Has anyone had foot or toe surgery?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jul 6, 2007.

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    I injured my big toe in a bad fall 6 years ago, over the years the joint has grown and grown. It is at least 3 times bigger than my left foot. I can not wear my dress shoes that I have had for many years.

    It has become unbearable and walking is putting stress on my leg and back because of the way I have to walk. I can't stand on my toes or bend it to walk correctly.

    So I have been reseraching things that they can do. I want to know if anyone has had this surgery and how long it took to recoup.

    I have a appt on Tues with a new Dr at the pain clinic for my back issues and my foot too. I had a bone scan and it showed damage to the toe. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Carla
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    I have had tailor's bunyons removed from both feet. They are on the outside of the foot by the little toe and are named tailor's because of the way tailors used to sit on the floor with their legs crossed and put pressure on that area of the foot.

    Mine were caused by a boney protrusion that I was born with. The surgery was minor and I was back on my feet in no time. The surgery was less trouble than the times I had to go in and have the bursas drained and cortizone shots!

    My DH had an old injury to his big toe. Over the years it got worse and worse. When he had surgery they scrapped a lot of calcium deposit off the bone and put screws in to fuse the joint. The pain is less but it took him a while to get used to walking with a big toe that doesn't bend. He was back in his work boots with in about a week with much less pain than before the surgery.

    See a pediatrist. It's worth it to have a good pediatrist if you need surgery.


    Choose joy!
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    First of all ck...your puppy pix is so cute! I need to post one of my three "fur-babies"!!

    But since this topic has come up...has anyone had surgery for a neuroma?? I have this bad on my left foot and need to eventually have the surgery done. I live in flip-flops - these are the only shoes that I can wear (and believe me...I LOVE shoes!!).
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    I knew I could count on you guys. Bean sounds like I need what your DH had. The bone is so big because of the arthritis, I have RA and Osteo so don't know which one has affected the joint.

    When I use to take my mom to the foot Dr to get her feet worked on, she is a diabetic, he looked at it then and said I would have to have surgery. That was 3 years ago and it has only grown more.

    I can barely bend it now, I can't imagine having a screw in there and be able to walk with out bending it.

    Puppylv, what a cute name. The puppy is not mine. It is being neglected by my neighbors, they don't beleive in vets, shots or training. It has been a big issue lately. That is a whole other story. Please post your pics of yours tho.

    I have 2 dogs and a kitty, they are my "kids" and would never let them suffer, locked in a filthy pen days on end with no attention.

    Dianne, thank you- I fogot you had the puppies, please post a pic if you can. I sent you a email, let me know if you get it.

    Linda thanks too, glad you were able to pass with flying colors. Hopefully Tues I will know more. I am sure the pain clinic will refer me to a foot Dr. They are mainly going to try to treat my thoracic spine. I am missing a disk, showed up on my bone scan and xray. So it may be 2 surgeries, problem is-which one first???

    Thanks again-Carla