has anyone had cortizone injections!

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  1. poppy34

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    hi everyone this is poppy . thankyou for responding to my message.i dont no what i would do with out you guys. i have a question. ive had bad pain;swelling in my knee for a week. the dr.said to use heat then cold and rest leg for 1week . if not better then he will give me cortizone shot in my knee. im sooooo scared . i dont like needles. he said there is only a chance this will work. i have sever fibro . i take 2ultram every 4hours. please respone.the dr wanted to wait to use shots last thing he can do .
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    I had cortizone injections to my elbow. While it did help the pain at the time, I learned afterward that it is actually more damaging in the long run because the cortizone stays where it's put and can form hardened lumps which in turn may cause more pain later,(and possibly some deformity)

    Get all the pro's and con's before deciding. I certainly wouldn't want you to be worse off than you are now.

    Try the heat/cold thing for now...nothing like a bag of frozen peas on a sore/swollen body part!!

    Take care
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    In my honest opinion, I have to tell you i would not recommend them. I had so many that i am now a cripple because of them i believe. And so don't most Doctors' ihave seen. i don't know exactly what the situation is with your knee but use it only on your very last resort and don't have more then one. That would be my advise to you Poppy.
    Take care and i wish you the best of luck with your troubles.
  4. bre_ann

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    several in my foot, 2 in my knee and 2 in my hip. I had the foot and the knee done before I knew anything about the problems with cortisone. I talked to my rhuematolgist about my concerns and he said that it was okay to get them, if needed, every 4 months. Supposedly what they inject is lidocaine and a small amount of cortisone. Anyway, if I can't take the pain in my hip, I go ahead and get the shot but I've only had two and I've been seeing him for about a year and a half. They usually help my pain immediately and it will last 6 months or longer.
    I will say, the shots I've had were quite painful to get but it did eliminate the overall pain.
    Hope I haven't confused you more.
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    Well, I think it should be in our quiver of weapons against this DD. I have had a number of cortizone injections over the years -- 2 for shoulder "bursitis" (later diagnosed as FMS), one in my heel (ouch!) for chronic inflammation that would not respond to other treatments, and then two times when my shoulders and neck absolutely locked up on me and I was in tears (unusual for me) with pain and near-migraine- level headache agony, my DO gave me *6* one day the first time around and *4* the second time around (about a year later), across my shoulders and up my neck. In every case but the foot, I got relief -- and relief is what I needed. When you need it, you need it, pure and simple.
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    If I am unsure of something I go to the library and look it up.
    I do this for a new treatment, injection and especially a change of meds. I have found this very reassuring and informative.
    I have been getting injections for 8 years now. Steriods only every 6 months. Regular injections (combination freezing and other goodies) to help relieve the pain. Lasts for a couple of weeks then wears off. I take any and all relief I can get.
    Lately I have been of the mind that if I don't try it, that could be the answer to my prayers and I missed it.
    Actually I should correct myself. I personally went to the library prior to having my laptop. Now I hunt around in here.
    Don't be so quick to dismiss it, check it out.
    Hope this helps you............basket21
  7. Mikie

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    I would never allow a doc to give me a general low-dose shot again; that was before I knew better and before diagnosis.

    I did have one in my foot for a neuroma and it pretty much cured it. I've had two, a year apart, for costo chondritis and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My costo was sooooo bad that I couldn't sleep and the pain was radiating down my arm and out my back.

    Love, Mikie