Has anyone had their tearducts plugged for dry eye symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starstella, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. starstella

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    I have been having dry eye problems for a few years now, and considering in finally having the plugs put in my tear ducts. Has anyone had this done? I'm worried about intensified pain, since, with this DD, any little thing hurts more than the docs say it should. Any comments?
  2. sofy

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    I had plugs put in several years ago. The left eye fell out during the first year and I never had it replaced because it was my rt eye that gives me the most trouble and installing a whole house humidifier and increasing water intake was enough to help the left. Rt eye will still get red, raw, itchy and look like I've been on a week drunk if I use the heater in the car for more than a 15 min drive but it has helped.
    Have a young friend who wears contacts and she had them put in before I did. It completely took care of her problem.
    It passes the chicken soup test. They are just little plugs and if you dont like them have them taken out. If I look in a large mag. mirror I can see that one eye has them and one doesnt. I only had the bottom lids done but am thinking about having the to lid done on the bad eye.
  3. starstella

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    I will most likely go ahead with this. Jellybelly, if I get mine done before you I'll give feedback.