Has anyone had IV oxygenative therapy/ H2O2/DMSO treatments?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jole, Oct 13, 2008.

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    I have tried everything out there for my FM, and had gotten to the point of being mostly housebound. Meds have not seemed to make any difference and with all the side effects I want to get off them. I heard about this and decided it would be my last big adventure at healing.

    Well, the therapy caused a 3 day migraine and such severe all-over muscle pain for nearly 2 weeks that the doc thought I might have Lyme. I really don't think it is after reading up on it. But I DO know I had one terriffic herx...the worst I've ever experienced....even antibiotics have not caused such a reaction.

    The treatments are expensive for me and although I feel by cutting the amount of IV back per treatment they could be beneficial, I can't continue forever due to cost.

    Just wondered if anyone else had tried this, and what results did you have?? I was sooo excited to try it, and now have given up...once again! Thanks for any replies****Jole****
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    Just bumping for info......thanks!
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    Have you tried the amino acid l-carnitine? There are many published studies that show it helps improve walking distance, helps lower lactic acid levels (thus reducing pain), and even helps with anemia in some cases.

    It's definitely helped me be able to walk a lot further, and the effects take only about 3-4 days to kick in. I take 500mgs, 2 times a day. And some studies suggest higher doses.

    It's not super cheap, but definitely cheaper than oxygen therapy. Plus, you can get it cheap online....

    Just my two cents,


    p.s. a cheaper form of oxygen therapy would be slow, deep breathing. Perhaps that might help, but without the 'herx'. Also, on another board, a woman who had been sick for 9 years -- when she last posted -- was doing a lot better putting a few drops of H202 in her water every day. Sounds too good to be true, but it was working for her.
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    Thanks for the info. Yes, I had read about the breathing technique, but not until after I had 3 treatments already. It's interesting how adding the H2O2 can make a difference, and I would have never thought about drinking it.....

    As for the DMSO, I know it was used quite a few years ago, but didn't know it still was until this doc recommended it. They also added a mega dose of vit C and a shot of the B complex. Altogether, it sounded promising.

    When I had such a bad herx and couldn't make the trip back over for the next treatment, they suggested I take a Predpak...said it would help the pain. I told them the whole purpose was to get off my pills, not to add more. Boy, by the 4th day I really was rethinking my decision, but finally am feeling better.

    Anyway, thanks for the info, and I will still work toward my goal of supplements vs. meds, but it is a struggle with no insurance and no medicare for 5 more months.****Jole****

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