Has Anyone Had an ELISA Blood Test?

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    I recently heard about an ELISA blood test. I don't know what the letters stand for, but it is a blood test to find out what foods you are allergic to.

    I read about it in a newspaper. A lady had written in and said she had this blood test done and found out that she had an internal yeast allergy, and that her body was reacting to many of the foods that she was eating. She changed her diet and lost over 45 pounds.

    I want to ask my doctor about it, but I want to find out a little about it before I ask. I am hoping that it might be able to show up something that might make me feel better.

    If anyone knows something about this blood test, please let me know!


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    It cost about $250.00, and insurance didn't cover it. He came back allergic to coffee, corn, black pepper, thyme, sesame oil, eggs and milk. He's had coffee twice in his life. Don't know where that allergy came from, maybe in utero. I know of another young man who it showed he was allergic to 22 foods!! So needless to say it can be a little discouraging. Most naturalpaths would think the ELISA test is ok, my son's pediatric gastroenterologist thought it was a joke.

    Dr. Tietelbaum's book, From Fatigue to Fantastic, says if you have this test done to only pay attention to the IGE results not the IGG.(page 178). He suggests using an elimination diet as the best approach to allergy identification.

    Have you read, The Food Allergy Cure, by Dr. Ellen Cutler?
    She suggests muscle testing and describes a test you can do on yourself to see if the food is something you should eat or not. She also describes the BioSET allergy elimiination technique, one you can do on yourself. I have treated my son, as she describes in the book. He is able to eat more foods than he used to, but can't tell if he is cured because he is on doxycycline for mycoplasm and he doesn't feel good right now.

    So that is my experience with this test and hope the info helps you decide what to do. Take care, Karen
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    Thanks so much for the info, it was very helpful!
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    This is quite similar to ELISA, shows food sensitivities, spices, preservatives (not true allergies). I did it on my own about $300 although some insurances cover it. I had great help from the staff by phone and try to follow the zones. Red zone--do not eat, yellow stay cautions and green; you can eat from anytime. The hardest for me is staying away from wheat--and yes it did show I was extremely senstive to Candida.
    I believe you can type in LEAP in a google search to find their website.