have previously NOT been allergic to it, so maybe that is the case for you. After what I've learned about allergies in the past year, I believe a person can be allergic to almost anything! But I would ask your doctor exactly what else (if anything) is in the B-12 solution, perhaps a preservative (?) so you can narrow down what may have happened.

    Good luck, I'm glad you are more or less OK!!

  3. Sindy-Uk

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    for your response. I am feeling much better at the moment. I cant exactly work out whether it really was the injection, or something else or a combination. I wonder if I should try again, may be a very small dose this time.

    Similar thing had happened about 6 years ago. I was doing very long hours at work and was under lot of stress. I thought I had got some insect in my clothes, because I was itching a bit. I showered, changed in to night clothes and went to sleep. I didn't feel anything at night. In the morning when I woke up I had swollen face, eyes, hands and feet. I went to the doctor next morning. He said if I did not have any problem with breathing, he did not need to give me anything. The swelling had come down in few days.
    Even then I could not work out what caused the reaction.

    Many thanks again

  4. tansy

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    Years before CFS I went into anaphylactic shock twice, on both occassions it was through agents given intraveneously. So now I avoid this approach whenever possible.

    My GP (PCP) was uncertain about B12 injections because my blood levels are at the high end of normal. So I use sublingual methylcobalamine (bet I've spelt it wrong) instead. It is said to be the from of B12 needed by the brain and to aid detoxification.

    I think it does help, it is not as expensive as many other supplements and I've been ok on it.

    Good luck

  5. kgg

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    It could be B12 or it could be the preservative in it. My son has to use preservative free B12 compounded. I would not suggest you "try" it again unless it is under a doctor's supervision in the office. Sounds like you have pretty good reactions, and typically reactions get worse the more we are exposed to the allergen. Even the pills could cause a problem. Talk to your doc about it.
  6. Sindy-Uk

    Sindy-Uk New Member

    for the advice. I think I will keep away from the injections for a while. I will try the sublingual ones instead.

  7. layinglow

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    After having begun B-12 injections, after one months time I had an adverse reaction. (I am unable to absorb B-12 in any other mode than injection, because of malabsorption issues (IBS, Leaky Gut), thus the injections.

    My reaction was as follows: I had severe burning, bright red raised skin, itching, but if I scratched it hurt, terrribly, like a burn. The pattern was not rash or hive looking, but an all over bright, raised, red on buttocks, perineum, pubis, stomach, back, down legs to my calfs, and a small amount on arms. It highest concentration was lower trunk (close to injection site on hip) To describe it as best I can, is to say I looked as if I had a chemical burn, or had been scorched in boiling water.

    I had begun my injections on an every other day basis. I was feeling so good I moved them to every day---this is where I made my mistake.

    I immediately discontinued the B-12 injections for a week and a half, until all signs of the reaction had disappeared.
    (I also discontinued every other med I could, with the exception of those in which quick withdrawal is contraindicated).

    After the reaction was gone, I started the B-12 again, but this time on the every other day, basis. I had read up and research vitamin B12 allergic reactions.

    I have been back on it for a week now, every other day, with no adverse reaction.

    I believe that what happened was I reached a toxic level, since it took a month to occur, and I had began dosing more frequently. I am going to try this route, and see if the build up occurs again, and if so I will increase the intervals between injections, and possibly lower the dose.

    I am not ready to give up on B12 Injections as of yet, as they have made a tremendous improvement in my fatigue.

    An Expiration date which has passed is an indication that the drug's potency, and effectiveness may be compromised.

    Best wishes, LL

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