Has anyone had pain in fingers Help

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    Has anyone ever had pain in thier fingers .But worse when they wear rings? My fingers hurt so bad but alot worse when I try to wear my rings there not cheap there10kt or 14kt I don't understand this DD And if so how do you find relief. HELP!!Ican't write It hurts to type. Thank you for listening Brenda
  2. Shirl

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    Yes, I do get pain in my hands, and it runs through my fingers at times. But I also have mild arthritis in four of my fingers, two on each hand.

    What could be causing the problem with the jewelery is that your system is too acidic, that would turn the fingers greenish/black where they rings are.

    You could be allergic to the alloys that they mix with the gold too. I can't wear 10K, it will turn my finger green within an hour, not enough gold, I gave all 10K to my daughter, earrings also will cause a problem .

    I have to have 14 to 22K in rings and earrings. Necklaces/bracelets do not matter. Maybe because they are not tight to the skin.

    I do not wear rings to bed, my hands swell just enough during the night that it will cause my fingers to hurt and itch in the morning. I only wear them to go out. Not even a wedding band.

    Try soaking your hands in peroxide and epson salts, that should help the pain. Just a half cup of eposon salts and a half bottle of peroxide in about a gallon or more warm water. Thats what I do. Pain in the behind to do this, but it does help.

    If mine get too bad, I will rub them with natural vitamin E and put cotton cosmetic gloves on over night. It helps too.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. TinysMom

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    Good Morning---Yes, I have been having pain in my fingers alot lately---mostly in my index finger and thumb of my left hand. I am very right handed, so this surprised me. It is between the joints, in the bone. I find most of my 'unusual' pains come and go, lasting about 3 to 5 days at a time and coming about every 2 to 3 months. I kept a journal for several months and was surprised at
    the 'schedule' they kept. I also have severe pain in my right jaw line, and in my teeth. I can chew on them, but brushing and just running my tongue over them can hurt, this too comes and goes. When they are at their worst, even chewing causes discomfort, I have had xrays at the Dentist, and they find nothing. My glands on that side get very sore too.
    Anyway, I just wanted you to know you are not alone.
    One more thing, I have found one of the hardest things to accomplish is getting my family to REALLY understand what I am going thru. I have spent 9 months trying to educate them as best I can (and thank Heaven for this sight, I get most of my info here), I think they may finally be getting the message.
    So, I wish you happy days with less pain and Gentle Hugs. Tinysmom
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    i have achy fingers especially in the morning when i wake up. feels like i think arthritis would feel like. they hurt so bad i can't close my hands. it gets better as the day starts and i move them a bit. also, very sharp burning pain on fingers/hands when i lift up a coffee cup for example. now that pain is only there when small pressure is exerted. and i mean small.

    so if i make a fist now....fingers still painful especially the knuckles.or then theres the wrist.....:(

  5. Betsy2

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    but my both of my hands hurt also. Some days I wonder if rheaumatoid arthritis may be setting in.
  6. AnitaQuiles

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    Hello. I am very familiar with what you have described..it happens at all times of the day. Sometimes it is worse at night after a long day. Sometimes it is so bad that I can't hold stuff in my hands. For me what works is massaging my fingers, and sometimes I apply heating pad..it helps me a lot. I apply Icy Hot,(got it at WalMart), and it helps some too. Also I bought a sort of like a hand/brace. It is not the one for carpal tunnel, but one that is specifically for people who do repetitive motions with the hands....I bought it at Walgreens....check it out. It really helped me. I take Ultracet for pain, (prescription), and it works for that pain too. Maybe it is time you see a specialist who can order xrays of your bones. I know for a fact that I am 40, but already have osteo in many parts of my body thanks to a bone scan that was done a while ago. (I am not sure if they call it "contrast", but they injected something before the test). The test does not hurt either. Maybe tell your doctor you want one done; many times if we don't ask, they will not order anything. Take care, and feel well soon. your Fibro friend from the south USA.
  7. chknmama

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    I have pain in my fingers also.But I have carpel tunnel in both hands.They hurt so bad and also are numb and swollen.I cant wear any rings.I am having surgery next week on my left hand then 3 weeks later the right.Have you given any thoughts to this?
    Good Luck To You
  8. Lendi

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    That sometimes we just wear them out. LOL Yup, I have pain in my fingers as well. It sounds as though you may be allergic to the gold in your rings. Do your fingers only hurt if you wear them? Or, do they just hurt worse? Makes you wonder if you're having an allergic reaction to them.
  9. JP

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    I have painful hands and fingers. It is worse in the AM. I gave up on rings about 5 years ago. Sometimes I will massage them with some type of healing sauve. It helps. I push the swelling out and break up scar tissue.

    Hope you hands get better...Jan
  10. AnnG

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    My hands and fingers just ache! I bought some Emu Oil (arthritis formula) at the Farmer's Market. I carry a small bottle in my purse and massage it in whenever my pain gets overwhelming. It does seem to help! Plus, it has wintergreen oil in it so I smell minty fresh!
  11. mamafrey

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    I have shooting pain that goes out the tips of my fingers. My neurologist said its neuropathy. I get it in my toes to. I use this blue stuff from walmart that works pretty good. Good Luck to you, mama
  12. Dara

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    and mornings are usually the worse. I have arthritis in both hands so don't know it it's arthritis or FMS, or a combination. In the mornings I sometimes can't even hold or lift a cup or glass, or worse yet, can't open the prescription bottle for pain meds.

    I also get what the doctor told me is "nerve pain", it's a shooting, stabbing, type of pain that starts from the top of my hand down into the finger tip, have also been getting the same in my feet. The nerve pain comes on very fast and does not last long, it's the type of pain where I just "freeze", waiting for it to stop.

  13. Eve612

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    Yes, I have pain in my right thumb joint. Carpal Tunnel or Arthritis was suspected, but that proved wrong, so it is now diagnosed as "inflamation". When it started it was so severe, I had to wear a glove & I started taking extra vitamin B-6 & it went away, but as of today, it has returned with a vengenance, so guess it's back to the glove....