has anyone had these symptoms?

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    god bless all! i have the typical cfs, but also am sensitive to hot and cold, sometimes both at the same time? it is extreamly uncomfortable as you canot focus and get miserable. it can last most of the day. however seems better around suppertime?i've tried many things and doctors don't know what to do either. any help would be appreciated? also i should mention i am a male.
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    I am female, 26 yrs old and my body temperature never seems to regulate. I'm always either freezing or having a hot flash! My roommate can't stand it because one minute I need the heat turned up and then I'm so over heated I need a fan or the AC on. It doesn't matter what the weather is like either. It is a very annoying symptom.

    Sometimes I get the chills but also feel like I have a fever too. This happens frequently to me. I'm normally have a low body temperature anyway (around 96) and tend to run a low grade fever frequently. I'm not sure what it is all about!!
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    I am usually cold, but once in a while, after even a little exertion (or sometimes for no readon) I get way overheated and have to start stripping.

    Also, when I'm ready to go to sleep at night, my hands and feet may be icy cold, but my face feels like it's on fire.

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    Body internal thermometer doesnt work right either. In the winter (montana winter) I dress in layers, for easy on and off. I also keep hand warmers in my pockets or just fiddle with them in my hands. I take hormone replacement (estrogen and testorone) Estratest and this helps emensely with the flushing/hot flashes. I wear light socks with sandels in summer and two pair wool (light weight) in winter. When it's really cold outside I only go out for emergency stuff.
    Good luck,
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    I also have about 10 pairs of stretchy mittens. Should be able to find at the Dollar Store. cheap cheap
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    Boy, do I hate this. It can come from exercise or from nothing. I get terribly hot and start sweating...rolling down my face, my chest, back, arms, etc. My feet may be cold while all of this is going on. It's just awful.

    I have talked to my doctor about this and we have pretty well ruled out hormonal things...so, it is either medicines or FM or something else.

    But, it drives me nuts! So, I certainly do sympathize with you, but I have no advice. I'm worse if I dry my hair or after my shower in the AM. If I happen to wear long sleeves, that can cause the attack of the sweat glands. Just have to deal with it as it comes.

    Take care,
  6. Muddieanne

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    I go from one extreme to the other in minutes. Everyday I feel as if I have a fever but I don't.

    Sometimes head is hot&sweaty andfeet feel like they were in
    the freezer.

  7. chopindog

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    Mostly heat intollerance. I think the temperature irregularaty comes from. 1) Neuroendocrine issues: It is believed that those with CFIDS have a "Broken" hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal access. Or other wise called The HPA access. These three glands have a major effect on temp. control. Our body may be cold but our brain and glands are sending signals that we are hot. Or vice versa.
    2) Decreased circulation: The blood supply becomes shut down to our skin, especially when standing because cfids pts have blood circulation problems. The skin is also responsible for controlling our body temp. This means that cfs Pts become intollerant to heat. If the body gets to hot then it cannot lose heat through the skin. (because it as no to little blood supply) and the core temp. increases. The body tries to compensate for this by switching off the thyroid gland ( which is responsible for the level of metabolic activity in the body and hence heat generation) and so you get a compensatory underactive thyroid. Which worsens the problems of fatigue.
    Also the thyroid gland is told what to do by the pituatary gland which is told what to do by the hypothalamus, which leads us back to number 1.
    Our bodys are a mess!!!!!!!! Joy
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  8. carsch

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    I'm a guy also, and constantly go from hot to cold & back.
  9. HBanana

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    Yes, I have temp sensitivities as well -- for several months every evening I was feeling *extremely* hot and uncomfortable, but without sweating and only in the evening.

    I always start sweating right after I get out of the shower, no matter how cool my house is or how many fans I turn on. I also feel cold often, when no one else in my house does.

    I get hot/cold shiver type things often, that feel exactly like I have a cold, although I have no other cold symptoms.

    I don't have any miraculous advice for you -- I'd just suggest trying to accomodate your body as best you can -- wearing clothes that feel right, drinking hot beverages or ice water, turning on a fan, or draping a blanket over you. Good luck!!

  10. lenasvn

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    You know, sensitivity to hot/cold is very common in FM/CFS. It is considered one of the "symptoms" to be more precise. It is quite uncomfortable, and differences during the day can often be attributed to the changes in metabolism during the day.
    Hope this helps! I have alot of problems with this myself.
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    I used to get horrible hot flashes, then I'd freeze so badly at night, I had to layer myself in clothes until I could barely move.

    The odd part is that during the day my feet could be freezing/legs/knees/calves aching from the cold -- at the very same time my upper half was dripping with sweat from a hot flash! Very upsetting, frustating. Made it impossible to do housework some days.

    I started taking liquid minerals (available at vitamin stores,) and it's really helped normalize my sensitivities. Not a miracle cure, but it really helps.