Has anyone had this surgery......

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  1. KateMac329

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    Hello everyone!!!

    This is REALLY embarrassing so just bare with me okay?

    Alright, while in labor with Mr. Landon I was a champion pusher. Really! That is what the nurses kept telling me and the evidence is there.

    No one told me that your butt explodes when you are in labor!!!! I know that sounds so incredibly unladylike but that is basically what happened to me.

    Well 17 days after giving birth I am still in horrific pain and my OB says that I have the option of having surgery to have the hemroids removed and I am seriously considering it. I can't handle this pain. Just standing for any period of time puts so much pressure on my bottom.

    I won't gross you out with any more painful details but if someone could please help me out with this.

    Have any of you had surgery to have them removed and if you have what can I expect? What is the recocery time? I have heard that this is an incredibly painful surgery but at this point I just don't think I have any other options. Medication just isn't cutting it!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. granny1353

    granny1353 New Member

    and it was incredibly painful, the dr. said it was like several clusters of grapes. It took a long time to go away, but it did. I'd hang in there as I have heard it is very painful surgery and long recovery.

    Good luck
  3. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    That is exactly my case! Gosh it was so embarrassing while in the hospital because the nurses had to keep checking me out down there and as soon as they would see my "area" they would make a little gasp and tell me how sorry they were because I had a pretty bad case. UGH!

    This is a really gross question but do they ever go back "in" by themselves?

    Sorry to be so gross!

    Thanks for replying!

  4. I myself have not had a child, I'm told not to, (tears) due to my health, and genetics.

    BUT.. I am 28, I do indeed have a mother, as do all of us, *wink* LOL, and sister-in-laws, friends, etc.. who *DO* have babies, honey, and trust me, I've heard it all... do not worry.. I am aware of what can happen and does at times, from you "Power pushers!" LOL..as I'm sure a lot of us here are, it's ok.

    To me, nothing is gross about bringing a precious child into this world. Yes indeed it is a rough road to bringing one here sometimes, but, still, a mother brining her baby into this world is a beautiful thing :) I'm just sooo sorry that 17 days out and you're in excrutiating pain. I know how much hemmorhoids SU**!

    My sister & I were *both* 9lb 3 oz, natural birth babies. Mom pushed, no drugs, & had both of us. Mom jokes that I've been a pain in the you know what every since. ;-) lol.

    Now, anyways, ....to the...'nitty gritty' of this situation..

    In order to *really* be able to answer your question... You're probably not going to be able to be too embarassed....sorry..... but... It truly depends on what type* of surgery they are doing, and how exstensive it is...as to the recovery time, pain involved, etc.. I would imagine it may not be too much more painful than what you are already suffering, and what you have* already been through in the past 2 & a half weeks. Also, may depend on if they are external only, or internal as well... etc..

    Have you searched on the web yet? There is a fair amount of info by googling the different types of surgeries, & the recovery times sometimes even can be found along with some of them..

    I've heard that for the external type, there is some sort of less painful laser surgery they can do now days? I do not know too awful much about that though, sorry.. :-(

    I don't know what to say, except i am very sorry that you are still in soo much terrible pain! You deserve a longggg rest by now woman! For Pete's sake! Goodness! I am soo soo sorry... :-( You just must be so darn exhausted from pain.
    I truly am sorry Kate.

    I don't know the pain of childbirth, but I know this other pain. But I would imagine this pain you are in has got to be much much more severe. I hope that you can get some answers, and then some RELIEF very very soon!

    I will be thinking of you and praying for you!

    Take care, and rest well

    (aintAsGoodAsIonceWas) Laura
  5. shep

    shep New Member

    I had the surgery along with a fisher repair.

    It was a breeze compared to living with the pain all the time.

    I had a great doctor who placed a lot of numbing medication in the area that lasted for almost a week while the healing process began.. and I had almost no pain.

    I had some soreness of course. People had me scared to death to have it and told me the first BM I had would be so painful.. but I didn't even feel it pass because of the numbness. The worst part was the night before..doing the cleansing process prep. With a all ready sore butt it was not nice.

    In the meantime use Witch Hazel soaked in cotton balls or make up removal pads to the area and it will shrink them and after the intial burn will feel cool and soothing. It is cheaper than Tucks and is better than any oitment.

    I hope this helps you. I will keep you in my prayers.

    Love and prayer,
  6. cindymindy

    cindymindy New Member

    I'm sorry to say it is a pretty painful surgery. But at least you know that ahead of time. It came as a complete shock to me.
    I had so many inside of me that the doctor told my husband he quit counting.
    I got so bad that I was bleeding alot when I would go to the bathroom. As a matter of fact without even going to the bathroom I was filling up the toilet with blood. So I really didn't have much choice but to have the surgery.
    If your doctor says you won't get any better you will probably have to go ahead and have it.
    One thing that might help. my doctor told me to not take any stool softeners. I went 10 days with no bowel movement and that was pretty rough. He ended up telling me to take them and it got things moving. So I hate to say go against doctors advice but if I was to have the surgery again I would start on them right away. And who knows maybe your doctor will tell you to take them from the very start.
    I hope you feel better. Look at the bright side you will feel 100 percent better afterwards.
  7. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    There is a shot that shrinks the hemorrhoids. It isn't as bad as it sounds. I had to have it done about three times. There was some pain involved for me, but my mom had it and said she had no pain. I still occasionally haev a "flare-up", but nothing like before the shots. It has been a few years and I still am much, much better. Please at least check with your doctor about this alternative.
  8. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Hey girl!

    Gosh I feel so bad about not replying to your very informative post about the cotton. I REALLY appreciate your information!!!!! Things have been really busy around here so I am sorry but THANK YOU!

    I also really appreciate in advance you calling your sister to ask her about this. If you can't get around to it though don't worry about it!

    Thanks for asking about Landon! He is doing AWESOME!!!! Of course he is keeping me up all night long but as sleep deprived as I am, I LOVE BEING A MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is so weird girl, I feel so at peace and really just at home doing this job. I was MEANT to be a Mom and this is just the best blessing ever!

    I am getting out tomorrow so of course that means putting on a little makeup so I will have my hubby take a picture of Landon and I together and post that. If I don't get that done then I will just post another of him.

    I hope you are doing great! Thanks for replying to my post!


  9. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Honey I am so sorry about you not being able to have children. (HUGS) Believe me I completely understand how painful this can be because I was told that I could NEVER have children.

    I have severe endometriosis and actually was planning on having a hysterectomy this past summer but found out in the spring that I was pregnant. COMPLETE SHOCK on both mine and my husbands part but more importantly my OB's!!!! He has been very proud for us throughout my entire pregnancy and now that Landon is actually here he is just beside himself.

    I became VERY bitter about children in general. I was extremely depressed and actually was suicidal at one point. I have wanted to be a Mother for as long as I can remember. When asked what I wanted to do in life I responded by saying I wanted to be a Wife and Mother.

    Most people think that giving an answer like that means you don't have any ambition but I like what I do for a living. LOL I am me!

    Okay my whole point to that incredibly long response was that I am sorry for what you are going through. I know that this must be extremely hard for you and I just want you to know that you aren't alone. Although I am a Mother now I am here for you if you need to talk about it. I UNDERSTAND this!!!

    Okay sorry if I depressed you! That was not my intention!

    Now down to business...
    I appreciate you and the others telling me not to be embarrassed about this and that you guys can handle the gross stuff but I just get so embarrassed at this stuff. LOL Really! I could have a million gyno exams but when it comes to my bottom I just get so embarrassed!

    My OB says that my deal is pretty bad and I think that is why he started talking about surgery right off the bat. When I went in to have my stitches removed he talked with me about surgery but I said I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to see how it went. Well, I just can't take it! LOL

    I have googled this subject and I have gotten a lot of information but I came on here wanting to hear personal experiences with this.

    Mine are both external and internal.

    I really am not trying to sound like a big old baby here but I am MISERABLE! LOL

    Actually my whole labor experience was complete hell and I told everyone on here that I would post about it but I just don't know if I can. Yes it was that darn bad! LOL

    Anyway, thanks for your reply and again I hope I didn't make you feel worse!


  10. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Okay that is exactly what I have been thinking that getting the surgery done no matter how painful HAS to be better than living with this pain on a daily basis!

    I am not some surgery hopper but I really gotta get some relief!!!

    I can imagine that the prep work before the surgery won't be much fun but if you are talking about using enemas, well I am kind of used to that.

    When I used to be on pain medication for the FM it made me severely constipated so I had to use an enema at least once a week if not more plus stool softners. It isn't pleasant but you just get kind of used to using them.

    My OB has me on the stool softners already and even with those in my system things aren't that great.

    Thanks for the tip with the witch hazel. I have some and will try that tonight. I already have the tucks and they just don't really relieve the pain at all so hopefully your suggestion will help.

    Thanks so much!


  11. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Gosh I am so sorry that you were not informed of your recovery with this surgery. I have had that happen before and it really stinks when you aren't prepared for how your recovery will go.

    I had my appendix removed at 18 1/2 weeks pregnant with my son and the recovery was PAINFUL. I felt like such a huge baby because I was told that it wouldn't be that bad of a recovery but for me it was!

    As for the bleeding goes...I am bleeding all the time! I am wearing pads but pushing them all the way up on my backside.

    I am already taking stool softners and I don't care what the doctors say I am going to continue taking them. I couldn't imagine NOT using them, it is painful as it is now.

    Thanks so much for your response. I have been reading about this on the internet and I really think that this may be the best option.

    I hope you are doing well and again thanks for your response!


  12. marw

    marw New Member

    I didn't get them from childbirth. They are hereditary, but just as big and bad. For years I wouldn't do it, but when I finally did it was the best thing I ever did! I had laser surgery (outpatient procedure) and suffered about 3 days only. Back at work within the week. And I never had to sit on pillows or any of that stuff.

    They also stayed gone (a very important part!) for about 20 years now. They have recently returned, so at some point I guess I'll have them lazered out again.

    I don't mean this doesn't hurt. For the first couple of days after the surgery, until after your first BM, and when you have it!....this hurts. But the pain is over fast. I wouldn't do it any other way myself.

    Prior to getting this, I had suffered (unnecssarily I now see) for a long, long time.

    However, if you want a product that will work to shrink them, the OTC's done't. Use Annusol Suppositories....get a prescript from the doc...that's about the best you can do without the surgery, but it doesn't work nearly like just being rid of them altogether.

    Well, this is my opinion and experience.

    Now I don't know if it works the same with childbearing, but if possible I would use the lazers.

    Good luck, and you have my sympathy for what it's worth. These suckers do really hurt!

    Wishing success for you,

  13. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Thanks so much for the congrats!!!

    I appreciate you responding to my post! I know that there are so many women on this forum and a man's point of view is always welcome!

    I do have to laugh about the way you describe what it will be like. "giving birth through another canal" Well I don't do anything half heartedly so it will be interesting!

    I'll bet a warm bath would be helpful in recovering from this surgery. Although depending on when I have the surgery depends on if I can take a bath afterward. In recovery from giving birth you can't sit in a bath for up to six weeks afterward.

    I would like to go ahead and get the surgery done as soon as possible so I am sure that they will tell me what I can do.

    Now about the salt water...didn't that sting? It just seems like it would but if you say it helped then I believe you! I am glad it helped!

    Thanks again for your response, I appreciate it! I hope you are feeling well today and have a great night!


  14. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member


    Thanks for suggesting an alternative. Right now I am just using both prescription foam medication and over the counter medication but will ask my doctor about this.

    Thank you so much for responding and giving your input. It helps so much when you get several different opinions and outlooks on a situation.

    I hope you are feeling the best you can today and have a good night!


  15. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Thanks so much for responding! I'm telling you anyone who has this problem has my complete sympathy as well!!! You just don't realize how painful something like this can be until you experience it!!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion on the suppository. I was given one in the hospital and it did indeed help. With all that was going on with Landon being in NICU I completely forgot about some of my treatment. It is all a blur! LOL

    I am glad to know that the surgery helped you for so long. That is one thing I was wondering about was if I did have the surgery how long would it be before they returned or came back "out".

    Thanks so much for responding to my post! It really helps to hear so many different views and experiences.

    Good luck if you have them lasered again!!!


  16. marw

    marw New Member

    You are so welcome!

    Be aware, however, that I only know about the lazer surgery because that was what I had. Also, after I had the surgery, I took almost perfect care of my colon....being very careful not to get constipated, and so on...because I didn't want to go through that again.

    So I really felt it was cosmically unfair for me to get FMS (and IBS too!) after I had been taking care of myself. But I guess it does not have to do with that....the FM, I mean. And it hasd been 20 years, so that's something.

    Congrats on your new baby! I can't think of anything more wonderful than having a child!

    Good luck to you!

  17. Awwww Thank you for such a sweet response, on your own post, LOL! (Especially given the subject, LOL Imagine me sitting here, with tears rolling down my face!)

    It truly did make me cry.

    So many times, people say "I know what you mean," Or, "I know how exactly how you feel" and you don't really think much of it, or that they really do,...

    then, I read down your post.. about the not being able to have a baby, in my case, it isn't due to endometriosis (I hope not!--my mother had endometrial cancer, though...) but because my doctors just don't think it is in the cards for me right now, I'm just not well enough.
    My genetics are not the greatest either. My primary doctor said I absolutely do not need a baby "in there kicking my pancreas around" (I have a lot of pain/problems with it)

    Anyways, when you were talking about the *emotional part* the depression, the bitterness, even, those are things that... well... I didn't know anyone knew, LOL.. my secret is out, lol... and boy... did you start the waterworks...but, in a sweet way. I was just...relieved to finally feel OK with myself, & my emotions. So, don't apologize, actually, it was a good, (and brief, but heavy) cry, so thank you. :)

    And then I just got very happy for you, because you were able to have Landon, I'm past my bitterness, except around my sister-in-laws who can be hurtful sometimes, and amazingly, they don't even know it. (I don't know HOW they don't, but they truly dont know it..) but, I'm over the knife in the heart stuff, except when I have to go to the hospital to look into the eyes of a newborn, but, it's still without bitterness, just heartbreak. But, it is always a "good for them" happiness. :) I just love my nieces & nephews to pieces :) I have 2 & 2 now, and also my stepsister has 2 boys, so actually 4 & 2, LOL

    ANYWAYS, lol.... now, back to the other subject, LOL.. I understand the embarassment anyhow, it IS stilll our hineys we're talking about, regardless of WHERE, or WITH WHO, etc, LOL.

    I definately agree, yes, the surgery may be really* painful even, at first, I'd still go for it, and (in fact, I AM going to go for it, lol, as soon as I drag myself to my doctor..and get a referral...)

    Margaret and the others are right for sure, wayyy better then putting up with the agony you suffer every bathroom visit, pretty much. definately.

    You don't have to give us the details, lol but when you get it done, let us know which surgery they do--in terms of what they're calling it now, the laser thing..?, and how it goes for ya,

    Hopefully it won't even be that painful, but<< no pun intended, ;-) even if it is, it'll all be worth it, especially if YOU can get 20 yrs out of it!!!!

    Take care! Get some rest soon, you've gotta be tired after answering all these responses, :)

  18. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    Congrats on the baby and sorry for the pain you are in. I would have the surgery and not wait. I have ibs and had the hems to and what anded up happening because I listended to my PCP and did the cream and sepositories and ended up being far worse then it would have.

    I ended up having a rectal prolapse I think that's what the surgen called it. The pain from the surgery wasn't bad because of the type of anateshai they used , numbed me from the waist down for days. When i was released I still could hardly move from the anestai.

    Recovery time was about 3 months which would have been a lot less had I not waited like the PCP had me do thinking that it would go away. They do not go away they just hide for a while. I have not had a problem with them since and it has been 5 or 6 yrs since the surgery.

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Sweetie. So sorry that you have this. Glad Landon is doing OK and you are enjoying being a mom.

    I heard two things lately that a new gamma knife surgery was available-I also saw someone posted you re cortizoone shots and I understand they could do something for now.

    Good luck.

    My mom had these her life over every pregnancy but they would shrink as the hormones levelled off. Just a thought.

    It just took me two years is ask someone to check me there and they found fissures that have been causing awful burn. Glad you were brave enough to post as other poster too re this similar subject. Who else CAn we ask?

    Love Anne C

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