has anyone had Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT)?

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    My doc recommended it for me & I already looked it up on Yahoo. I'm wondering if anyone here had this test, and what type of information it might be able to give.

    The other test she ordered is a Darkfield blood test.

    This is all after a year and a half with CFS and I've been through just about every other test you can think of. I guess she's hoping to find more details to help my treatment.

    Please let me know if have any info on these.

    thanks so much,
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    I have recommended Thermography to many people in my support group as the cheapest and less invasive test to prove something is wrong for disability purposes. I did not have it myself, having already had the much more expensive polysomnogram (sleep test). Thermography is usually an x-ray like procedure done on the most painful part of your body, usually the upper body in FMS. It shows up areas of abnormal pain very distinctly, so I used to tell folks to change their appt. if they were having an esp. good day and make sure they went on a bad pain day.
    Dark field blood test? It sounds to me like Dark ElectronMicroscopy, which I have had done numerous times. You will be able to see your blood cells and anything else in your blood magnified many times. It is very interesting and what I saw was horribly scary. It caused me to take my doctor's suggestions seriously (a picture being worth 1,000 words) and stop eating all sugars immediately. I was rewarded by a vast improvement that was easily seen when the test was repeated 2 mos. later. It is done by pricking your finger and taking a drop of blood which is then put on a slide. The slide goes under the microscope and the magnified picture is transmitted to a TV screen. I am very surprised that a regular doc would recommend this, and you are very lucky to have found someone like that. I had mine done by a Naturopathic doc as regular docs do not usually believe in it.
    Hope this helps, Klutzo
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    thanks for the info Klutzo!
    I do have a really great doctor! She is so thorough, and always open to learning new things. She's also holistic, which is probably why she is the best person to deal with this illness. My primary care physician is also wonderful, and he is glad I found the holistic doc & he likes to be included & kept up-to-date on my testing & treatments.

    I'm currently receiving weekly IV treatments with vitamins, minerals & some homeopathic meds. I'm also getting weekly B12 shots at home, and taking many supplements in addition to an anti-viral, thyroid meds, and anti-anxiety.

    I can't wait to find out more info from these upcoming tests. I'd love to reach a point when I can reduce the amount of needles I get, and to reduce the amount of pills I take. Until then, I'm glad that they're keeping me at a level that I can function at least a couple of hours a day!

    take care,
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    Hi Lea,
    The office I was sent to for the CRT is in Rhode Island. My holistic doc is in Newton, MA. What state are you in?

    I think this is a test that many holistic doctors would know about. Also many holistic dentists use it.

    Let me know if you want more info on where I was referred.

    take care,
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    please send me an email at mgobiel@hotmail.com so I can reply to you. Let me know if you just want to info on the CRT office, or if you also want to know about the doc who is treating my CFS in Newton. Are you currently working with a holistic doc?

    please write "lea from the CFS message board" in your subject line so I know it's not junk mail. My hubby & I always delete the junk mail without looking at it. Thanks!

    take care,
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    bump for lea

    Pam :)