Has anyone had Radio Wave Ablation?

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  1. I suffer from chrroonnic back pain. The pain Dr. has tried and tried shots. We are now going to try radio wave ablation. Has anyone had this..and did it work for you??
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    I have had Radio Frequency Ablation several time for cervical and lumbar problems with very good success until the last time. It wasn't that I didn't have good results because of the procedure as I was doing quite well after 4 days, then I fell not only backwards but also forward (one week apart). Getting ready for another round on the 16th and 18th of May and can't wait. This time I am going to be more careful and pay careful attention on my walking.
    I do recommend it.
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  3. I was doing fair w/them til I had to switch dr's...the new hit & messed up my sciatic nerves..on BOTH sides! Then didn't seem to really bother him & couldn't get them to really do anything about it. I was MISERABLE! That was March 2011..& I'm still having some problems w/the nerves. My Chiropractor couldn't believe what the Dr had done. THAT DR WILL NOT TOUCH ME AGAIN! I'm now desperate to find another one b4 my meds run out..but now DHS has messed up my medicaid that pays the portion that Medicare doesn't..so can NOT see another DR til DHS gets their rear in gear & straightens it out! I can't c anyone but the chiro right now..cause he doesn't charge me what Medicare doesn't pay. He is a God send! My chiro Dr has also said I need to get a steriod shot n my right shoulder.
    Sorry about the fall...I did that too..stepped back..didn't know the dog was there..aaanndd ddooowwnn I went! I twisted & fell sideways landing on my right shoulder & hip..W/OUT MY PHONE(I now make SURE my phone is on me ALL the time..I hv a really SMALL jean purse that I kp slung across me if I don't hv pockets). I of course un-did what the previous DR. had done + what I had done to my back n Dec. Now this Dr DOES THIS TO ME!! I now feel like my back is SSOOO messed up!! I can't walk my dog anymore & use a rollator all the time.
    I wish u both well!!
    (please forgive my loonng windiness..lol)
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    Maybe it was the doctor's attitude. The nurses treated him like he was some sort of Universal Savior and I was so VERY lucky to have him. He said that I could not have any pain medications, that I must be awake and alert. I didn't even rate a local injection for the epidural site. He just jammed a huge needle in my back and it felt like I was struck by lightning. I screamed and the nursed jammed a TOWEL in my mouth! I passed out from pain. Then I was being shaken and the nurse was slapping me and telling me to get up and go home. My husband had not been allowed to be with me, but as I shuffled to the waiting room slowly, he ran to me and I collapsed again. He asked the nurse what in the heck had they done to me, and the nurse said "Oh, she just can't tolerate pain well. Not a good patient." My husband was livid, and even more so when he found out what had happened.

    I had a cortisone injection about 6 months ago, and although it really helped with pain, I can't do them because they send my blood sugar levels dangerously high. Sometimes I feel like an old car - the minute you fix one thing, something else falls apart! LOL!
  5. I DO HOPE U CHANGED DR'S!! They DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!! My Dr gives me not only a local...but also something n the iv that puts me to sleep for a little bit.
    1 Dr. I tried using tho...apparantly hit the sciatic nerves on both. OH WHAT PAIN! I was ssoo miserable! but even he used the same procedure. I asked to b switched to 1 of the other Dr's. I like this 1..but he decided to do a different proceedure...& it didn't work...NOW...I am moving w/no change of getting back n2 him first to try something else.

  6. This last Dr. decided to try an epidural on me...why I don't know...wish he had stuck to the Radio Wave A. The epidural....didn't do me any good. now w/moving I don't hv a change for him to try something else.


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