Has anyone had the steroid shots?

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  1. Dara

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    Maybe this is off the normal subject here but I am curious if anyone has had the steroid injections and what, if any reactions did they have? My daughter started the series for spinal stenosis but they stopped the series because of side affects. Do you know how long the steroid, or is it cortizone, that stays in your system? She has not only had physical reactions from it, but mentally something has really changed. Extremely aggitated, irritated, irrational,anger, frustration, can't concentrate. Any answers I would appreciate, I'm worried.

  2. Dara

    Dara New Member

    Maybe this is off the normal subject here but I am curious if anyone has had the steroid injections and what, if any reactions did they have? My daughter started the series for spinal stenosis but they stopped the series because of side affects. Do you know how long the steroid, or is it cortizone, that stays in your system? She has not only had physical reactions from it, but mentally something has really changed. Extremely aggitated, irritated, irrational,anger, frustration, can't concentrate. Any answers I would appreciate, I'm worried.

  3. Mikie

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    Steroids do not leave the system. They can produce horrible side effects and that is why they are reserved for the most serious of illnesses or used only when pain is so great that one cannot sleep.

    I have had a couple of localized injections for very painful conditions which would not allow me to sleep in one case and to walk in another.

    Talk to the doc about what is happening.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Dara

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    the only thing I can do right now is print this off and show it to her, of course that will make her mad at me but I can't help that right now. I remember I took predizone once for a respitory problem and I told my doctor I would "never" take it again. I felt really wierd, like I wasn't really here, and also went without sleeping for several nights. Thanks again, if I find out anything I'll let you know.

    I can't express enough how much I love this Board. I have a question, and you guys come right back with either an answer, a suggestion, or some encouragement. There are times I just read the posts and even though I would like to comment I don't because I'm just not feeling up to it., I will try and do my part in the future with trying to offer the same you all have for me.

    Hope I haven't rambled, it's 8:00am here, I couldn't sleep because the rain and hail are hitting the house so hard sounds like the roof is going to fall in. The change in the weather is killing me today.

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    I've only ever had one cortisone shot for my shoulder, I did not get any side effects..But that doesn't mean anything..Every one is different and our bodies react differently to things..
    I know when you take an oral steroid for long periods of time like Prednisone, it will affect your body for quite awhile..I had to take high doses of Prednisone for autoimmune hepatitis for 6months...WOW..I didn't get as bad as some people do, but couldn't sleep, felt weird at times..The drs. always told me to inform any dentist or anyone else treating me within a year after stopping to tell them I had taken high doses of prednisone..
    Just taking a "WILD GUESS" here, I would say an injection of a steroid would stay in your system for awhile, especially if you were getting them regularly..REMEMBER, JUST MY GUESS......
    Best of luck to you and your daughter........Donna
  6. ladydi

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    Hi Dara and Daughter,
    I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter has Spinal Stenosis. Is this genetic,or trama related?
    I've had 4 epidural injections. (2 were what they call
    blind, were they questimate the location.) and the other 2
    were done at a pain clinic under xray, sorta speek.no help.
    Then I had 6 trigger point injections, (at one time) in my
    back for FM. All along my neck and upper back.
    Then my Rhummy put me on Predisone. This was around the time of the trigger point injections. I was in a bad FLARE.
    Now here comes the problem. I guess I had too much in my
    system at one time and I ended up Psycho. That's just my
    experience. I'd tell your daughter that some people have
    different reactions than others, and to not blame you for
    anything. You are the mother and you're the one that tries
    to fix everything. She's lucky to have such a caring Mom.
    I hope you find help for her, It's not fair for a kid to
    You both will be in my thoughts. Give her a Big Hug from
    all of us.
    Keep us informed.
    Love, LadyDi
  7. Copper2002

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    Hi Dara,

    I've had steroid shots in my spine. hips, hands, shoulder, and feet, in that order, over a period of 2-3 years. All that, and I will NEVER have them again!

    At first, shots were helpful, and afforded some relief for up to 3 months. By the time I started getting them in my shoulder, relief lasted less than a month, if that long. The last shoulder injection I OBSERVED a 'pocket' about 4 inches below the site start to raise up. Pointed it out to the dr. who said to massage it, it would go away. Well it didn't.

    Next shot was between 3rd and 4th toes. It hurt like never before, and my foot turned purple from top of the instep to top of my toes. Again, I was assured if I massaged the area it would go away. Most of it did, but if the light hits my foot just right, there is still a 3 inch purple shadow around the injection site. That was my last shot, aprox 7 1/2 years ago.

    I felt like my boobs got bigger with each injection, but was assured this was not true (or even possible). After a serious neck injury, dr. realized I could now TUCK MY BOOBS INTO MY WAISTBAND! and authorized a reduction to ease stress on the neck. oh, whoopee! I hope cortizone sprayed all over that op. room! ha!

    6 years ago i had a run in with an extremely traumatized kitty. He 'slapped' that pocket area on my arm several times with all claws out. It was a serious wound, but not a drop of blood came out for 2 days. Up until that point, I 'bled' this clear oily substance - eeew! Dr once again said it COULDN'T be the cortizone, but could offer no explanation as to WHAT it was - ruptured fat globual on a hot day(no, he didn't say this - just a family joke)? yeah, right!

    So that's MY experience with it. Would I recommend them for anyone, based on my experiences? no way. The relief never lasted long enough to make it worth my experiences. In hindsight, I NEVER would have done them unless I was COMPLETELY incapacitated. I don't believe dr.s actually know the full extent (long term) of what steroids really do.

    Good luck Dara, and to your daughter, too. This is NOT a pleasant choice you're faced with.
    Let Miracles Replace all Grievances
  8. kaymac

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    I've went thru alot of steroid shots, and oral prednisone due to allergic fungal sinusitus. It suppressed my over active immune system, because I was having multiple sinus surgeries.

    Usually when I know I am getting a sinus infection, I ask for the shots to help quickly, but I know all the steroids I have been on (extremely high amounts orally) will last me a lifetime, however......

    This last flare was so horrible and I was battling my allergys, that I accepted another shot and it helped me tremendously with the pain. The side effects for me are no sleeping at all, lots of energy, but some sweating and irritablity.

  9. poodlegirl

    poodlegirl New Member

    I groom dogs so I am constantly using my arms, hands, elbows, etc (repetative motion). I am blaming the tendonitis for the pain in my arms and elbows but it could very easily be FM or CFS. Anyway, it was a shot of cortizone and novacaine (or whatever they use to numb). It did help in the short term, but I think long term I did more damage than good. I ended up having 2 follow-up shots in the same elbow. I did not rest it for a few days like I should have and was told to. It felt good so I think I overused my arm. It hurts constantly now. Besides that, the steroids contributed the the psuedo tumor I have been recently diagnosed and treated for. Basically I think steroids is a quick temporary fix but can cause long term side effects. I did not experience it but have heard that mood swings, irritability, along with the leaching of calcium from the bones are side effects.
  10. garyandkim

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    Now, I do them and other things that have helped a lot. Like Warm water hydro and Chrio and meds.

    I do know that some have reactions such as your daughter and I hope they never give them to her again. Has she tried the Warm water hydrotheropy and or Chrio?

    Hope she is feeling back to her self again soon. I dis have problems 24 years ago with my temper getting quick, but that was the only effect like that I had and I had to learn to manage that. I haven't had any problems this time around and I have been getting them for 3 years now.

    Good luck to you all, Kim and Gary
  11. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    only short term relief with steroid shots. Usually only lasts 3 months. Back before I was feeling the way I do, I remember a time, a lot of years ago, where it lasted,... drum roll, 15 months!
  12. Dara

    Dara New Member

    for all of the replies. Someone asked me if the spinal stenosis was genetic or trauma related, well they are blaming in on the high dose chemotherapy she had to have in 1996 for Acute Leukemia. Now all the side affects are starting to show up, she is 29 years old and the doctor said she had a cat scan of an elderly person. She was in so much pain this morning I had to drive her to the doctor. Her PCP is out on Mondays so she had to go to the infamous Pain Clinic where all this started. There reply was that the injections should not cause any reactions like this, but perhaps it was the "opiates" for pain.....

    I'm getting ahead of myself here. Before I drove her to the Pain Clinic she went into her PCP's office and had to see the doc that covers for her. Guess what prescription they gave her?? Predizone!!! My daughter is probably what any doctor would consider high maintenance with all the past health problems she has had and all the side affects that are now popping up. I believe the newer doctors either do not want to or can not take the time to really investigate everything because they have to see their quota of patients to keep their HMO's happy.

    I believe the Pain Clinic screwed up when they gave her the last epidural steroid shot. I had taken her both the first and second time. The first time she walked out and was just fine. The second time she could tell when they were injecting her something went wrong. She walked out, barely, crying from the pain. She went for several days without being able to urinate enough. Her feet and ankles swelled, blood pressue dropped to 70/40 (this I know because I took her to the fire department to have it checked because every time she stood up everything went black and she thought she was going to faint). I took her to her PCP and they catherized her and got 500cc of fluid out.

    No, there will be no more pain shots in the spinal area or for that matter anywhere from them. I believe now she is ready to go get a second opinion from another neurosurgeon. The first one said she should try these as opposed to surgery.

    Thanks for all your replies and sharing of your experience with this. I really appreciate it.

  13. jpswife_4boys

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    Before I was diagnosed with FM, I was having alot of trouble with my shoulder, elbows, and wrist. The dr. gave me a cortizone shot in my shoulder thinking I had a torn rotator cuff (sorry sp?) The only thing I got from the shot was more pain. I will have that done again. I read that cortizone shots make ppl with fm worse. That it doesn't help and believe me it didn't. I couldn't move my arm for a couple of days.

  14. lauraor

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    Dara' I had the full series of the shots in base of head,lowerback buttox then after each acupunture. It helped at first then he couldn't stop the pain in lower back so got carried away gave me too much. I had a terrible reaction. The doctor thought he had caused me to have a stroke,I had such a bad reaction. It caused me to have uncontrolable shakes,my daughter said my eyes rolled back in my head she was so scared. It took 45min. to come out of it. It left me very agitatied' I would start shaking if I got up set,stuttered couldn't get my thoughts out. this went on for 4mon. It brought out fm that I'd had for years but could live with and now my life has changed drasticlly.

  15. domesticgoddess

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    O O Gee

    Where do I began to explain the Use of Steriods?

    Steriods In Any Form - Long Term Effect!

    Just My Personal Opinion


  16. pam_d

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    I have cervical spinal stenosis and recently went in for the steroid injections; I had just 2 of them, three weeks apart, and this was my experience: the shots made my neck & shoulder pain about 85-90% better, and this was about 4 months ago now, and it has remained that way. That's the good news...

    The bad news is, I didn't think I would survive the recovery period! You can tell your daughter to throw out the little informational sheet they send you home from the pain clinic with; if she has FMS, it isn't written for her! In my opinion, it's written for normal, healthy people with normal recovery rates, who lie down and rest that first day, then jump out of bed the next morning and go back to work. That wasn't my experience at all! I had about 10 days of pretty severe neck & back pain; I believe the layers of muscle around that whole area were completely traumatized by the shot thru them. Couldn't find one comfortable way to lie down or sit. Went thru some vicodin. I also experienced shallow breathing, headaches, etc. It was actually worse than the neck pain I had had to begin with!

    However, having said that, I absolutely do feel that the neck pain IS better; I had the cervical stenosis for years and it's not like it's "cured" but much better. For your daughter, the next shot (if she chooses to do another) might not be as bad; mine wasn't, but I do believe some of that was because at least the second time, I knew what to expect.

    Best of luck with this & hope your daughter feels better!

  17. poodlegirl

    poodlegirl New Member

    I received 3 (or 4) cortizone steroid shots in my right elbow for what doc thought was tendonitis. It did make it feel temporarily better, but it felt good that I did not quit using it and let it heal (I groom dogs). So I actually was doing more damage than anything. It hurts worse and constantly now. It also contributed (the steroids) to a condition I have been fighting all summer-Pseudo Tumor Cerebri which can cause blindness. Anyway, steroids can have longterm lasting effects, even if they are used minimally. Be careful.
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  18. klutzo

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    Up north I had steroid shots for allergies because they were so bad. I've had several shots for frozen shoulders and trocanteric bursitis, bursitis of the shoulder and trigger finger, all secondary to FMS. They usually helped, except one I had for costo chondritis which didn't help.Once I learned to walk the line between too much and too little activity, I didn't ever need shots again.
    Once I went to a quack doc who was supposed to be an FMS expert and he shot me up with a huge overdose of 400 mg. at one visit. That is when I got agitated, could not sleep well,etc. but my FMS went away completely for the next 3 weeks! I think maybe the amt. being given is too much for your daughter and the side-effects may be dose dependent ....ask your doctor.
  19. Joannie

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    Hi, I am new to the sight and want you to know of my experience with cortisone injections. I had six within four months. Not by choice but workers comp situations. I had nothing but trouble with each and everyone of them. All to low back area. I am recommending her to NOT have any more. It is what has caused me to become disabled and brought on my fibromyalgia. I have read many things on steroids and nothing that was good. I have more back problems now after the injections and things just keep popping up on me. I read a book on the man that first began using steroids and he actually could not bare the burdon of what he had done to people due to the side effects from it and committed suicide. Your own body produces its own cortisone. Cortisone stays within you it does not go away. I am now having after two years still the side effects of it. I had to have an ovary removed due to cysts and am looking at a hysterectomy due to the cortisone side effects being cysts to the female organs. So, my advice is stay as far away from cortisone/ steroids as you possibly can.

    I hope this has been some help to you. Oh, I am only 31 and am faced with many things at this age now because of cortisone injections.[This Message was Edited on 10/10/2002]
  20. Michell

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    and it was the worse thing I ever did in my search for recovery. I had horrible flare ups. They did them all over my trigger points and all over my back under fluroscopy (this machine to make sure they go exactly where they need to with the injections) and it cost a fortune. My insurance didn't pay all of it and after the negative experience and having to pay what is left it just wasn't even a fraction worth the suffering and pain it caused. Plus the effects of the steroids are only short acting and I don't think many people get any long term releif for fms with them. *sigh* I would never recommend them.