Has anyone had their student loan disregarded?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nicesty962, May 17, 2005.

  1. nicesty962

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    Has anyone recieved a disability disregard for a student loan due to their CFS/Fibro?

    I have been recieving deferments on mine for the past 5 years since being awarded SSI.

    I hear it is a very frustrating, drawn-out, pain staking process, much like appling for state disability.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  3. Kleiners

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    I am in the process of having mine deferred and forgiven for Fibromyalgia. My neurologist filled out the paperwork and I copied it and sent it in.

    Now, the hard part is the incompetent people at the other end of this process. The paperwork, once they reluctantly send it to you after calling for it several times, is confusing. Copy everything. The form was sent back to me 3 times because my Doc did not fill it out correctly. I had to resend the original in everytime. When I called to get a status report, I got contradictory information, EVERYTIME I called. I did manage to figure out that they go through a holding pattern for 3 years to wait and see if you go back to work. After that, they forgive the loan. My time is coming up and I'm hoping for the best.

    Hope this helps!

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  4. dreamharp

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    I understand it can be difficult to have a loan discharged.
    Anyone know of a good organiazation to have at least debt-
    consolidation of a student loan? Is it better through a
    government agency or private? It is hard to find solid
    legal information on student loans. It is so different than
    credit card debt.

    Thank you

  5. dreamharp

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  6. JLH

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    You might want to check with the college that you attended.

    You are right when you said it is different than other loans or credit card debt.

    My daughter's loans were all coordinated by her school, I think, and so was the place who is handling it now.

    She has, to me, what I call major loans .... around $250,000. She has hers on a 30-year low-interest repayment plan. It's not cheap to become a physician.
  7. zibit17

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    Hi, I am a financial aid administrator. You can call 1-800-4fed-aid and ask them. They wrote the laws that govern all student loans regardless if it's Direct Loan or Stafford.
    Also, the website has all the forms you will need.
    Do a search on Federal Direct Student Loans and it should take you right there. As far as I know. The loans are forgiven once you have proof of being disabled. I have not gone through the process personaly myself yet but, I intend to. My loans are on deferment still.
  8. sheried

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    Since I am receiving SSDI it was forgiven.

    They sent me the paperwork, I filled it out and sent it back and it was all done within a month or so.

    Good luck.


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