has anyone had trouble loosing weight?

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    :mad::confused: I have cfs, but before I was diagnosed I was given human growth hormone (humatrope injections) Which made me put on weight. Then when I was diagnosed with cfs, I was given large amounts of cortisol which even made me gain more weight. I was also given compounded thyroid. I am not taking any of these drugs anymore. Still am confused if I need thyroid or not. One blood test says I'm fine next one says I'm not.
    all I know is I can't loose weight. I have tried the weight belly diet 3 times over the years. Have cut out all processed foods and wheat and sugar. I never seem to lose a pound! I am on a 1,400 calorie diet of salad, nuts, and small meat with cheese. My appetite is better when I don't have any wheat of any kind that stimulates my appetite. I don't feel hungry when I just munch on some almonds. Its is true the Monsanto wheat makes us hungry and fat.
    anyone with any suggestions?? we can't exercise too much, but I swim. I can't lift any weight machines at gym because I had hernia surgery 6 months ago. but doc told me to loose the weight.
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    It sounds like you're doing the right things for your weight. You're lucky you can swim - I can't do any exercise because it makes me crash (and I love swimming!)

    You may need a thyroid med. I've read that blood tests are not that good. stopthethyroidmadness is a good website with a lot info re thyroid problems and how to tell (besides the standard blood work) if you may need something like armour thyroid. One indication is a low body temperature. The website has more info. I would do some reading if I were you and if it looks you might need some help with your thyroid, I would take the info to your doctor and see if he or she will help you out, and if not, then maybe find another doctor.

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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I rapidly gained 75 lbs, over 22 months. I went from 123 lbs to 198 lbs. Part of the weight gain was attributed to insomnia, anti-depressants, and steroid injections. I lost the first 40 lbs on Jenny Craig over a 4-month period. Now, I weigh 158 lbs and I've been having a very difficult time losing the last 30 lbs.

    Like you, I am on a very low calorie diet, walk 45 minutes a day, four times a week, and I do water aerobics three times a week. It's been over a year, and the rest of the weight is NOT coming off. I'm very nervous that I will be stuck with this weight gain. A while back, I read that CFS and FM sufferers gain an average of 25 to 30 lbs.

    I'm going to try and lose a quick 15 lbs by doing the Smart for Life Cookie Diet. My pain management doctor recommended it, I've got to get my height down to combat the fatigue and joint pain/stress...
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    I am having the same problem! I lost 45 pounds on HCG diet but got hyperkalemia in the process. I can't do surgery because I'm a bleeder. Nothing seems to work and I have been looking at Roca Labs. Pretty pricey though. But I HAVE to lose it, as I am also diabetic. Even eating 750 calories and drinking a well dry doesn't seem to help. Sigh...
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    I was having a terrible time trying to lose weight after i gained 20 kilos since I got sick.
    But Since 6 months I have been the Dr John Mcdougalls diet and I have lost 20 kilos since and feel Much much better !!
    Just from my experience, I would urge everyone to try it.

    Basically it is a vegan diet with NO added oils. He says the main component of our diet should be starch - rice, potato, sweet potato, beans, corn, etc and some green and yellow vegetables and some fruit. NO milk or milk products and NO oil.

    One can google his name for more info.

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    Gosh, I have been searching and searching for answers to my weight gain as well! I am a male, mid 30s, and I have gained almost 80 pounds now over the last few years! It has been horrible to live with, and my weight just keeps going up as well.

    I am always so happy to hear when something works for people. But for me, I am housebound and I deal with severe hypoglycemia everyday. If I were to eat rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, corn, and a bunch of other starches like that as my main food sources, it would likely put me in the hospital. I have such extreme reactions to carbohydrates like that. --Especially with no oils to slow the process of the sugar absorption into the body. Yikes! Most people with ME/CFS eat like a diabetic would eat and they tend to feel much better. It's crazy how different things work for different people. Low carb has helped me so much with my energy for over a decade now, and it helped me to keep my weight down for sure. Something else just shot up my weight this time around. (I got extra sick about 5 years ago, and the weight just shot up! ...This is hard... Good luck everyone!! Let's keep helping each other out! :)
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    I have just lost 50lbs! I didnot think I could do it. I joined up on My fitness Pal, and I log everything I eat, and I log all my exercise. I count my calories too. It sounds to me that you are not eating enough. Seriously. You body uses a large amount of calories just keeping you alive. MFP has a great community and they can explain it all better than I can. But I was considering weight loss surgery cause I was convinced I couldn't exercise or loose the weight on my own, but I have! I want to lose another 40 lbs. I walk or ride my bike almost every day! I had not rode a bike in 27 yrs and I went for 6.71 mile bike ride the other day with no stopping and in 45 minutes.

    Please check out My Fitness Pal.....if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!!! :)
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    I suffered from diabetes for 1 year, I went to hospital every month and was injected by insulin. I admit that I have an unhealthy lifestyle. I started researching about workouts and planned a healthy diet.