Has anyone had to sue their long term disability company?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cinderbug, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    Hi... I would like to hear anyone's experience with this.

    I went through 2 years of appeals. I was denied from the beginning.

    I had a lawyer do the appeals and he is now beginning litagation. He said it takes a year to get a court date but sometimes the company will offer a deal.

    I do have Social Security disability but it just isn't enough.

    I paid for this optional benefit through my employer.

    This awful company is Jefferson Pilot, now owned by Lincoln Financial.

    My case is Non-ERISA because I worked for a church owned hospital chain.

    If anyone has been through this, I would love to hear what kind of offer they made, if any.

    Thank you,

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  2. dc1980

    dc1980 New Member

    Good Morning,

    I am currently going through this nightmare. I paid for STD and LTD thru the co. I worked for 5 years for and June 05' was the 1st time I went out on STD. Returned Aug 05' and then went out permanently in Nov. 05'. I was paid for my STD up until Feb 06’ that was 2 weeks shy of getting my LTD and then all of a sudden the Insurance Co denied me. Nothing had changed about my medical condition but I was denied. Oh boy, that was just the beginning and it has been a nightmare ever since.

    I submitted an appeal and the LTD Insurance Co. ask my employer for a 45-day extension to make their decision and my employer denied the 45-day extension and fired me in May of 06' while I was still out on medical leave. This was totally illegal under the ERISA. I have a lawsuit pending in Court and we are waiting for a date or a settlement offer. However, the court date was only filed about 3 weeks ago, (that’s how long it has taken (3 yrs plus counting) to go thru all the complete and correct steps to file a lawsuit against the Insurance Co and my ex Employer)

    At least you have SS, I am still going thru all the steps to get SSDI but at least I do have a court date now.

    All I know is, I am doing the right thing or my lawyers would not have hung in here as long as they have with me if they didn't believe in my case. It does "stink" having to go thru all that we have while feeling as bad as we do.

    There are so many of us who are so sick and disabled, barely able to get out of bed and just the stress of trying to make it without any income, go to doctors, pay for medicines and the list is never ending. And then here we are trying to fight for what is ours in the first place. It is just not right!

    I wish I could have told you more however I wish you the best of luck with your case!!!

  3. kbak

    kbak Member

    Actually I know several people that have had to sue to get their benefits. These companies should be shot! Even 60 minutes at one time did a show on this showing how bad these companies were. These companies actually work hard NOT to pay out benefits.

    So sorry you have to go through this!

  4. gidet

    gidet New Member

    I am having the same problem. I became diabled 11/06 and did not get there first payment until june. Then I had to wait til december to get the next check. Now that I was approved with SSD they want me to pay back the money and they want it in the next two weeks. I dont know how they can just do that to me. I am very mad because they could take there own time with me but now that they want there money they are in my face. Any one know what to do. I just get over a grand and I have other bills

  5. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    Gosh, dc1980, it sounds like a never ending process! I feel very fortunate to have been aproved for SSDI in 9 moths but I never would have guessed it would be so much harder to recieve what we paid for from the private companies. Good luck with your SSDI.

    Kbak, I feel like a disclaimer should be place on every policy before we purchase it stating the odds of recieving what we paid for if were ever to need it. How did the people you knew who sued come out?

    Gidet, I thought they would have taken their share out of your backpay before you ever recieved it. This is awful that they are doing this to you! They are an AWFUL company!

    Thanks to all that replied and I hope to hear from even more that have dealt with a similar situation. It is so frustraing!


  6. sick~kitty

    sick~kitty New Member

    I've been on LTD for 20 years. My original employer was an insurance company and administered their own LTD plan. I was extremely fortunate that the internist they sent me to for an independent exam actually knew about CFS.

    They were bought out about 15 years ago. Since then, my LTD carrier changes every few years, depending on who the personnel dept. contracts with. The absolute worst to deal with was CIGNA. I did have to sue them to get my payments reinstated, which was a very scary time. It's been several years, but I think it took about a year to get them to concede that I was entitled to benefits.
  7. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    I have paid into this since about 1995 and now they send me letters saying we are investigating and will make a decision after we have all the info. I think I am just being put off by them. The company is the Standard and I paid all those years through work. It is a shame you are made to feel like you are asking for something you do not deserve when dealing with them. I have applied for SSD and hope to get that at some point. I worked 28 years for the same state agency and was forced to retire by my doctor so they should know I am not just someone wanting a free ride.
  8. kbak

    kbak Member

    It took one friend of my husbands 3 yrs. to get his disability. Couple of other people I know it took well over a yr. It's really a criminal enterprise.

    The one friend of my husbands had serious heart disease and had to quit working. it wasn't long after he was awarded his disability that he passed away. I really think the stress of the whole ordeal killed him.

    I feel so bad for you having to go through this. You'll get nowhere without a lawyer.

    Take care,
  9. Exfa

    Exfa New Member

    I had to sue my ltd co.........it took 3 yrs and I never won. I had an excellent atty and he was very kind and caring.......however, he just couldn't get the drs to cooperate......the same drs who filled out the paperwork for SS disability would not have anything more to do with the situation. The ltd co sent me to their dr and totally agreed that I was disabled and had serious cognitive problems and they still refused me. Appeal after appeal...it nearly killed me.....I am alone and have no other income except SS disability...I really needed that ltd income. The whole system is disgraceful. Exfa
  10. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    for sharing your LTD stories.

    I guess it's not just me. You are right, this whole process is so wrong.

    Caledonia, was the final settlement substantial? It sounds like you went through so much.

    Exfa, I am so sorry that you never recieved justice. This is what I am so afraid of. Did you take it to trial?

    angelscutoo , I am sorry you are having so much trouble. It just is not right.

    kbak , that is so sad about your husand's friend. It does seem like they just hope we won't survive till this is resolved!

    sick~kitty , it sounds like it is just a continuous struggle. I hope it gets better for you.

    Thanks to all of you and anyone I missed.

    I really am worried about this. It's been 2 years of appeals and maybe even with a lawyer suing they may win.

    Any other stories or info is appreciated!


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