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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shannonrn, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. shannonrn

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    My shoulders and neck have been hurting the last couple of days. It's like my muscles were in knots. My husband would give me a massage every night. Now the muscle pain is gone but when you touch my skin where he massaged it's extremely sensitive and my skin hurts. Did the massage cause this? Anyone out there experience this?
  2. Bambi

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    I do think it can be from unintended
    friction during the massage, but then
    I have a lot of times when the skin
    anywhere can hurt the same way. At times the pain seems to be coming from inside the bones and other times
    it can feel like the skin is almost
    bruised. I think with these dd's it
    doesn't take much or sometimes anything to set off our pain and in so many different ways. I hope it feels better soon. Hugs, Bambi
  3. teawah

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    Every day for probably 20 years (no kidding) I have had neck and shoulder problems. I have permanent knots in my shoulders that I have in the past had injected with cortisone. The last time I did it my body rejected the steroid and I ended up with tissue damage that left quarter sized pits in the muscle and skin where the injection was given. It is a miserable thing to suffer with and when I could find someone to give me a massage, I would take it but just like you, I ended up with terrible sensitivity there afterward. It was like six of one-half dozen of another for me. Suffer with the pain of the knots or the pain of the tenderness afterwards. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this also. I never have found an answer to my own personal problem. The injections used to work for as much as a month at a time but now that I can't get them anymore I just massage myself and use heat and ice and hope for the best. If you get any great info about this problem, please pass it on to me as I would love to find a better answer too. ((((shannonrn))))
    LOL, teawah
  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Shannon:

    I have had the skin sensitivity and pain, but not after a massage. Recently the right thigh and hip had this sensation. Wearing clothes bothered me for a few days, so I just wore loose things until it passed. Walking bothered that area, too. I understand it's part of the FM. Don't have it all the time and thankfully it's gone now.