Has anyone had an MRI of there brain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fieldmouse, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Not exactly why my PCP decided to do this. She said because I have confussion, memery loss and ringing in my ears. She just wants to make sure nothing else is wrong. Anyone had this done??...Mick!!
  2. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    I had an mri of my brain a few years ago. I was having some speech problems...knew what I wanted to say but came out scrambled or backwards...found I had had a stroke.

    No lasting stroke effects, thank God.

    It was not bad. A large "tube" shaped thing, they slide you into and then proceed to bombard with noises. I guess that's what makes the images appear on the screen and films to show any changes in the brain. If I remember correctly, it took about an hour, start to finish.

    If you are concerned or are (brain fog)afraid of closed in places, (can't think of the word for that), ask your PCP for a mild sedative such as zanax, to take just before your appointment.

    Hope this helps and hope nothing is found.

  3. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    I had it done this morning. Probably took about 45 min. I was just not exactly sure why she wanted it done. If it is common for FM/CFS. Thanks ....Mick!!
  4. wendye

    wendye Member

    I have had two brain mri's and my doc was checking for MS. Hope it went well for you.

    Hugs Wendy
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  5. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    I had brain and neck MRI

    Brain was fine, found out I had compressed disc plus osteophytes in neck(took them 25 years to find this neck problem).

    MRI is not a test for FM or CFS. Your doctor is looking for something else.

    Cognitive problems are usual for CFS & FM, but doctors are usually totally unaware of this.

    I have tinnitus(ringing in ears), and believe it is from my neck issues.
  6. baanders

    baanders New Member

    The orthopedist requested it. I was so scared, I thought I might have a brain tumor. Please don't panic. Usually the worst things pop up in our minds as to what it can be. It turns out that it was an error in the MRI!

    As for you, drugs used to treat FM can cause confusion, memory loss and ringing in the ears. Perhaps you need to find the drug that is causing the confusion, in particular. Tell the pharmacist what drugs you are on...go in person so they can spend time with you. They can figure these things out better than the drs.

    don't worry be happy

  7. bellagirlc4

    bellagirlc4 New Member

    to get my doctor to order a mri for me but they say you have to have a reason to have it down so the insurance will pay for it. So my doctor says fibromyalgia isnt a good enough reason to order one. They just keep taking x-rays. I think one may help.
  8. cycling

    cycling New Member

    I have had several of the head and neck. looking for lesions. they thought i had MS The MRI's were over a period of 10 years.

    Good luck with the results. cycling
  9. suz45

    suz45 New Member

    Hi fieldmouse:

    I had one a few years back due to the fact that I have had a seizure disorder since age 13 and the neuro was trying to identify the if there was scarring due to the head injury.

    They didn't have MRI's so identifying where the seizures may be coming from was more difficult.

    Now they know and I have been seizure free for quite some time.

    Hope your doctor finds some answers for you.

  10. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    Yes, I had this done but nothing abnormal was found. You slide right into a 'tube' & are then given a panic button to press if you want to come out. There's an option of music if you don't want to listen to the loud banging noises.
  11. TerryS

    TerryS Member

    They were checking for MS. Thankfully, everything was completely normal on the MRI...I would think that would include no tumors, no aneurysms, etc.

    Hope yours turns out to be normal!

  12. Angel6801

    Angel6801 New Member

    They wanted to test me for few reasons, one was to see what causes my dizziness and headahces. They also to check to see if it was causes by MS. They did find two small lesions in my white matter. However it was too small so it was not enough eviedence for MS. Many times FM and MS has similar symptoms so, I think it always good idea for them to check out to make sure it not MS and other things.
  13. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Yes I do. My Neurologist prefers to have mine done every 4 years.

    My last MRI showed some white lesions on the front left lobe of my brain but he said this was normal. It really scared me at first but he assured me that even if he or his wife had them it wouldn't worry him.

    I would like to know though what causes them even though I have heard they come with age.

    Hope all goes well.

  14. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    I appreciate all your help....Will let everyone know when I get results. Sounds like just something they do to make sure we still have a brain...LOL....yep...a vet could do that!!!...Hugs...Mick!!
  15. puddin827

    puddin827 New Member

    I had one done and they found white lesions and said that is common with people that have migraines and MS, they didn't rule out MS but I do get migraines.

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