Has Anyone Had Blackouts

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Reg1, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Reg1

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    Hi Everyone, Lately i have been experiencing short blackout spells, it started about 2 months ago. The first and 2nd one i really ignored and thought maybe it was fatigue. But then last week i had one , hit one of my tps on the back of the head, of course went into a flare after that. Today, i think i was trying to consume to much stuff into the brain, got really irritated, before i knew it i was on the floor. All i can remember is, i was walking towards the wall oven, felt a little dizzy for a second lost control and was on the floor. Thank God hubby was in the kitchen when it happened. I could tell he was really frightened. Now im still sort of weak and of course in pain. If anyone has, please respond. Thanx Guys (((((((Gentle Hugs))))))Regina PS. It seems to happen when im stressed of overloaded or overdone.
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    I don't mean to worry you, but I do want to strongly encourage you to speak with/see a doctor. It could be so many things, but it's definitely not normal, or to be ignored.

    Good luck,
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    Hi Reg1: I getting to that point as we speak. I haven't slept well again over the past 2 months, but haven't slept for more than 2 hours straight for over 2 weeks. Called doc to ask for Klonopin, but she prescribed Restoril instead. Have also tried Ambien, Flexeril, Noritriptalene with no results. I have been so tired (but feel wired also) that I can't think and REALLY feel out of control mental/balance wise. I just called the doc and am waiting for her call, but I just really feel strange. I'm almost positive it's from not sleeping, but it seems to be worse on the Restoril. Stress level with this has been super high and I am trying to do a med transcrip course on-line so I can work from home, but can't think well enough this last week or so to even to that. I feel a combo of groggy, mentally extremely tired, mentally "wired", and can't "process" thoughts. Sorry to vent, but your "overload" expression rings a bell with me. Hope you feel better. I've been to all neuro, etc., but you should definitely be under doc care with this. Best wishes!
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    orthostatic hypotension/orthostatic intolerance/neurally-mediated hypotension (and I think a couple more names for essesntially the same thing). Lots of us suffer from it. I haven't blacked out from it, but sometimes feel like I'm going to (I especially feel stupid when I'm light-headed sitting down!). Increasing my water intake really helped mine, but I still sometimes have it. Other people needed meds or something.

    You can maybe check prior messages. The abbreviations are OH, OI, NMH, POTS, and whatever else. I think you'll have the best luck on NMH and POTS.
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    but now I can't leave the house. It happens or wants to happen at least once a day. It started for me at the end of June when I was in a plane (my first holiday since I got sick 1 year ago). The stewardess found me on the floor - can't remember a thing. Happened again 2 days later - I was having a conversation with my huband while he was driving and then I was unconscious for over 1 minute again. I have absolutely no warning when these will happen. Sometimes I am actully lying on my right side and I pass out. I even think it happens while I sleep...

    I have just seen my neurologist who suspects seizures, but as I have had no obvious seizure symptoms except palpitations. I'm getting all the usual tests and a EKG.

    This is honestly the scariest thing that has happened to me since I got sick. I want someone with me all the time and they think I'm geting paranoid....

    so reg1 write back and let me know how you are doing. Passing out is not something to be taken lightly, no matter how silly it may seem to you to pursue it.

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    I agree that you should make your doctor aware of this immediately. I have low blood pressure and certain things make me feel faint. It was much worse as a teenager when I would pass out in churches, malls and when putting my hands over my head.

    Is there pain associated with this that could be severe enough to cause it. The last period I had before my daughter was born was so excruciating that I passed out while driving an ran off the road.

    Until you get def answer fro doc, try changing positions vey slowly (standing to sitting, sitting to laying down, etc.)

    good luck
  7. ozgran

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    I had a bad night sleepwise last night. Had a tradesman here for a couple hours this am and then had to go up the street and I nearly "hit the deck" in a shop. Had to fight like mad to stay with it. Had another appointment and didn't get home for another couple of hours and am now headachy and very stiff and sore in the muscles. Had to take painkillers. I have BP prob's but they are under control. I know this is part of the FM when I am overtired.Love Ozgran
  8. pv

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    I had blackouts which I felt first in my jaw very briefly . Ieventually stsrted blacking out. At first the Dr. felt this was not apart of fyb.So i went to another and he said the same thing but he gave me trileptal. Wonder drug. I was on it about a year and a half and then went off of it.I have done very well, but this week i started having them again so I am going back on the drug. Good luck
  9. Momskelleygirl

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    I have had three (major blackouts, at least in my opinion) in the last two years, The first actually lasted the longest. Iwas with my mom and dad, and the next morninf I woke up at my best friends house, to this day I donot remember How, or Why, or When all this took place. I just remember being in the van with my mom, dad, and my friend, then waking up in my friend's house.. The Next one I had I was walking down the four steps of our porch but somewhere from the top of the porch and the bottom, I blacked out, and was layinf on the cement for about three minutes, until someone finally got worried and went outside to check on me. he last one was actually the worst, because it also injured my mom. I was at the top of those same steps, blacked out, went backwards and fell right onto my mother who went down with me. In that instance we both ended up going to emergency, me because I take coumidin for blood clotting, and hitting my head, could be very serious. Her because she is 78 and we need to be sure she didn't break anything (I am a good sized person) we both walked out dx with concussions, and neck braces.
    My dr. says that it could be thefms,or all of the meds. She couldn't find anything else wrong, but you shuld get it checked ou.
    I have had other blackouts, but they are just a few seconds to minutes long, where nothing really happends. Hard to explain.
    Your Dr, should know about yours.
  10. patchwork

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    but it was due to palpitations. I turned out to have myocarditis -inflammation on the heart-and my heart was so out of rhythmn that the blood wasn't getting to my brain. Maybe you should get a 24 hour E.C.G- holter monitor, just to check......
  11. cara

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    I had these blackouts too, worked out it was always due to mental and physical overload/stress. Always worse when I had overdone it. Also used to happen more frequently around my period. From out of the blue I used to come over in this awful hot sweat, dizziness and then just blackout. I used to feel really tired and weak after.

    God bless. love and light

  12. Reg1

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    You guys are great, thanks for the responses so far, have a Drs. Appt next week, will let you know what they say. This is just the wierdest thing, cause it really doesnt last long and then your ok. Well except the last one i stayed weak for a while. ((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))Regina
  13. Ahorsesoul

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    As a nurse, I suggest going straight to the doctor after a black out like this. This is the time when an exam would show the most. A week later, your body has regrouped from what took place.
  14. kredca4

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    This is not a good thing to be having, Blackout's can be caused by so many thing's.
    To wait a week, is unexceptable, if you have another one, go to the ER or call the Dr. and tell them that you need to be seen right now.

    I've had Blackout's, but they were caused from something other than the FMS, so don't just chalk it up to it being just another Symptom.

    Will keep you in my Prayer's, and hope to see a Post that say's, your just fine, Real soon.

    Remember; He who Hesiates,. is lost, or something like that. We have a tendency to not , want to Bother our Dr'.s, for a lot of reason's, but you have to make sure.
    Remember FMS does Mimic(?) other condition's, so it's better to be safe than sorry.
  15. Reg1

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    Again thanks for responses, Ahorsesoul and Kredca you both suggest to go directly after. My husband has an appt tomorrow, if i can get in with him, will it be to late,or just wait for another episode. Hope you guys read this. (((((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))) Regina
  16. sharon28

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    iam so happy to here iam not the only one that has had a black out. i do not remember a least 3days prior to a big flare up, i went shopping had my daughters room painted and continued on with other chores. my voice was hoarse and then i had a bad viris and put on ant-biotics. i was bed ridden for 8days. and in a terrible fog. i was doing everything up side down. the house was a mess, i could not lift my arms to wash hair. i was so week for a long time after. when i finally came out of it, i rememebered i did not remember about 3 days prior to all of this. it scared me to death. i will be dicussing it with my doctor on monday. i think i get so many things going on at the same time, i overload my brain and i shut down. i tend to be very speedy, then crash. i don;t know anymore, i am so fed up with it all, it is all one thing after another with this.
  17. LauraLea

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    My husband was having these spells a few years ago, and when we went to the dr. his blood presure was so low they rushed him to the hospital. He ended up having a pacemaker put in and he isn't even that old.

    Now of course this may not be what you need, but it's important to find out what's going on. It can be very dangerous to let it go, and not to say if you drive what might happen.

    Please get to a doctor ASAP

  18. jadibeler

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    My mother used to just fall to the ground, no warning. It could happen anywhere. She couldn't get up right away and was very foggy, sometimes in bed. It could happen when she was sitting, standing, walking, probably during sleep as well. She had had severe migraines all her life (and FM) but and her idiot neurologist told here it was more of the same. So I don't know how long it went on before I moved in with her (left husband) and found out what was going on. I took her to another neurologist, he did a PET scan and found that she was having nonconvulsive seizures. After she got on Dilantin, they stopped.

    OK, now me. I don't have any no-warning blackouts but suddenly my eys will go out of focus (feels like my eyes are crossing). If I don't shake my head to clear it (for a few seconds) my vision will triple (one on top of the other) and then nothing. Unfortunately, this happens when I'm driving, usually. I don't think I'm "out" that long, I'm still driving along when I come to again, so it must be only for a few seconds. I get off the road as soon as I can and walk around. Seems to clear up then. I'm often tired or stressed out at the time but not always.

    I've had an MRI (not for this) and nothing was shown but the neurologist said the episodes of "gaping" (staring off into space with no awareness) sounded like seizures.

  19. contessa

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    I don't know what I've been having..stopped driving because I would be looking for my turnoff and find I'd already arrived at my destination! Have had several days where I've lost 6 hours, just couldn't tell you what or where they went. But I haven't physically fallen over or passed out. Driving really scares me now, because I was lucky on autopilot. What is a kid had walked into the road, would I have seen them? Docs keep mentioning seizures as well but no one has tested me yet. Would probably come back negative as well, everything else I've taken comes back normal.
  20. LeslieG

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    I think I may have had a few waking blackouts (I think that's what some of you have said you have had) where I don't remember what has happened over a period of time.

    A friend of mine, growing up, would go off into a blinking stare and did a little thing with her mouth (hard to explain, but almost like licking your lips). Many many years later they discovered she had epilepsy and that was how it presented when she was young.

    I also have short term (hours up to a day or two) memory loss after a migraine. It really sucks at work!

    I haven't really been worried - yet.

    Hope you find out what's going on! be safe!

    = ) Leslie