Has anyone had APA Assey test?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puffy1, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I came across this info about a test for Fibromyalgia call AFAA or APA Assay test, does anyone know about this test weather it is reliable or not?

    It test for anti polumer antibodies in the blood and it says that most people that have fibro test positive for these antibodies.

    I looked up the test online and it says itsbeen found in women who have frequent miscarriages. But that it is also found in people who have fibro.

    I looked through my records but did not see anything that said APA or AFAA.

    so I was wondering if anyone here has had taht test done??

  2. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    good question trishhicks:

    Whish I had a good answer was hoping maybe somebodys doctor had given them this test so I could ask my doc.

    OH well guess it is too much to ask lol.

    maybe somebody here has heard of it or has had it.

  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I just bumped 2 posts, by who I can't remember. Imagine that. Forgot that quick. Anyway, you can also search for two posts by me, elliespad, Titled

    "This test was reported in 1999 in the Journal of Rheumatology" 05/06/05 and then

    " This must be the test" ! 05/06/05

    They were in one of the posts I bumped. Think I better go to bed early, my brain is fading.

  4. sydneysider

    sydneysider Member

    You can find information about this at the autoimmune web site, and the corgenix web site.

    Apparently it has been available in the UK for some time. I believe that it went for FDA approval in the US, but I've never heard that it was approved.

    Also check out the post Blood Test For FM by Brit_17759....I'll give it a bump

    I haven't noticed any posts from anyone who's had this test done. It seems a bit of a mystery.
  5. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    Thank you Robyn:

    Yes it does seem to be a bit of a mystery, a mystery I whish I could solve the most recent info I found was in 2004 so I don't think it has gained recognition yet as a good test for fibro.

    I hope somebody here has more knowledge about it.


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